Nationwide sweep of militia commanders; commo staff purged from Facebook pages



ON THE BORDER – Big changes seem to come in August, the month the capitals of government and finance worldwide devotes to staying out of town, on vacation, out of pocket, and out of touch.

Mysterious findings and even more obscure happenings, cryptic references in print and internet items – and the purges, always the purges. Militia commanders get busted and go to jail, get bailed out with electronic ankle monitors locked on and placed under house arrest.

Some are held for long periods without bail, and information broadcasters operating podcasts and Facebook pages go to Facebook jail for short periods, or indefinitely to Facebook prison for offenses as ill-defined as today’s Mexican border, the social media administrators such as Facebook demanding three forms of government-issued picture ID – for starters.

What do these people have in common? They are all adamantly opposed to an open border policy and amnesty for “refugees” who flee to the land of the big PX, and by executive order, are granted asylum, work permits, amnesty from deportation of detention for three years, food stamps, education, cell phones, welfare, Social Security numbers – all without Congressional approval, on the stroke of a President’s pen.

They are all constitutionalists, strict constructionists – some more vociferous than others, and all considered heavily armed and dangerous by a central government that is beginning to look more and more like an army of occupation. They insist they will fight to the death if Big Government continues to trample the principles of their U.S. and state constitutions. Their political stance is similar to the legislators in western states who held out for guarantees that the central government would be severely limited by the constitution, rather than being thereby empowered, in order to get their assent in the ratification of the Constitution of 1790.

Conditions for civil war have been equally ripe in other times, other places; other issues prevailed; there is not much difference in the motivating factors, then or now.

On Thursday, August 21, 2014, Border Patrol Agents following footprints in a smuggler’s trail near Sullivan City, Texas, “found” backpacks stuffed with $650,000 in American and Mexican currency, as well as a kilo of cocaine they valued at $90,000.

Question: Who the hell just ups and walks away from backpacks stuffed with a fortune in currency – a kilo of yegua?

No one, that’s who. Common sense, which is becoming more uncommon by the minute on this troubled and largely undefended, ill-defined international border, would dictate it was a drop designed to pay off, hush, and co-opt someone in a position of authority. Just look who “found” the money – la migra – and wheels within wheels begin to turn.

Where in the world is Sullivan City? Just up the road from Rio Grande City, which is just west of Mission, just a wee bit north of the border, midway between the notoriously violent border crossing at Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, and Roma, Texas, halfway between there and the ultra-violent, cartel-dominated and very active maquilladora border crossing at McAllen-Reynosa, plunked down in the heavily irrigated, highly productive farmlands just downriver from the big lake at Falcon Dam.

Reached for comment, Oklahoma III% Commander Floyd Breshears said, “It all goes back to a threat to blow the trade bridges at multiple spots along the border.” He named Richard Chup as the originator of the threat at Camp Lone Star, near Brownsville. “KC (Massey III) ran him off. He has since been discredited, along with (podcast host) Pete Santilli.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 9.16.30 AM

Like most things American, a river runs through it. It’s called NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and its course consists of ribbons of macadam and concrete upon which small diesel locomotives tow single cars.


Key to these developments is the conference call system militiamen and women use to do everything from make policy to arrive at group decisions. In June, 2014, the “call to action” set the conference line on fire for days at a time, and people sat with ears glued to cell phones, shouting into the electronic abyss with total abandon, a system maintained by the United American Militia Advisory Council.

Who was listening in June, 2014?

We all know the answer to that question.

Here is a rundown sampling of who’s in real jail or out on bail fighting felony federal cases – and why.

KC Massey III led a small group of III%’er patriots at “Camp Lone Star,” a 21-acre farm owned by Rusty Monsees in the Southmost neighborhood located on the other side of the border fence by the river at Brownsville. Armed to the teeth and traveling in an ATV “goat,” the men patrolled known border crossings used by human traffickers and drug cartel smuggling teams, picking up trash, counting footprints, keeping landowners posted on who was coming and going from such colorful spots as “Cartel Beach,” and the “Cartel House” dominated by the wealthy and powerful criminal organization known as El Golfo, the coalition of gangsters known as the Gulf Cartel.

When asked on August 29 to patrol an area of densely-forested plantation land owned by The Audubon Society and operated as the Sabal Palms Bird Sanctuary, they ran into trouble when they were sandwiched between cartel operators smuggling people in an effort to create a diversion for a major drug crossing, and Border Patrol Agents.

Massey and two other men were detained for five hours, their weapons confiscated by Sheriff’s Officers who said at the time they had a right to be there, armed, and declined to arrest them. After a Border Patrol Agent fired five rounds at John “Jesus” Foerster, their detention eventually led to an uneasy truce that culminated in Massey’s and Foerster’s arrests in October.

Says Massey, “We’ve got pretty much everything but a confession that it’s a set-up.” A key piece of evidence uncovered by his lawyer: Someone ordered an NCIC background check on Massey a half-hour before he and his two companions headed out for their patrol.

Massey and Foerster are both convicted felons who the government says have no right to be in possession of firearms, while the state greenlights the keeping and bearing of arms, but only at home, where they live.

Foerster and his attorneys have signalled a willingness to plead out; Massey is hanging tough for the prospect of a jury trial before the ultra-conservative opponent of amnesty, the George W. Bush appointee, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen.

William Krisstofer Wolf is a veteran podcaster of “The Montana Republic.” He has been in federal detention without bail for more than 20 days, charged with a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 922 (o), the statute that prohibits possession of a fully automatic weapon by an unlicensed person.

Here’s how his arrest took place, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in federal court by the FBI.

After advocating the destruction of power grids, seizing control of public facilities, destruction of bridges, and seizing law enforcement vehicles and weapons on his Blogtalk Radio show, Wolf compared shooting law enforcement officers to “gopher hunting” in June, 2014.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by FBI Special Agent Matthew J. Deurmeier, he was introduced to a UCE – “undercover FBI employee” – posing as a Class III federal firearms dealer by a “CHS” – confidential human source – who for $720 furnished him with a Saiga – 12, a Russian made fully automatic shotgun. Neat trick, if you know how to do it. Then, they busted him for having the machine gun.

One of Wolf’s on-air remarks preserved for posterity in the FBI’s court document: “My preferred method, I’m serious; my preferred method would be to drop 500 pounds of napalm through the roof of the (Gallatin County) courthouse and burn it to the ground and roast some marshmallows on it…”

His original mission: to acquire the stuff to build a flamethrower he could use to burn an armored “Bearcat” law enforcement vehicle. In an aside, the PC affidavit notes, “The possession of the type of flamethrower described by Wolf to the UCE is not regulated under the laws of the United States and thus would not violate federal law to possess such a device.”

One of Wolf’s major topics during his career as a podcaster – Committees of Safety, as practiced during the American Revolution.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 9.05.42 AM

Richard Cook’s  Facebook page displays heraldry that includes a SEAL trident on a field of blue decorated with crossed fencing foils and a banner proclaiming “Keepers of the Standard.”

His notations are concerned with calling out FEMA and Department of Homeland Security officials to consult with interested parties in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area about “strategic updates” to their directives. He has published links to thousands of such files.

According to other militiamen, Cook got flagged when he visited a big box store to purchase more than 100 rounds of ammunition. Local authorities used that as an item of probable cause, then developed a warrant to search his home, where they found firearms and charged him with two violations on April 4. He languished in the Clark County Detention Center until recently, his bail set at $41,000.

The bottom line is not just the river than runs through this tale, but what it symbolizes in a struggle over the worth of U.S. citizenship, with all its attendant duties and responsibilities.

Said KC Massey III in a recent interview, he’s not necessarily against amnesty or asylum. Far from that, he said, “I don’t want them here, period. If we have to abide by the laws, why doesn’t some foreign-invading motherfucker…”

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