‘You Just Joined The Biggest Gang In The World’ – Top Tarrant Cop

Chief Deputy Caudill told a graduating class of peace officers they are now members of the ‘brotherhood,’ the ‘biggest gang in the world.’

Ft. Worth – When it comes to the semantics of crime, the law, indictments and criminal cases, one of the most loaded terms in the world of criminal justice is “gang.”

Under Texas criminal law, the allegation of complaint is classified and defined as an organization that wears distinctive colors or identifying badges, submits to central authority, and engages in criminal activity.

Members of what the law defines as “outlaw criminal gangs” such as ‘one percenter’ motorcycle clubs face charges in state district court that specify their membership in allegedly criminal outlaw gangs. The allegation is a serious enhancement to the criminal complaint under which they are charged and indicted.

In a recent graduation ceremony of the Tarrant County police academy, a top commander of the Sheriff’s Office told the rookies they just joined “the biggest gang in the world.”

As it turns out, the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office could very well be so defined if they State of Texas’s law firm, the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office, is able to obtain an unanimous verdict in the criminal cases it has charged against members of the Sheriff’s Office.

A 2013 collision between a truck driven by a Sheriff’s Office employee and a young nurse resulted in her death and intoxication manslaughter charges filed against the member of the Sheriff’s staff. 

A months-long investigation by a CBS Broadcasting outlet resulted in criminal charges against four Precinct 8 Deputy Constables who allegedly worked private security job assignments while on the clock for Tarrant County. Two of the deputies reportedly turned themselves in as a result of a plea bargain agreement with the Tarrant County DA’s office in return for their testimony against their fellow officers.

A Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Deputy faces allegations of sexual harassment for making alleged lewd comments to fellow female officers. He has denied the allegations leveled earlier in 2018.

Various branches of the government have repeatedly alleged criminal gang membership as enhancements to criminal complaints. In a recent confidential conversation, a man so charged in Ft. Worth said he experienced similar activity while serving in a foreign tour of duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. Asked if he would make his allegation on-mic, he declined.

Asked why, he said he feared he would be transported overseas to a “black site” and would never be seen or heard from again if he made his allegations public while facing similar charges as an alleged member of an outlaw criminal gang, as defined Sec. 71.01, Title 11, of the Texas Penal Code.

Our confidential source alleged that he and other members of the United States Armed Forces have been repeatedly threatened in this way during their overseas tours by superiors who promised just such retaliation will definitely occur should they reveal what they saw and experienced during their tours of duty in various overseas combat zones.

We of RadioLegendary gleaned these images and audio file from one presented on social media by former White Settlement City Councilman Dave Mann, a certified peace officer whose commission is carried by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.

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