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Haves v. Have-Nots, 2014

C.J. Grisham

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Texas poet passes in hog hunting gun mishap

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El Dorado, Texas – A Texas troubadour who once organized a mass mooning of the KKK and camped out on the capital steps with Molly Ivins passed when he dropped his rifle. The accidental discharge wounded Texas Poet Laureate Steve Fromholz. He died hours later in the hospital here. Author of “Texas Trilogy” and “I’d Have To Be Crazy,” two tunes recorded by Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett, Fromholz and his old lady were on a hog hunting trip at a local ranch when the tragic accident occurred. Born in Temple, the singer-songwriter chronicled small town life in the small Bosque County towns of Kopperl and Clifton.

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