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Sheriff demurs in records request

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Private Attorney Mike Dixon will review requests

Waco – Sheriff Parnell McNamara referred a series of eight public records requests about cases and incidents any veteran newsman would call “shaky as cafeteria jello”  to a private attorney retained by the Commissioners Court.

Mike Dixon, who billed McLennan County $153,735.63 in billable hours during the previous fiscal year at $150 per hour, will scrutinize the requests for  a period of 10 days prior to officials’ making a decision about whether to seek the opinion of the State Attorney General’s Open Records Division, according to Sheriff’s Office Records Division chief Tamma Willis.

He joins Baylor Law Professor Guinn, who billed the county some $34,050 to study a plan to redistrict Constable and Justice Court precincts to eliminate two, leaving a total of 5, in which candidates were appointed by Republican Party officials to run in the General Election irregardless of which candidates won primary races.

An Austin attorney named Shindlofsky billed the county $12,615 for services in settling a federal lawsuit against Sheriff McNamara brought by nine employees who were either demoted or dismissed following his election, and another attorney named Allison billed $5,000.

The settlement cost a total of $2 million, the county’s share of which came to $575,000, according to financial records released by the Commissioners Court.

A staff attorney named Dustin Chapman is paid $66,950 per year, according to payroll records. He released the information to Legendary News Services regarding an investigation of a drug detection dog named Ace who was trained in abusive fashion by his former handler, Corporal Joseph Ballew, according to top Captains and Lieutenants who conducted the investigation ordered by former Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon, a retired Texas Ranger. Both Ballew and former training supervisor, Captain Chris Eubank, transferred to new duties in the Sheriff’s Office’s Patrol Division, Eubank in March, when he was re-hired as a Sergeant following his resignation as a Captain, and Ballew in August following his promotion to Corporal. Sheriff McNamara reportedly reprimanded Ballew.

That document is one of many requested by The Legendary in the series of records requests.

“The report should never have been released,” McNamara said in an interview. “The investigation was not completed.”

Though there is no provision in the law to have a private attorney review public information requests, officials are allowed a period of 10 business days to determine if there is information they deem legally excepted from such requests. It is a well-known extension of the fine line between news and history, arbitrarily drawn in the sand by the Legislature in its enactment of Section 552 of the Texas Government Code.

Bellmead family arrested

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Bellmead – Police are investigating the arrest of a juvenile female that resulted in an entire family being detained at a department substation located at Wal-Mart, charged with resisting arrest and interfering with an investigation.

The father claims his daughter was injured when an officer “slammed her nose up into her face,” then “slammed” her face into a desk top. When he and the mother showed up a few minutes later, he was tasered twice while handcuffed, his wife thrown to the ground.

John Hammond told RadioLegendary,Bellmead, TX, cops assaulted my 15 year old daughter in a Wal-Mart substation. They slammed her nose up into her face, which is “an authorized pressure point maneuver” to subdue a sitting child, and then slammed her face into a desk, causing her to have ear aches and nose bleeds. Still have not made it home from her kidnapping/arrest for allegedly resisting arrest. Then when we showed up within five minutes my wife and I was both arrested for resisting arrest, interfering with official duties, failure to ID. Keep in mind none of which we are obligated to perform. I was tasered twice in the back while handcuffed, once while I was standing and once on the ground. My wife was thrown to the ground, causing a badly bruised knee. I can’t wait to get the tape before it’s sealed under some gag order and I will release it. What caused all this? They wanted my child’s phone, a phone with no service. He snatched the phone out of her hand and she called him a “fucking dick” so two cops began to slam her head and face into a desk. And this man said he had been on the force for 40 years and was going to teach my daughter a lesson tonight. This same cop said he would beat his kids for talking like that. So where is his authority to beat my child?”

Watch these columns for more coverage of these events.

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Expatriation – ‘correcting’ one’s nationality

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The Red Amendment is a treatise on the question of into exactly what legal status the ratification of the 14th Amendment cast U.S. citizenship following the civil war.

Leonard Bork maintains that in conjunction with the 13th Amendment, it actually enslaved all the people by imposing voluntary servitude on everyone, rather than freeing those previously held in involuntary servitude. His solution? One may “correct” his nationality by serving the U.S. Department of State with a legal instrument that is intended to emancipate a U.S. citizen through a declaration of sovereign citizenship in one’s home state.

The basic idea is that each of the 50 states is actually a nation unto itself, and the U.S. is basically a federation of these.

It’s an age-old question. After all, we read in the New Testament that Jesus’ birth occurred under the harsh conditions of a stable in Bethlehem when there was no room at the inn. The circumstances of Christ’s nativity are fundamental to the civil war that followed his crucifixion for a period of nearly a century, according to reports by Flavius Josephus and other journalists of that time.  

His parents had been compelled by governmental authority to travel to that distant city from the adjacent province to declare their origins for the purpose of a census taken by an occupying army that was taxing and controlling the population in cooperation with a theocratic government, sometimes unkindly labeled as a puppet government of a pretender to the throne of Israel.

In an interview, Bork mentioned that he is motivated by his desire to confront the ones he frequently refers to as “they,” and that they are “ultimately the ones that Jesus exposed.”

Asked to speculate on that which Jesus, at an age prior to his bar mitzvah, must have taught when he was separated from his parents on a trip to Jerusalem and was later found instructing the priests and scribes on the porch of the inner sanctum at The Temple of Solomon, Bork replied in a bemused way, rather puzzled, “Perhaps to protect them…”

Legendary – I am preparing an article that will make these concepts as clear as possible. Could you tell me of a link that will give a reader an example of the type of instrument of emancipation used to provide the relief your book advocates?

Bork – It is a long process. I help people with it and what they need to do. Accordingly, there is nothing posted that shows what you request. I would add, emancipating people individually really does not help any of us as a whole. People’s Awareness Coalition has always been about working as one. 15 years have gone by and no one seems to get that. Islands get us nowhere.

Legendary – That’s why I’m looking for a quick and easy way to communicate your concepts to a large number of people – at a glance, something like a billboard or a bus and bench ad. Maybe instead of providing a link to an actual instrument intended to be served on the State Department, I’m looking for a legal checklist of the elements that must be accomplished in order to get the job done for – oh, let’s say – 3 percent of the cognizant population, for starters.

Bork – Have you read The Red Amendment? Seems like you may have.

Legendary – I’m beginning the type of intensive study it takes to fully grasp the implications of a legal horn book of its type. Let’s put it that way.

Bork – Well, a plethora of people will tell you that you are wasting your time by looking at other things. Which brings me to, if you have not read my book, what would make you an authority to write an article on a procedure that I had developed? Sorry, I have been dealing with division issues for 20 years now.

Legendary – I’m not an authority. I am a journalist.

Bork – You don’t want to hear my physical rant on this. I see. What is your audience?

Legendary – My audience is unlimited. I can target a saturation level that is tailored to your needs. As I say, we are looking to make an impression upon three percent of computer-literate persons with the capability of grasping the essential elements of emancipation from the conditions imposed by the 14th Amendment through filing an instrument with the federal government.

Bork – Sending notice is 10% of the deal. Knowing how to handle yourself is the rest That is the problem. People think there is some magic paperwork.

Legendary – I think the point is, here, that when you are ready to move a mountain, you had best equip yourself with the mechanical advantage of a shovel. Then what would be a critical path to reshaping one’s perceptions and behavior with the goal in mind – plainly stated in terms readily grasped and understood by 10 million people – at a glance?

Bork – Like I said, my intellectual process is under contract and not released to anyone without it. I can give you articles to review. The crux of what I relate is nationality is of importance.

Legendary – I have no intention of abrogating your title to intellectual process or property. I seek merely to write about it.

Bork – This is a public paper …I feel that it is too much info for most people. People can screw things up…Like I note in that paper. Correction of Nationality is what I refer to, what needs to be done. It is technically expatriation.

Legendary – Very good. We can turn that into a very powerful message. Something as easy to grasp as, let’s say, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” or “Demilitarize erogenous zones.” I remember a lot of young ladies wearing that button at one time. Something that can be printed on a vest button or a business card, a bumper sticker, a piece of jewelry, silk-screened on a mirror, imprinted on a coffee cup, a t-shirt. I’m sure you get the picture.

Bork – My saying is, why is it that they don’t teach us law in school? Pretty much a no-brainer. That is what they control us with. Politics are filled with worthless nonsense, too. Law is the Achilles heel for them…No, I have not got formal training nor am I in “practice” under the bar. And I refer to them as “THEY” a lot. It would be ultimately the ones that Jesus exposed. The same clan that has been in control for thousands of years. Nothing new under the sun, as it is said. One of their bigger think tanks.

Legendary – A final question. What do you suppose Jesus taught the wise men at the Temple on that fateful day before he had reached his bar mitzvah, had become separated from his parents? Would you care to speculate?

Bork – Perhaps to protect them…Would have to have more details on it. I have looked at that topic before. I take the Bible with a grain of salt, too. Just so you know. Men assembled it, and men are bought and sold. I do believe in Jesus the Christ, and he is my savior. His teaching saved me from man.

Legendary – How can my readers get in touch with you?

Bork –

The seven eighths – You know it’s there

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A writer who omits things because he does not know them only makes hollow places in his writing…The real test of any story is how very good the stuff that you, not your editors, omit. I omitted the real end which was that the old man hanged himself. This was omitted on my new theory that you could omit anything…and the omitted part would strengthen the story. – Ernest Hemingway

Six Shooter Junction – It’s the seven eighths of the ice berg that you didn’t see, the part beneath the water line, that made the Titanic famous when it ripped a hole in her massive hull.

There are people in the palace of justice who wear black robes; they all know this as well as they know their own names, and they run the place, sit in the highest chair, in the most prominent position, wield the gavel, give instruction, make rulings and sign orders.

I make application for and request access to public information related to the employment and separation of… Request includes any internal investigation related to his employment with McLennan County…

Reliable information about nearly anything that happened is very difficult to obtain, and it really didn’t happen until it went down on paper, file marked, stamped, embossed, notarized or acknowledged..

This is a public information act request for public information related to an accidental discharge of a weapon by any employee of the McLennan county Sheriff’s Department during the term of office of Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

Once an investigation is completed and official action is taken, it is difficult to obtain an idea of precisely what has occurred.

This is a public information act request for public information related to the letter of reprimand for Deputy Joseph Ballew related to his capacity as a K9 handler.

Incidents that would end careers, terminate marriages and rip families asunder are handled very quietly, their details classified as “under investigation.” Others are emblazoned on web pages, broadcast, or published in news prints.

This is a public information act request for public information related to the suspension of Deputy ___________ in 2014.

Details of arrests and magistrations for alleged crimes are under disposition and become impossible to discover, even by the attorneys defending the criminal lawsuits.

I make application for and request access to public information related to an arrest at the Sandman Motel that was initiated by Deputy __________.

Probable cause for search and seizure is obtained by the “infallible” reactions of a trained animal who sits, scratches, barks, runs in circles, and gives other arcane signs to certified handlers who testify as experts.

This is a public information act request for training records for K9 Impulse and Ace after the departure of Deputy Ballew from the K9 unit.

Information that is material to any of these is omitted from official reports that are released by lawyers whom the Constitutional Officers say should not release the information.

This is a public information act request for medical records for K9 Impulse for F.Y. 2014

Everything is off the record; no one will speak for attribution.

All italicized entries set in bold face type were composed and submitted by R.S. Gates, Minister of Irritation.

“Status quo? Why, certainly, sir, that is merely Latin for ‘The mess we done got ourselves in now.'” – a Texas Ranger on the witness stand at some murky point in history…

– The Legendary





‘The converse of not prostituting the system…’



A dialogue between Ranger Matt Cawthon and Randall Scott Gates, a former dog handler at the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office…


Like the darkness on the edge of town, the diametric opposition between the viewpoints in this dispute are as indelible as the dawn.

This is a tournament of the powers that be, played for keeps, with consequences nearly as dire as those faced by Thomas More, the Undersheriff of the City of London, whom Henry VIII ordered beheaded when he refused to give his allegiance to the Anglican Church and attend the coronation of Ann Boleyn. The utopian ideal gives way to a dystopian ordeal of cognitive dissonance; the players are outfitted in raiment devised long before the renaissance occurred, prior to any mention of the concepts of the enlightenment.

A Texas Ranger serving as Chief Deputy, in upholding the traditions of a frontier republic, orders an investigation; two captains and two lieutenants conduct an investigation which concludes in strong allegations of malfeasance and misconduct against a former Lieutenant and a dog handler.

As the only truly elected representative of the people in the arena of law and order, the Sheriff makes certain adjustments, moves the players to other positions on the board, continues an aggressive and successful campaign against thieves and hustlers, dope dealers and addicts, burglars and robbers.

Thus, the investigation is incomplete. Nevertheless, there are strong feelings; opinions count, and in this intrigue, they actually are deemed quality of life issues.

In disagreement, the Ranger resigns his position. He is the only one to suffer any ill consequences of the allegations, which are serious because, based upon the training of a magnificent beast with a nose that is thousands upon thousands of percent more accurate than that of a human, people lose assets, cash, property, their children, as the result of a search and seizure based upon the probable cause of the canine’s “alert.”

The Sheriff is steadfast. He is resolute in his promises to the voters that he will conduct an all-out war on the bad folks who insert the dystopian elements of an undesirable world into their lives. The men previously investigated are working a deep night patrol shift. They routinely jail and charge significant numbers of career criminals. In private conversation, he mentions the number of an even dozen placed in custody during one twelve-hour period.

They have come forward, and wish to tell their side of the story. We eagerly await the permission of Sheriff Parnell McNamara to bring that story to our readers. And what of the dog, “Ace”? He recently worked hard to try to find a vicious individual who shot a television meteorologist as he left work, severely wounding him in a hail of gunfire that left his body and his car riddled with lead. Ace tracked him to a spot in the woods nearby, where he must have stashed his car in order to make his getaway, according to the Sheriff. – The Legendary

Records support finding – K9 officer abused dog

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McLENNAN Commissoners’ Court authorized a $30,000 payment to the ex-wife of a K9 Officer whose son’s face was disfigured by his dog, Ace. This story tells how a former training Lieutenant and the K9 handler abused the dog with a cap pistol and by constant harassment that led to his being refused re-certification by a Louisiana firm. – The Legendary


Waco – Police Officers entrusted with the care and training of a tame wolf named Ace whose job is to detect illegal, dangerous drugs, acted with negligence, then lied about it, the official record shows.

A records release made on Monday, December 22, by County Attorney Dustin Chapman of 147 pages of findings in the investigation of a narcotics detection dog abused by a K9 handler and a training supervisor at the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office during the months of March through August 2014 establish three sets of facts – and come to a decisive conclusion.

  1. Corporal Joseph Ballew “was not conducting a training exercise with Ace during the time (August 19) Deputy Wolfe was bitten.” The Latest training record is dated August 18. “Both verbal and written statements by Ballew to the contrary are less than forthright.”
  2. Two Lieutenants assigned to conduct an investigation declared Ballew “was negligent and reckless in his handling of Ace.” They concluded his conduct resulted in making the dog overly aggressive, an animal who attempted to bite and attack both officers and bystanders alike. Certification experts at US K9 in Kaplan, Louisiana, refused to go further with training a new handler until Ace could go through extensive retraining.
  3. Investigators concluded that training supervisor Chris Eubank, at the time a Lieutenant, sent an e-mail claiming “that a training exercise was being conducted appears to greatly and purposefully minimize the incident.”

Both men have approached Randall Scott Gates, a former detective who once was certified as a K9 handler, to say that their side of the story has gone untold. Sgt. Eubank was demoted from his former position as a Lieutenant; Corporal Ballew “took advantage of an opportunity to make a lateral transfer” to the Patrol Division, where he now works as a patrol officer. Their statements made during the course of the investigation are adequately covered by these columns. The official records show the investigators disagreed; their supervisors acted accordingly.

In any case, neither of them have communicated otherwise, either verbally, or in writing.

To date, no other answers have been made by Sheriff Parnell McNamara or members of his administration, other than the release by a county official of the public records requested.

According to the report, a meticulous collection of documents chronicling the training, expenses, health records, and equipment purchased to handle Ace, the end result is that thousands of dollars have been spent to re-train the dog, rather than destroy it.

These facts are important due to a Supreme Court decision regarding two Florida cases overturned in February of 2013, a holding that concurs with previous decisions that the olfactory perception of a K9 trained to perceive narcotics is infallible, but must be proven by the expert testimony of the handler, supported by accurate records kept on the training and certification of the handler and his dog.

Allegations that sensitive documents obtained from a confidential informant who sent them anonymously through the U.S. Postal Service in an unmarked envelope to R.S. Gates were stolen by a former supervisor, or were somehow falsified, are not true. The 147 pages of records released by the attorney Chapman are supportive of those documents; in the case of the 38 pages previously received, the pages that come from the official investigation are identical.

They are a part of the public record as a result of that release.

To read a previous report, follow this link:

Offense without a name, prisoner without a charge, charge without specifications

Want to get a look at the new fascism? Get a load of the spin doctor they have at the Waco Independent School District. This is how Dale Caffey, “director of communications,” handled a simple request seeking information about a substitute teacher who was busted for possession of heroin and forgery at a school campus where she was working – a drug free zone…The offense took place on October 2; the first request for information went to the authorities on November 24; the arrest took place on December 19; and we received notification at 8 p.m. on the day that most people left town for the Christmas holiday.

Now, what if you were trying to contact a relative or a close friend who happened to “disappear” one afternoon at 4 p.m., quitting time, and you ran into all this hassle? Just suppose. Remember, we don’t know how much heroin was involved. We don’t know where or what the defendant did between October 2, the date of the intitial police complaint, and December 19, the date of the arrest and magistration, when bail was set. HIPPA. 

Dig: Information control is mind control. Click for original size:

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To learn how to request a booking report and mug shot, follow this link:

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Arrest young substitute teacher for holding heroin at Waco school

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Alayne Caroline Ballantine

Waco – The war on drugs claimed another casualty when “the system” swallowed a youthful woman whole, the end result of a somewhat lengthy, very exacting legal process.

On a gray and rainy Friday morning before Christmas, two months after she was first questioned, a Waco Independent School District police officer arrested Alayne Caroline Ballantine, who resides in the 1900 block of Howard, Waco, for forgery and possession of heroin at the Lake Air Montessori Magnet School.

At the time of the offense, October 20, she worked there as a substitute teacher.

Officers arrived promptly to arrest her at half-past 9 a.m. on Friday, December 19, at a location in the 2000 block of Alexander in this city. Their arrest report lists her as unemployed.

A “light/fair” complected woman of 21, five feet, nine inches in height and weighing 120 pounds, she was working in the position on a temporary basis between courses of studies at a university professional school, where she sat for a licensing exam. The arresting officer described her speech as “polite,” her teeth “normal,” her hair “medium,” her body tattooed with a “floral pattern” on her right shoulder, a poem inscribed in indelible ink on her left shoulder blade.

An on-line entry on the “All Poetry” website attributes a verse to her pen, inscribed  “four years ago” :

Skin slowly turns grey outside

While my insides flush pink with happiness.

In comes the tide, out goes my breath.

Blah blah blah. –

To read this work in situ, follow this link:

According to informed sources, the tall, slender young woman became emotionally distraught when confronted about purloined checks taken from a fellow teacher’s purse; she reportedly surprised police officers when she suddenly blurted out the details of her problem – addiction to hard drugs – as they questioned her on October 20. A search of her purse yielded an unspecified quantity of the drug, which is classified as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance.

The fact that she was apprehended with the drug on elementary school property located in a drug free zone is an aggravation to the offense, which in any case is classified in “punishment group 1.” The penalty range under the Texas Health and Safety Code varies from a State Jail Felony for possession of less than one gram of the substance to life imprisonment, or for a term of not more than 99 years, if of an aggregate weight including adulterants and dilutants of 400 grams (14.1 ounces) or more.

A magistrate set her bail at $3,000 on the forgery charge and $5,000 for possession of heroin at an elementary school.

Dale Caffey, Waco Independent School District director of communications, made the arrest information available following a request for public information under the provisions of the Texas Open Records Act that was e-mailed on December 1 and received on Dec. 2.

He responded to that request on December 4, writing that “a forgery investigation by the Waco ISD Police Department that is currently underway is expected to result in an arrest. At this time, an arrest report with regard to this incident does not exist…Paperwork has been filed and appropriate documents are being secured by the Waco ISD Police Department in order to properly execute an arrest. We expect the arrest to occur this month.”

Mr. Caffey supplied no arrest identification photograph of the accused offender. The Legendary obtained the photograph depicted above from a Facebook page. It lists her occupation as “substitute teacher.”

To read of the services Mr. Caffey performs for Waco Independent School District, follow this link:

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Ranger levels claim of ‘tortious interference’

Parnell McNamara

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara

Ex-Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon said he is seeking legal counsel to file a civil suit against his former boss and a local police chief for what in a criminal matter would be called “official oppression.”

He alleges that McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara and Public Safety Director/City Manager Yost Zachary approached executives at KWTX Channel 10, the CBS affiliate at Waco, to request they not hire him as a part-time on-air crime consultant.

Cawthon entered the ranks of the unemployed when he resigned his position as Chief Deputy of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, effective October 31.

In the parlance of civil law, such an act is considered “tortious interference” with a contract. “It is located in the same part of the law as slander and libel,” he said. “I want you to read that. You know how to look it up.”

In their desire to control his actions, he alleges, “They interfered with my ability to enter into a contract.” He added that he feels he has no choice but to seek redress through a civil action.

That’s all these people understand…They understand bad publicity; they understand costing somebody a job…” Official oppression is defined as the misuse of the authority of a public office to restrict the freedom or liberty of a person without legal authority to do so.

The matter has attracted much publicity in broadcasting circles, due to the fact that Cawthon consulted with the news organization in a single on-air appearance about the murderous gun attack on KCEN-TV Channel 6 (NBC) meteorologist Patrick Crawford, who also serves as the weatherman for several local radio outlets, including KWTX News 1230, an iHeart Broadcasting station, which features a popular morning talk show hosted by on-air personality Shane Warner.

Warner, who called the implications of Cawthon’s allegations “huge” in terms of news media’s access to public information, and the ability of a person to seek employment, gave the development special attention on his Friday morning broadcast.

Reached for comment, KWTX News Mike Lauber said, “I’d rather not comment on things we’re doing internally. We are in a very competitive business, and we have to be mindful of that.” He would neither confirm, nor deny the allegation that Sheriff McNamara and Director Zachary approached his organization over hiring Cawthon. He acknowledged the fact that Cawthon made an on-camera appearance at the scene of the attack on KCEN’s weatherman, but Cawthon  “wasn’t appearing in any capacity as a consultant.”

One thing I’d like to help you with is that Parnell never told us anything about Cawthon being a racist. I’d like to clear that up.”

At the end of Friday broadcast of the News 1230 “Talk of the Town,” Warner called for a “public forum” from “anyone who wants to call in” between the hour of 8:05 a.m. and the time he signed off at 9. He had in a previous segment devoted most of the hour to reporting about the manhunt that is underway to locate the attacker who shot the weatherman and ex-Chief Deputy Cawthon’s allegations.

The hour passed, and he received no call from Sheriff McNamara or Director Zachary.

One may hear an audio of Warner’s wrap-up on the situation by clicking here:

Top Cops Oppose media job for ex-Chief Deputy


Retired Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon says two of the area’s top cops are opposing his proposed job as a crime consultant for KWTX – 10, the local CBS outlet.

When the manhunt began for the murderous gunman who attacked a KCEN (NBC) Channel 6 meteorologist at the station’s rural I-35 location early Wednesday morning,  station executives approached the ex-Chief Deputy of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office about the position with the proviso that he could work on a non-exclusive basis and remain in contact with other media representatives.

He is fresh from a two-year stint as Chief Deputy for the Sheriff’s Office following a sudden resignation over non-disclosed “differences” in law enforcement policy at the end of October.

He made only one on-camera appearance before he learned that Sheriff Parnell McNamara and Public Safety Director /City Manager Yost Zachary had visited Gray Broadcasting’s executive suite to oppose the move.

“He’s calling me a racist,” Cawthon sputtered, saying that McNamara “dredged up” an incident that occurred two decades in the past when he and another Texas Ranger were overheard by an eavesdropper with a scanner discussing the appointment of the state’s first black female Ranger as they chatted, off duty, on their cordless phones.

Following a brief suspension by DPS, he was reinstated and finished his career. “The bottom line is, it was never proven. It was 21 years ago. Why should I have to answer for that today?”

Cawthon became a favorite of if it bleeds, it leads media reporters during his brief tenure as Chief Deputy, made popular by his media-savvy poise and the ability to give concise interviews in fast-breaking spot news situations.

“They’re threatening to cut off information,” for the media outlet, Cawthon accused. “Why would Zachary be joining up with Parnell to block me from getting a little old part time job? I do not understand why these individuals feel it is necessary to do this.”

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