Facts surface in Twin Peaks bullet wounds

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The findings of ballistics reports counter the prosecution’s story by 180 degrees – The Bandidos and Cossacks did not execute each other at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015. Someone shot them with rifles as they lay on the ground or ran away. Cops are the only people known to have rifles loaded with cartridges that fire projectiles of these sizes…

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Bikers of all types attended the Confederation of Club meeting that day to learn about the status of pending handgun legislation that would allow open carry of sidearms.

They never got that far, never had a chance to hear the news. Shots rang out and 9 wound up dead, 20 wounded and 177 arrested for conspiring to commit capital murder through engaging in organized criminal activity, their bond set at $1 million.

The ambush was an assault on the First Amendment guarantee of freedom to associate with whom one may choose, to express one self through published items, personal adornment, or through speech, freely to assemble to petition the Government for redress of grievances, and to worship freely. None of these rights may be secured without the ability to defend one self by keeping and bearing arms.

ERGO: The facts and figures do not lie.

So mote it be.

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8 thoughts on “Facts surface in Twin Peaks bullet wounds”

  1. This is why the gag orders were so heavy. They don’t want eyewitness accounts of anything. Looks like alot of people are going to make a good chunk of change over these arrests.

    1. Ballistics analyses are excepted from the Public Information Act. No one from media or the public has had an opportunity to review the information in the clear. It is a subject of discovery, however, so attorneys for the accused have naturally gotten access to it. It will no doubt be a subject of direct and cross examination of expert witnesses who prepared the evidence from crime scene investigation. That’s the only true public access to ballistics reports and other scientific tests in criminal investigations in this state. – Legendary Jim

  2. So sadly the only narrative likely to be heard will come from the prosecutions point of view, and not from viewpoint of any reality which would point the finger in the direction of law enforcement being in a criminal capacity. Since the police are only the soldiers taking orders from city officials and politicians.

  3. I do not expect this factual information will help the accused, any more than the facts helped the Branch Davidians.

  4. “FN P90 was used on twin peaks multiple outlets show a swat officer carrying one across his chest. The weapon is illegal in the state of Texas for any law enforcement to have and use against civilians. That information was told to me by a gun store owner directly after the incident when I was looking at one and said that is the gun Waco swat used and his response was ‘that’s impossible it is illegal for law enforcement to use this weapon in Texas’. …. food for thought…” – Arch Angel

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