Seeking Methodists’ Home

‘Wild, weird, wonderful Willie West on Double-you – AY – see – OH!’ (chorus harmonious) – ‘We ain’t comin’ out…’ – Channel 19, ca. 1993

BELLMEAD (Middle English for ‘good beer’) – Down by the fire station, cop shop, muni court – all them signs of progress, est. 1954, there’s a wee small place across the street, second balcony, etc.

There, they sing the old alma mater, talk about them old used -to -be’s.

Cotton season of 1982, Dog Daze of one-hundred in the shade, Mom and Sis, riding around in the family flivver, looking for the Methodist Home for slightly bad boys and girls where Mom is determined to drop Sis off, when they took a wrong turn and Sis spied a young woman with unusual posture and outlandish attire.

She turned out to be.

CUT TO: Ext. Day. Heat mirage rising from a weedy North Waco yard with junk cars, etc.

Christine Juhl, 16, nude, wearing only a dog collar by which she is tethered to a wiry tree with a log chain.


She say: “I looked around the corner and out the back door comes a dude with a double-barrel shotgun!”

He is David Wayne Spence, executed for murder, many years later.

On this day in history, this bright young lady stepped up and said:

“Next thing I know, we’re in the Rainbow (a failing grocery across the street from the orphanage, with spin and win and everything) and the dude wearing the turban is making signs with his hands, waving at us, telling us to get out! GET OUT!”

They must have dropped in for directions from the friendly natives.

He is Mohammed Muneer Deeb. Convicted of murder conspiracy for insurance fraud by hearsay evidence offered by a jailhouse snitch testifying about what David Wayne Spence told him while locked up in Aggieland.

CUT TO: Int. Gloomy little store with computer consoles arrayed in a rank, local losers soaking up the A/C in the gloaming, eating high-carb, high sodium snacks provided by the management, washing the goop down with high-sugar drinks…

Grand Jury testimony given when Deeb got a new trial based on judicial error in admitting the hearsay testimony to the record which revealed that Christine – who was only sixteen – worked at the store for Deeb because her folks had “kicked her out” of the house. Deeb was acquitted in his new trial.


CUT TO: Ext. Day. Heat mirage rising over parking lot where a crowd of people on paper smoke as they await their “class” for offenses multiple, Cotton Season…mature Sis, texting:

“…his (Deeb’s) family is here and as of now I give no one permission to do anything too me or about me. Good luck with your attempts…”



So mote it be.




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