The government’s FISA lies – a small hint

The New York Times and Guardian newspapers have called for clemency for Edward Snowden, saying that the espionage worker-turned-privacy advocate should be praised rather than punished for his disclosures.

The papers – both of which have played a role in publishing Snowden’s intelligence trove – suggested late Wednesday that the former National Security Agency contractor’s revelations about the United States’ world-spanning espionage program were of such public importance that they outweighed any possible wrongdoing

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Paste this link into your web search engine to read the FISA Court order to instruct Verizon to comb through all its customers’ internet and phone conversations:

Click on this link to watch General James R. Clapper of the NSA and FBI Director Robert Mueller lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee about the court order and the 12-year history of spying on Americans’ domestic phone and internet communications:


Peace dividend slows, militarized cop shops abound

Peace Dividend Slows, Militarized cop shops abound

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