Exploring the curves of the politics of the patch


Historians often disagree on whether to attribute this quotation to Silence Dogood or Constance Makepeace…

Waco – “Realistic Military Training” (RMT) started a little early in Six Shooter Junction – on May 17. Originally slated for the southern tier of states between July 15 and the ides of September, the military bumped the schedule up a little – way behind, no time, etc. You know the drill.

Jade Helm 15 is some kind of ultra-spooky government gobbledygook for martial law in which it is assumed Texas and Utah are hostile, California, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico are blue states, and Arizona a wild card. Louisiana is a swamp, and Florida is already busy with “extraction” drills a la Blackhawk Downtown.

And then there’s Waco.

The deal is this. There was an organization called Texas Motorcycle Rights Association, another named ABATE, which battled helmet laws against giving the motorcycle enthusiast the perfect right to bash his own God-given brains in against curbs, abutments, fenders and bumpers, and all manner of outlandish outfits flying patches not under the domination and control of Los Bandidos de San Antonio, colors, red on yellow. Red and yella killed a fella, Marine Corps, etc.

Moving right along. There is an organization known as the Confederation of Clubs, dominated and controlled by the Bandidos, which – ah – corrects errant outfits who schedule rallies, runs, festivals, group gropes and passion plays on days when the Bandidos have something else going on. We talking the San Antonio de Bexar situated a convenient 150 miles from the Rio Bravo at Laredo, yes. That San Antonio.

Unity. It’s a very desirable trait among loyal adherents to the Bandidos creed.

The Bandidos had a little series of confabulations at Six Shooter Junction to discuss pending legislation and other matters of biker concern.


One area of concern is a national motorcycle club known as the Cossacks, who wish to emblazon their yellow on black colors with a “Texas” rocker claimed as the exclusive territorial imperative of the Bandidos, a club spawned in the aftermath of a jarhead’s opium war in 1966.

The Cossacks came to the party – uninvited – not once, but several times over the past couple of months, and the Waco Police Department objected to the – ah – sticky, prickly, uncomfortable – vibes produced at the Twin Peaks “breastaurant” located just across the parking lot from Cabela’s mountain man and old sourdough show, down the block from the Harley-Davidson dealership, and catty cornered from a dozen other high traffic, mega-cashflow outfits for dudes and dudettes with disposable income.

All the foregoing was a little low-rent for the powers that be. They wanted to place uniformed cops in the bar – just in case – to check ID’s, check attitudes, look for weapons, dope, all the things no biker in his right mind would leave home without.

No dice. The local managing partner is a man named Patel, which is a Hindu word for “inn keeper.” Patel said he liked what all this was doing for his business. He objected to the placement of police officers in his establishment, though he has issued a statement claiming he cooperated fully with police. The cop shop flack, Swanton called that “an absolute fabrication.” Harumph!

Word on the street amongst professional wait staff and managers, chefs – the hospitality industry of Jerusalem-on-the-Brazos. Next stop was a jingle to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission at Ostentatious. We talking time out, here. Twenty-eight days. Etc.

Waco Police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton doesn’t see it that way. He blames Patel. For what happened. When the guns of Sunday began to fire. No matter who fired first.

Patel has video. It shows who did what – and when – and where, but he only showed it to the mainstream media. Kind of reminds one of fee-fi-fo-fum. He doesn’t necessarily have any plans for We The People to see it. Where is the court order?


Very political.

So mote it be.

– The Legendary

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