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Gonzo Rant About ‘Standing Up To Cops’

This is The Legendary Dr. Hunter S. Thompson inveighing over his “bumbling, officious political arrest for DWI.”

According to the doctor, the point of the story is to show others how important it is to stand up to the police. But there is a certain poetry to the language of the missive he wrote to the DA, a hapless lackey of the legal community who insisted Thompson should come to the courthouse to be re-arrested because of some deficiency in the affidavit of arrest.

Naturally, the local media was to have been given the photo op of recording it all for posterity, pointless pubic hairs as they are, totally unable to gather relevant news and present it to their trembling bosses or a public long since conditioned to hide their eyes and weep when confronted with this kind of idiocy.

I think you might find this to your taste, dear hearts. It’s a deep dish serving of Gonzo Journalism laced with bat guano and other poisonous substances fit for a dart from a pygmy’s blow gun.

Now hear this.

As always, the floggings will continue until morale improves.


Put all the money in; let’s roll ’em again…When you’re hot, you’re hot

Six Shooter Junction – Looks like the good ol’ boy system has all the power? Look again. There are others eyeballing the situation.

Bet on it.

Hear this tale of woe about a millionaire co-founder of the local TEA Party who tried to save himself forty grand in campaign costs by attempting to bribe his only primary opponent.

Listen to the story.

So mote it be.

Do you see the case?

Prospective jurors fully informed that if they cannot see how the state has proven its allegations, they are within their rights to acquit an accused offender in the Twin Peaks cases.

The primary nature of the offense was that people who wear leather and ride big, loud, fat, nasty American V-Twin motorcycles showed up at a bar to talk about where the multi-million-dollar “motorcycle safety fund” is, why it’s not being spent but used to “balance” the budget,” the state of handgun legislation that would allow open carry, and other matters of state pondered by the suits on May 17, 2015.

How perfectly pushy of them. The very idea.

“They didn’t come here to drink beer and eat barbecue,” said Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police Department.

You know the story. Now hear the additional allegations presented in a superseding indictment against Jake Carrizal, a Bandido from Dallas, who is scheduled to be the first of 152 indicted for engaging in organized criminal activity to face trial in September.

And the floggings will continue – until morale improves. Having fun?

One may study the state of jury nullification and jury selection, instructions and the like by clicking this link:

So mote it be.

Legendary Jim

The Power of Nine

Thus He showed me: Behold, the Lord stood on a wall made with a plumb line, with a plumb line in His hand. And the Lord said to me, “Amos, what do you see?”
And I said, “A plumb line.” Then the Lord said: In the midst of My people Israel; I will not pass by them anymore.
Six Shooter Junction – In the Kingdom of Fife, on the Firth of Forth, there is a place near Midlothian called St. Clair Castle, and there is a chapel…Men travel east from there. Be it known, they have arrived herein.
There is a certain power in calculation. It is the power of nine in which one totals all, casts out all nines and figures the difference.
The answer thus obtained so rapidly is invariably true and correct as arrived at by 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 – numbers divisible only by themselves.
Thus, they are known as PRIMARY NUMBERS.
Take this message to my brother; you will find him everywhere…

AG: Claim By David Wayne Spence’s Son ‘Has No Basis’


Austin – The Texas Attorney General’s office requested a District Court to dismiss a suit by the son of David Wayne Spence seeking declaratory judgment that the state wrongfully executed his father for the murder of three teenagers at a Lake Waco park in July, 1982.

Assistant Attorney General Christopher Lee Lindsey in his motion to dismiss Jason Spence’s claim cited a procedural rule which provides for the dismissal of a cause of action if it has no basis in law or fact.

A casue of action has no basis in law if the allegations, taken as true, together with inferences reasonably drawn from them, do not entitle the claimant to the relief sought. A cause of action has no basis in fact if no reasonable person could believe the facts pled,” according to the motion, which gave Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 91a as the authority for the pleading.

Spence’s suit, filed April 19 in the 345th District Court, claimed numerous reasons why the case against his father and two co-defendants, Anthony and Gilbert Melendez, was false, among them allegations that the parties involved could not have committed the murders because of discrepancies in their statements, the time line of the events leading up to the murders and the disposal of the bodies, evidentiary claims of junk science, and evidence that one of the defendants was not present in Waco at the time of the killings.

Drifter – Convicted By Jury For ‘Being A Bandido’

Trial record contains no exculpatory evidence because cop lawyer hired called no witnesses for defense, cross examined no one who testified

Cowtown – Bandido Drifter has a lot to think about during his first holiday weekend behind Texas prison walls.

While most people are fishing, skiing, camping or firing up the barbecue this weekend, Howard Wayne “Drifter” Baker, the 62-year-old former President of the Ft. Worth Bandidos Chapter, is in the Diagnostic Unit of the Texas prison system, under evaluation for his security rating and his eventual staus as a prisoner, as to where and how he will do his time.

He has 45 years to do for 9 felony counts including engaging in organized criminal activity that allegedly led to the December 12, 2014 murder of Geoffrey Brady, a member of the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club, aggravated assault, and other crimes in connection with an ambush on himself, two fellow Bandidos and another member of a Bandidos support club.

The only charge for which the jurors acquitted him was for unauthorized possession of a firearm. Though a witness testified she saw a Bandido named Dobber brandishing one, Ft. Worth police never could locate the “silver colored” pistol she said she saw him pointing at his alleged victim. Drifter was never identified as the shooter. He was identified as the President of the Ft. Worth Chapter of Bandidos MC. 

In fact, no one saw him pull the trigger, according to testimony. Not only that, but the only person whose hands were tested for gunshot residue, the deceased victim Geoff Brady, was also the only one whose hands tested positive for nitrate deposits.

Authorities tested no one else. They offered no ballistics test information.

Prosecutors also failed to produce the 30 fellow Bandidos the media claimed crowded into the Gators Jam Inn Bar in the 2800 block of Race Street near Riverside Dr. There were only four, as it turns out.

In fact, of all the witnesses who testified, four said they “never saw” Drifter.

According to a fellow Bandidos Chapter President, he was actually convicted for “being a Bandido.”

A close friend of the family who attended every day of his trial under heightened security at the Tarrant County Courthouse gave to gavel, said, “The whole trial, to me, like the investigators, when they asked them questions, there was no evidence that he did anything.”

The person who spoke to this journalist requested anonymity due to the possibility of extreme danger to Drifter’s grand children, friends, and family. “These people (Bandidos) are my family. I don’t think they would do anything to purposely hurt anyone.”

In fact, Bandido Drifter Baker’s attorney, Jim Lane, a Ft. Worth City Councilman for more than a decade who does legal work for members of the largest police union in Texas, the Combined Law Enforcement Agencies of Texas (CLEAT), not only did not call any witnesses in Drifter’s defense, he asked no questions of prosecution witnesses on cross examination. He also had no follow up questions for witnesses from whom his investigator Fred Pendergraf, a retired Ft. Worth cop, took statements.

According to the law firm’s website, Pendergraf is a co-founder of CLEAT.

Said the friend of the family who contacted us, a person in a position to know, Pendergraf appeared at Baker’s house one day during the two and a half years his case was pending and asked for an additional $6,000, something he said it would be best to “not tell the lawyers” about.

One of the most curious aspects of testimony was that Bandido Drifter, who was suffering from the effects of a traffic accident, and walking with a cane, was still outside the bar, slowing alighting from his scooter, when he began to hear gunshots. “He didn’t even get off his bike before he heard guns start firing.”

In fact, the way his friend tell it, the four Bandidos were ambushed, and not the Cossacks, Winos, and Ghost Riders the media and prosecutors claimed the Bandidos attacked.

As soon as they (Bandidos) walked in the door, they shot two of them.”

So, why did Bandido Drifter hire Jim Lane, one of the city dads of Cowtown who serves on multiple airport, economic development, and other civic and association corporate boards?

One clue is that Drifter retired after 20 years as a municipal employee, a supervisor at the Ft. Worth Convention Center.

He thought Jim Lane was about as good an attorney as there is to be found.”

Knowledgeable observers place the blame for the jury’s conviction of Drifter on the judge’s instructions under the Texas law of parties.

Under that law, a person is liable for the actions of another if he was with them and did nothing to prevent their wrongdoing. Any law of accomplices used in other states is void by the Texas law. The only affirmative defense is to prove that one did something to attempt to stop an offense another person committed, especially if the accused holds some position of authority.

Baker’s defense team offered no such evidence, nor did they elicit testimony to that effect from any witness called by the prosecution.

Jurors only heard the words of the prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Allenna Bangs, who told them that the Bandidos “came in with a purpose,” to avenge the practice of other motorcycle clubs wearing rockers on their colors that claim “Texas” as their territory.

It is a similar allegation leveled at Bandido Jake Carrizal, a Bandido from Dallas involved in the gunfight at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 following the alleged declaration by John Portillo, National Vice President, that the Bandidos were “at war” with the Cossacks.

Of 155 indicted, his trial is the first scheduled to be held at Waco in August.

According to other bikers who are closely observing developments in the cases, the goal of prosecutors is to “draw a line” from one defendant to the other.

Baker’s close family friend finished by saying that an assistant prosecutor from the McLennan County Criminal District Attorney’s Office attended the trial each day until the jury delivered their verdict and assessed punishment of Drifter at 45 years confinement in the Texas Department of Corrections, Institutional Division.

So mote it be.

Govt Will Challenge Jeff Pike’s Bond July 12 – Again

Non-Association status resumed after temporary re-occupation of Presidential Office, Bandidos, U.S.A., from May 4 through May 19

San Antonio – The facts proven up in a June 12 hearing to revoke the former top Bandidos’ bond are simple enough.

There is no President of Bandidos, U.S.A. Here’s how the dispute shakes out, and you may rest assured, it won’t be over until it’s over.

The G’s entire shooting match is a RICO allegation against former Bandidos U.S.A. President George Wegers that begat the current allegation of murder ordered by Jeff Pike over drug territory.

That story cooks from the G’s kitchen all the way from downtown Toronto to Bellingham, Washington, thence to Ostentatious, and onwards – to Twin Peaks-on-the- Brazos, Waco, Texas.

The man facing the charge answered CNN correspondent Ed Lavandera’s question with a question of his own?

“Who’d we murder?”

Because of what the Government’s chief prosecutor in the RICO case against former Bandidos, U.S.A. President Jeff Pike termed new evidence, he is not satisfied with the conditions of Pike’s bond; he will take him back to court on July 12 to revisit the issue.

Eric Fuchs disbelieves that Pike is in fact disassociated  from fellow Bandidos, or that he is not in contact with his former associates.

More importantly, he argued on June 12, Pike is heading up an organization that is preparing for war against former members who have formed the Kinfolk MC.

In his final argument to revoke Pike’s bond and take him back into detention, Fuchs told the Magistrate:

I guess it all boils down to the fact that the defendant intentionally and willfully resumed the presidency of the Bandidos enterprise while he’s on bond for racketeering charges stemming from his leadership of the same criminal enterprise, being the president, and also during a period of escalating tensions and a number of violent attacks on a rival motorcycle club challenging the Bandidos’ territory, power and authority in Texas. They’re at war again, and there are strong parallels between the violating — or the violence going on against the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club and the violence that was going on and against the Cossacks back in 2014 and 2015 that form a basis for the current indictment that we have today.”

In a January 11, 2016 hearing on a motion to revoke his bond, the prosecutors and the Magistrate made it clear it’s all about the money. One remark impossible to notice was that when it was mentioned that Pike operates a custom car garage at his home near Conroe, Tx, one of the lawyers spoke up and said he has one classic car valued at $80,000. That pretty much broke up the discussion over whether Pike is good for the amount of bond imposed by the government.

In testimony for the defense given on June 12, Bandidos, U.S.A. attorney Bill Morian of Jasper, Texas, answered questions put by Pike’s attorney, Dick DeGuerin that proved up the impossibility of such an accusation.

It’s simple enough, he said. The Bandidos national club, Bandidos, U.S.A., has no president.

Though Pike declared himself back in the position between May 4 – the day Bill Sartelle declared himself unwilling to continue as President, and May 19, the day of an organizational meeting in which the club adopted new by-laws as a non-profit corporation named USARG, Inc., similar in legal structure to that of the N.F.L.

It really doesn’t matter what Jeff Pike or anyone else says about the issue, according to Morian’s testimony:

Q. As of that meeting, was Jeffrey Pike not president of the Bandidos?

A. At the time, on May 19th, he was not the president.

Q. In fact, was he ever formally the president after he stepped down in January of 2015?

A. He couldn’t be.

Q. And why not?

A. Because the way everything had been set up formally through USARG, Inc., there are formalities that have to be followed, and the bylaws have to be followed. And just because someone says that I’m doing this or I’m doing that, it has no effect unless the rules are followed and things are done procedurally.

Q. All right. In essence, what happened on May the 19th is that the directors decided that there would not be a president at all, correct?

A. That’s correct. And there were — the way I understand is that Bill had certain shares in the corporation, and his shares were to be divided equally among the other members in equal shares, so that those remaining members would all be equal shareholders.

Q. As of that date, was Jeff Pike either an officer or a director or have any position of authority in the Bandidos national organization or any other Bandidos organization?

A. I know that he did not have any type of involvement in USARG, Inc., and I’m unaware of any involvement that he had with the national chapter. I just — he was not someone that I dealt with. He’s not someone that I heard from. He’s not someone that I saw, and he was not someone that was mentioned.

The judge bought the argument, continued Pike’s release on bond, but increased the strictures of Pike’s bond conditions to include no change in his travel restrictions, which are limited to the southwestern states, and not the entire continental U.S., as he requested in a motion on May 1.

He is required to give every phone number he uses to the government, as well as to not make any phone calls to former associates or other bikers as he awaits his next revocation hearing on July 12, when the prosecutor will again challenge his non-association status.

Nothing written either by police or bikers has shown any indication that Pike, either as National Vice President, or as President, and Sartelle, as El Secretario, and later as El Presidente, were anything but opposed to affiliation with Bandidos located in foreign lands.

Both men were known to be opposed to the inclusion of foreign chapters in the Bandidos roster.

According to authors of histories of the mass murder of 8 Bandidos by a rival chapter in Ontario, Canada, the event compelling hostilities involved the theft of $300,000 worth of cocaine from the trunk of an illegally parked automobile by a wrecker driver associated with the Bandidos, drugs said to have been the property of the Hells Angels.

No one ever proved the cocaine actually belonged to the Hells Angels. It could very well have belonged to the Government, which is acknowledged by cognoscenti both in and out of the U.S. harness as one of the world’s chief smugglers of illicit narcotics across international borders.

It has never been proven that Pike or anyone else directed those murders, or the murder by gunshot of a man outside a restaurant who was said to be attempting to organize a chapter of the Hells Angels at Austin.

In a press release dated March of this year, Sartelle declared:

“Regarding to the recent indictment referenced above, you state that the following men are members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. This is a FALSE statement; these men are not members of the Bandidos Motorcycle club and we request a correction to your story immediately. The following people Johnny Romo “Downtown Johnny”, Robert Romo and Norberto Serna Jr “Hammer” have been out of our club for 2 ½ years. Jesse James Benavidez “Kronic”is on non-association from the BMC for the same period of time.  None of these arrests involved Bandidos Motorcycle Club members…

“Our ties with European and Australian Chapters were severed by us because of their behavior.  Similarly, we do not associate with other motorcycle clubs that we know are engaged in illegal activities…The Bandidos are no more a ‘gang’ than various law enforcement motorcycle clubs or professional athletic teams that have players that get into trouble on occasion.”

He asserted that he had placed members of Texas chapters on a status that precludes their membership because of their engagement in illegal activities through their “individual initiative.”

Quite simply, the Bandidos, U.S.A., now organized as USARG, Inc., cannot afford it.

“There is no war,” he told this news organization in an exclusive interview.

Moreover, there was never a dispute with the Cossacks over rockers on colors – or with any other club. If there was, it was because of “individual initiative” on the part of members of Bandidos chapters, some of which are no longer on a condition of good standing with the mother club.

In a revocation and detention hearing held in January of 2016, the Government was able to prove up the allegation that Pike once denied Hells Angels the permission to wear their colors to a funeral in the Bandidos’ home state of Texas.

But that’s all.

Fed suit seeks damages for illegal arrest and beating of pregnant E. Texas Air Force veteran

Dallas – According to a federal lawsuit, a woman 9 months pregnant who was brutally beaten by law officers in the kitchen of her parents’ home over a bogus writ of attachment to seize her child is due money damages.

Because of that fact, according to the attorney who drafted the federal complaint, the defendants cannot receive the standard protection of qualified immunity because of their official status.

A Grand Jury cleared the officers for the March 3, 2015 attack when Child Protective Services workers refused to let Deanna Jo Robinson see the court papers authorizing their seizure of her child.

She had suffered a domestic violence attack from her husband before fleeing to the home of her parents at Quinlan, Texas near Greenville.

When CPS workers tracked her there, they drew up a writ of attachment in order to serve her, but failed to have it properly executed by the Court, and then neglected to show a return on the certificate of service for the instrument.

Instead, Quinlan police officers and Hunt County Sheriff’s officers arrested her and placed her in the county jail – naked – and corrections officers there denied her prenatal care, even though her injuries showed extensive bruising to her abdomen where they bent her over a kitchen counter and punched the area of her kidneys while placing handcuffs on her.

A home security system caught the attack on video through the lens of a laptop computer placed in the dining room of the home.  Officers and CPS workers were unaware their actions were on surveillance until the video surfaced on YouTube within hours. More than 1.5 million viewers witnessed the attack.

Among the causes of action named in the federal lawsuit filed in the Northern District in this city are illegal arrest and seizure, as well as the use of a falsely sworn legal instrument and denial of civil rights.

Authorities seized Ms. Robinson’s new-born child following his birth a few days after her arrest.

Prosecutors declined prosecution for interfering with the writ of attachment after a state district judge ruled that the order was in fact invalid though represented as a lawful instrument.

When she asked to see the paperwork, testimony showed, a CPS worker named in the federal lawsuit merely flipped open a folder and showed it to her, but did not allow her to read it. At that point, she began to resist her arrest with all her might.

Both of her sons have been returned to her custody.

Texas National founder lays out bold plan for a beleaguered economy


John Michael Steele (R) andThomas Maddux (L),  of Texas Nationality 

Dale, Texas – A co-founder of the Texas Nationality movement, John Michael Steele thinks of himself as “just a guy who woke up, and is determined to be free.” He is in no mood to take prisoners in his quest to live in a revitalized republic.

A former tech at Apple and a software systems worker from Austin, he takes a hard line on public debt and what he refers to as Big Oil’s  economic dominance as “the lingering dinosaur of greed.”

He bluffly advocates a switch to electric power provided by turbines fueled with industrial hemp oil.

The federal control of crop subsidies and land loans are something he dismisses as nothing to get too excited about. Let the government absorb the loss. “It’s their debt anyway.”

Forget about central banking and fiat currency, he said in a freewheeling, far-ranging interview. Cash in pocket is to be the new rule.

Hold on to your hat; the electric MagLev express from DFW to Houston is departing – NOW!

Legendary – Could you tell me what drew your interest to becoming a Texas nationalist?

John Michael Steele – 9/11. It just took a long time to learn the right path.

Legendary – Should our state leave the protection of the U.S., how would we defend our petrochemical synthesis and petroleum refinement plants in the Galveston Bay Area and Brazoria County?

John Michael Steele – No army on earth outnumbers the native population. The state is just a creation of the federal government. Repopulate the Republic and we can be free.

Legendary – It occurs to me that pensionados and retirees could continue to live here as expatriates, as they do in Mexico and the Philippines, Belize, Venezuela.

John Michael Steele – They could, but I do not think that is a good idea. They will demand to reinstate the centralization of power. They do not know any other way.

Legendary – Something like 85% of the people live on 15% of the land. Could we re-colonize and decentralize our population?

John Michael Steele – Taking back the physical land is paramount. Then kicking out the federal government agents.

Legendary – So, land reform is as important in this movement as it has been in south and central American republics.

John Michael Steele – Not sure reform is the correct term. Reclaim the Common Law Right to Property without any government interference.

Legendary – It would be quite a battle to disabuse the corporate interests of their dependence on the U.S. Government for crop subsidies and loan programs. Very few people are actually involved in the cultivation and harvesting of most crops.

John Michael Steele – It is the road less traveled, not for the faint of heart…

Legendary – Would you advocate a petroleum depletion tax allowance for domestic production?

John Michael Steele – Fossil fuels have been obsolete for over 100 years. Hemp does everything oil can, but better.

Legendary – So, there would be a de-emphasis of fossil fuel production and consumption. Plant it, grow it, combine it, and press the seeds. I see.

John Michael Steele – Internal Combustion Engines are also obsolete.

Legendary – Turbines?

John Michael Steele – Big Oil is the lingering dinosaur of greed. Electric engines.

Legendary – What about mass transit? Do you see a future in interurban trams?

John Michael Steele – MagLev. Silent, no exhaust.

Legendary – It makes sense, since a huge percentage of people live within a few mils of the DFW, Austin and San Antonio and Houston triangle.

John Michael Steele – As well as longer lines to more distant locations.

Legendary – Would the right of way be acquired through eminent domain?

John Michael Steele – No need, the paths are already clear. Plus VTOL for short hops is easy now.

Legendary – How would the owners be compensated?

John Michael Steele – Again, no need at all.

Legendary – How so?

John Michael Steele – Electric engines can power aircraft if need be. Airships are impressive performers.

Legendary – I see.

John Michael Steele – Run the MagLev along existing highways.

Legendary – Understood.

John Michael Steele – In an elevated configuration, the highways could be left in place, too.

Legendary – All this neatly sidesteps the growing menace of an economic meltdown due to the diminishing potential for converting petrodollars to T-Bond investment.

John Michael Steele – And we can literally grow the materials to do it with – hemp.

Legendary – You’ve given this a lot of thought. Have you figured a way to overcome the objections of folks in the last trimester of their lives who live on pensions and could easily convert their cash to the new Texas currency in order to live in comfort for their final years?

John Michael Steele – They just have to have the guts to realize they have been living in a lie for the last 150 years. Then put them in charge of all the millenials.

Legendary – In terms of currency, how would it be controlled? Would there be a central bank?

John Michael Steele – No central anything. Hard coin in the hands of humans only.

Legendary – Who would examine the banks to see that they are able to remain solvent, to protect the depositors?

John Michael Steele – Their depositors, if people are still foolish enough to trust banksters. Everyone in the banking industry is guilty of fraud at best, treason at worst.

Legendary – These ideas will be considered very radical by large parts of the population. Have you obtained statistics of how many and what part of the population to whom these concepts hold appeal?

John Michael Steele – Popularity is irrelevant; the reality of our time overrides all emotional responses. The dollar is crashing in slow motion, and has lost 98% of its value. Countries around the world are dumping the dollar.

Legendary – So, in the final analysis, it comes down to the money, the gauge of just how much peace and comfort an individual can purchase for his family. Agreed?

John Michael Steele – The sociopaths are in office, and ignoring that is suicidal. No, fiat money is a scam.

Legendary – Can’t beat them without the do re mi.

John Michael Steele – Real wealth is land, gardens, and farms, not skyscrapers, lawns, and piles of paper.

Legendary – How would you satisfy creditors who have an encumbrance upon Texas assets?

John Michael Steele – Let the federal government own that debt; it is theirs.

Legendary – Can you name the single greatest benefit Texas Nationalism holds for the family?

John Michael Steele – The money is counterfeit. Reclamation of real rights – to land, to life.

Legendary – What was the single most compelling experience that led to your present posture?

John Michael Steele – 9/11

Legendary – I thank you for a fabulous interview. Is there anything you would like to add?

John Michael Steele – Knowledge of the Truth is real Power.

Shall I refer to you as the founder, or a co-founder of the Texas National movement?

John Michael Steele – I am just a guy who woke up, and is determined to be free.

Legendary – Splendid.

Bonnie Blue Nation Rising


Shawn Watson and family are seeking a departure from U.S. citizenship in favor of a national identity in the State of Texas as a nation state. 

Meridian State Park – When talk turns to matters of state – to have and to have not – and what is most desired, it’s simplest to resort to the most pertinent question of all.

Just what the hell was it woke you folks up as wide awake as you seem to be?

Once the ice is broken, Occam’s razor won’t cut too deeply, and recollections of a multitude of insults to the safety and security of one self and family tumbles out, tripping off the tongue with the ease of a toastmaster in his cups.

As always, the simplest explanation is usually the best one – at least for starters. As to each thing, what is it; of what does it consist?

And so, here in this tiny jewel of a park where one is rarely out of sight of excellent freestone masonry done by desperate men who would have starved to death had not their government provided a place for them to perform their craftsmanship beside a creek dammed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in a box canyon situated between the rocky folds of a pair of flatiron mesas, the time came to speak of the Bonnie Blue, of Texas, the nation among nations, its original Constitution of 1836 voted out at Washington-On-The Brazos, whence the fall drains in this system through the valley of the Bosque – literally, the sticks.

As Mr. and Mrs. Watson – Shawn and Jessica – spoke, there came the tales of a state gone wild in its obsessive desire to control – nearly everything, including the relations between parent and child, employer and employee, landlord and tenant, lawman and citizen – and the resentment flows like new wine. Somehow, it doesn’t sound like the sickness, the offending emotion the court-imposed talking cure hammers upon, but merely common sense.

It is nearly impossible to get through any given day without offending in either a high crime or a misdemeanor in which no one – no one at all, is actually harmed in any really provable way. There is only the adversarial nature of an implacable foe, a state offended by a myriad number of acts in which the state is the only truly offended party. That is, against the peace and dignity of the People of the State of Texas. This is what the ordinary man and woman call “the system.” It’s as real as the orbital patterns of the planet and its star, as pervasive as that heavenly orb’s radiation, as invasive as the sword, the bullet, the poisonous gas, high explosive or fire bombs of any other warrior.

And what is to blame, what condition, what cause of which to complain? Adherents point to the Fourteenth Amendment, which was not necessarily ratified by the legislatures of 37 constituent republics so much as adopted by a military government of occupation of 11 confederated states defeated in the bloodiest and most costly war in the nation’s history.

The sea change, they point out, was a shift from an adherence to natural rights and a focus on civil rights guaranteed by this amendment – and the prolonged civil warfare that exists to this day as a result, warfare which they insist is as real as real may be.

THEY ARE CONSTRUCTION HANDS, the texture of their fingers and palms toughened by years of hard work.

After listening carefully, one realizes that these folks don’t need to return to the land. They live on it, day in and day out, working as hard as they may and unable to get a toe hold from which to perfect title to the place where they may stand their ground.

They are not alone in their idea.

They wish to return to the revolutionary ideals of a nation of men and women who followed the leadership of a visionary General and his Indian Scout, men who saw a need to expand the southwestern border of a nation in which the rule of law prevailed in contrast to a neighboring state in which no rights were to be observed in courts of no record whatsoever, tribunals in which an accused offender or his attorney could get no information as to the nature of the charge, the complaint, a copy of the petition – any of the true facts alleged.

This is serious business, matters under discussion by people who deliver the freight, put up the buildings, cook the food, harvest the crops. Their desire: an understandable rule of law, a body of statutory and common law they are able to comprehend, and through which understanding they may live in peace.

Their strategy, to challenge the jurisdiction of the complaining party, the officer of the State, by correcting their nationality to the status of Texas Nationals.

There is much wisdom in studying the experience of fellow researchers in to the arcana of perfecting land title and abstract questions. Look for help at:

So mote it be.