Rumors Of War Swirl In False Flag Border Dust-up


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Flora, N.M. – A patriotic group called U.S. Constitutional Patriots is busy spreading garbled information concerning an expected border incident caused by a caravan of people from Honduras who are headed to the U.S.

The alarming messages resemble the radio broadcasts of the Nazis when they manufactured incidents at the German border with Czechoslovakia and Poland that served as cassus belli for hostilities in the quest for what they called leibensraum – or, elbow room.

This message appeared in the Facebook message boxes of certain social media journalists on Saturday afternoon, October 20.

Reached for comment, Mr. Jim Payton said he is not a Lt. Commander, nor has he any naval connection.

“I’m a four-star General,” he declared. “He got it wrong,” he said, recalling a phone interview with Bobby Cipriani.

“Where he got 42,000, I don’t know,” he added. “It’s more like 4,000, but they’re gaining members by the hour,” he said. The caravaners are beginning to attract Mexicans who were “afraid to make the trip alone.”

Johnny Horton, Jr., an Alabama resident whose father Johnny Horton recorded “The Battle of New Orleans” in the late 50’s, is a principal of the militia organization, according to Payton.

“They’ve already found ISIS, Syrians, Cartel, and MS-13 members in the caravan,” he said.

“We’re not worried about the honest people. They will be turned over to the Border Patrol…We’re worried about the criminals, who are here to harm the U.S.”

“I’ve already received more than 100 calls since 7 a.m.,” he declared.

A Facebook page for the organization contains skeptical reviews by people who have researched the organization. One man said he fears it is a con.

Payton disagreed with an audio clip from a phone interview that accompanied the communication without attribution or identification of the speaker, who said the caravan is headed for San Diego, California.

“We learned they are going to split up into three groups and head in three different directions,” he said. “If that’s what is decided. We don’t know yet.” He declined to name his source of the information.

The interview subject injects racist statements about the origin of the financing for the so-called “caravan.” He makes reference to “wealthy Jewish people,” who he said put up the money for the trucks, “which come straight from the United States.” He claimed there are Stars of David painted on their sides and are operated by the United Nations.

“Soros (George) is financing all this,” he says. George Soros is a Hungarian Jew with extensive experience in international finance who got his start in his profession as a railway porter who changed currencies for Nazi officers traveling Europe and the Balkans by passenger train.

Said Payton, “There are people on this side who will be trying to help them – ANTIFA. They aren’t the kids you see on the news. These are military trained people with experience.”

Johnny Horton, Jr.

One may hear the phone interview with the unidentified subject by clicking here:

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