Pay Dirt! Badge Numbers Of Tactical Squad In Stockyards Gun Arrests


Cox told Officer Joel that he was in possession of a firearm about the time Officer Joel felt what he believed to be a handgun, by the weight and shape, concealed in the front inside pocket of the jeans vest. At that time Officer Joel was assisted by Sgt S Banes 3551 who retrieved a loaded Glock 42 .380 from the front left inside pocket of the vest Cox was wearing. Officer Joel asked Cox if he possessed a license to carry a weapon and Cox answered “why do you need one” which was a possible indicator that Cox did not. Officer Joel asked Cox again if he had a license to carry a firearm and Cox Stated no. – Arresting Officer’s Narrative, Wilson’s Leathers, Sept. 22

Fort Worth – John Wesley Cox answered the Cowtown cop’s question with one of his own.

Asked if he had a license to carry a firearm, he asked “Why do you need one?” according to the arresting officer’s narrative of his reasons for warrantless arrest of the Vagos prospect from Missouri.

Officer Joel of the Special Response Team, a tactical squad of special ops soldiers fielded by the Ft. Worth Police Department, said the remark led him to believe he had probable cause to charge the man with unlawful carry of a weapon by a member of an outlaw criminal gang, as specified in Texas Penal Code Section 42.06 (2)(C), a misdemeanor offense, unless enhanced by aggravating circumstances to the status of a felony.

In the documentation obtained from a source close to the investigation, The Legendary found the cops’ reasons for confiscation as evidence of the mens’s garments due to the distinctive markings of the Vagos Motorcycle Club and the green colors associated with that organization police have thereby alleged to be an ongoing criminal enterprise.


The leadership of their expedition assigned Cox and his companion, Travis Mitchell Samuel to watch the motorcycles as the group of men shopped for rain gear inside Wilson’s Leathers, 2225 N. Main, in the Fort Worth Stockyards on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 22.

When the cops saw one of the men pass a handgun to another, they moved in to investigate.


Citizens of the Show Me State of Missouri have the right to Constitutional Carry of handguns, unlike Texas, which reserves the right to regulate how a sidearm is to be legally “worn” for the determination of the Legislature. Texas law requires a license to carry a concealed sidearm as the authority to wear a holstered handgun in plain view.

In supplemental remarks, the documents show a Sgt. Banes, Badge No. 3551 in charge of the detail.

In the report by Officer L. Joel, Badge No. 3445, the badge number of a squad of seven are noted:








It is widely agreed in the patriot community that the other rights guaranteed by the U.S. and Texas Constitutions are no good and unenforceable unless the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is respected and a citizen is afforded his God-given right of self defense by having the ability to match deadly force with deadly force in case of willful and vicious assault.

So mote it be.

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