Gator’s Gunfight: Bandido Dobber’s Deal

Bandido Robert “Dobber” Stover at a benefit for his legal defense

Ft. Worth – In the end, the pressure was too great, according to friends and family, and Dobber pled guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for his actions at a gunfight in December 2014 at a Riverside bar.

According to the District Clerk, 396th Criminal District Judge George Gallagher sentenced him to 120 months of deferred adjudication in the case for which he was originally indicted for engaging in organized criminal activity.

Gallagher is the same judge who sentenced the President of the local Ft. Worth Chapter of Bandidos to a lengthy set of concurrent prison terms for engaging in organized criminal activity and directing the actions of a criminal street gang in the same percussive dust-up.

That charge can carry a potential 99 year sentence if the alleged conduct led to a capital offense.

Stover was the second person arrested following the shooting scrape that saw Ft. Worth Chapter President Howard “Drifter” Baker found guilty in June of 2017 for engaging in organized criminal activity in a jury trial and sentenced to 45 years behind bars for the alleged offense that prosecutors told the jury led to a murder.

The charges against the pair and others stemmed from a dispute over patches and who should get one, of what colors, according to knowledgeable sources close to the investigation.

Friends and family lamented the decision, which was carried out on Oct. 15 in open court under elaborate security precautons.

According to Facebook messages sent to friends, the couple feared the array of possibilities involved in a Cowtown jury trial, with its unpredictable results.

So mote it be.

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