City Dads Who Are Trying To Endorse…Paul Revere’s Horse But The Town Has No Need To Be Nervous




Elm Mott, Texas – This town has the Tombstone blues.

The downtown daily published a story alleging a group stomping by rival gangs who objected to support of the red and gold.

A minority report by anonymous bikers holds that, au contraire, the dispute that led to the off premises romp/stomp was “over a woman.”

In a furthermore and never mind rendered in buttery gossip sob sister tones, that massive organ of public opinion published a statement by the daughter of the establishment’s owner, who declared that McDaddy’s is not a “biker bar.”

An open case means they are looking to nail someone for a crime. In this case, it’s an “A” misdemeanor assault.

In years past, it was possession of a stolen handgun with silencer attached by a cult member apprehended by, you guessed it, the McLennan Sheriff’s Office.

In that case, a year prior to the BATFE raid on the Branch Davidian, authorities would yield no names and no details.

What do the two cases – both extremely violent – have in common?

There was an ominous silence, a news information embargo imposed by the law enforcers due to the severe emergency presented to the public. There were seminars, discussions, and training sessions at the local police academy. Experts honed their specialty in an atmosphere of severe confidentiality.

We the People were told only that access to the impending shoot-out depended on an ability to indemnify any law enforcement victims of violence through errors and omissions insurance.

My aching back.

In the former case, the conflict arose over a reluctance to let the people they raided see the warrant of search and arrest. Hence, a standoff of many days duration, followed by a raid with military tracked vehicles that inserted highly flammable CS gas into the building.

The prosecutor eventually plead guilty to withholding exculpatory evidence when he omitted a report that detailed pyrotechnic devices fired into the lethally flammable atmosphere of the beseiged building. He received two years probation, but he kept his license to practice law.

In this case, there were an estimated 2 million documents occupying 2 terrabytes on a hard drive that defense attorneys played hell getting in dribs and drabs while the prosecutor made sanctimonious noises about the sanctity of exculpatory evidence while genuflecting at the altar of Brady v. Maryland, that landmark among landmarks.

According to McLennan Chief Deputy Kilcrease and other law dogs, the public is at great risk due to an investigation which is “still active” and “could lead to prosecution,” in the opinion of Melissa McDonald of the Records and Warrants Division.


She has sought an opinon from the Attorney General, citing a public information act request from The Legendary for information that is “exempt from disclosure pursuant to §552.108 (a)(l) and (b)(1) of the Government Code…because…such information presumptively would interfere with the detection, investigation or prosecution of crime.”

All this came in a certified letter that nevertheless did not contain the promised “cover page information and items that are unquestionably public.”

Tut tut.

Question: Then why wouldn’t they give it to the scribblers?

No doubt, the local gend’armes are striving to assist the Victorian Gents of the Mainstream Media to avoid falling into the category of an advertising agency for tush hawgs.



Wedged into a small lot near the frontage road on I-35, right by a smokehouse and a truck tire repair shop, McDaddy’s is an oasis of cool in a hundred degree world of blazing sunshine, little shade, and a lot of pain.

According to the top cop at the Sheriff’s Office, Chief Kilcrease, the events of June 11 are not only still under investigation; they represent grave danger to the public.

A 9-day wait for information regarding the offense of an assault on Ramon Eusebio, Jr., gleaned only the intelligence that three witnesses, George Ramon, Jennifer Sandoval, and Karla Marie Statler are known to the laws.

There is a photo to document the victim’s injuries, according to one of the sketchiest offense reports ever to be heralded as a banner of impending doom for the public safety.

The report contains no mention of the time of the offense, the officer who investigated, weather at the time, visibility, or any of the other items found on a “first page” offense report.

Said Kilcrease, “As long as this community is on the route of the I-35 access corridor, rival biker gangs are going to compete for territory.”

True, that, for is it not written, the only three things that matter in real estate is location, location, and location?

Any major dude will tell you. It’s right up there with guitars tuned good and firm-feeling women.

Furthermore, said the Chief, “The Mom and Pop clubs  – and I’m not knocking them – don’t fully understand. They’re just out to enjoy riding the motorcycles…But as long as all this is true, the public will be in danger.”


In a published report from earlier in the month, Pamela Webb Nelson, daughter of the present owner of McDaddy’s, told a cop shop reporter for the Brand X daily that the bar is not a hangout for bikers.

Her husband, Ray Nelson, it’s true, wasn’t a biker the last time we heard from her.

The former President of the Cossacks MC Hill County chapter, he no longer has a bike, and he’s not a member of the club, said Ms. Nelson, who contacted The Legendary by message service.

Both he and a prospect he had busy watching the bikes they parked in front of Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17, 2015 an hour before a Confederation of Clubs meeting, fell to bullets fired from an unknown assailant’s gun.

Neither of the men were able to identify their attacker, A former Bandido, Clifford Pearce, took a gunshot to this chest and is paralyzed from there down. Nelson experienced a bloody injury to his back when a bullet plowed through the muscles of his shoulder and exited his neck through the muscular straps that hold his head upright.

Nelson said he remembers only seeing a gun wielded by a person standing slightly behind and to the side of where he stood as he and dozens of Cossacks confronted Bandits who had just arrived from Dallas on their scooters.

The person wore a black windbreaker over a pair of khaki trousers.


¡Cabron! Oh, day of mourning, day of woe, day we separate the sheep from the goats.

“It’s not over ’til it’s over.” – Yogi Berra, a wise old philosopher









‘Holy Kapow!, Batman


There are those individuals that are resilient in resolving issues through peaceful negotiations, tactful communication and ongoing positive emotions. Then there are those that believe the chaotic sound of a fist cleaving your face, the visual of your ragged limp body hitting the ground brings more enjoyment than the latter. #JEDI

Six Shooter Junction – George Horsley drives to Austin each day to practice his profession – that of a property appraiser with a lot of experience serving the McLennan County Appraisal District.

Those days are long gone.

He says it’s the best thing that ever happened to him.

Tomorrow, on Sunday, June 10, he and Gordon Harriman, a professional property manager whose great grandfather founded Crawford Austin, an operation that today owns “right at” 1,000 parcels of commercial property in the environs of Waco, Jerusalem-on-the-Brazos, will join us at RadioLegendary to rag chew the beaudacious efforts of the industrial establishment of this community to raise taxes – once again – by leaps and bounds by simply declaring folks’ stores, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, rental housing – and the like – is, well, ah, 17 percent more valuable than it was a year ago.

Residential properties?

They’re considered about 12 percent more in their appraised value.


So, what happened during the ensuing year?

The Attorney General, his staff, the Courts, and the legal establishment not only nationwide, but worldwide, handed he McLennan County District Attorney his ass on a silver platter when a jury of twelve split 11 to one for acquittal in one of the most ridiculous displays of poor judgment ever to grace a criminal court.

In five weeks of tedious drama, the chosen 12 listened in bored disbelief while Abel Reyna and lead prosecutor Michael Jarrett put on tepid, opinionated testimony by “experts” on motorcycle gangs that had not one scintilla of bearing on the question: Did Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal “engage” in organized crime when he and his Chapter of 1%’er bikers rolled into the parking lot of a trendy theme breastaurant located in the roadside sprawl of a shopping mall for folks with a lot of disposable income at noon on Sunday, May 17, 2015?

The prosecution in no way elicited testimony that would lead a reasonable man, that famous fictitious man in the street whose sensibilities form the holding in thousands of cases recorded for posterity in the books, to believe that Carrizal, his father and his uncle, as well as more than a dozen others who were rat-packed before they got off their custom Harley Davidson bikes, did anything other than defend themselves against an onslaught of violence perpetrated by nearly a hundred bikers wearing the colors of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club.

How do we know?

The G made a snuff flick of the whole thing, a nearly stream of consciousness work of video from cameras installed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, dashcams in cop cars, and closed circuit video surveillance cameras throughout the area.

That’s how.

This depiction revealed that 9 men lost their lives when they were cut down by and large by rounds fired from AR-15 style battle rifles wielded by SWAT team members. and an additional 20 suffered wounds. Of 14 such rifles fired through sound suppressing baffles attached to their barrels, only 3 were subjected to ballistics testing.

One would be led to believe after approximately 8 weeks of courtroom drama including the recusal of judges in lengthy hearings, that the jurors just flat didn’t see the case.

It was the identical case filed against 177 persons whose names filled a blank at the top of an identical “complaint” drafted by Reyna and his staff after they snatched the investigation away from the Waco Police.

That cast Reyna and his staff in the role of witnesses, not prosecutors. That’s a no no in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. You can’t prosecute a case in which you have become a “necessary witness.”

To further complicate matters, the Code of Criminal Procedure also makes no provision for superseding indictments as added counts in a previous indictment.


Only 25 of the original cases remain in progress. One lawyer out of Dallas is representing 100 former defendants whose cases have been “dismissed” with the explanatory statement that while probable cause exists, the case has been passed over in favor of prosecuting others with a higher degree of probable cause.

There is no doubt that these individuals’ civil rights have been trampled to bloody mush, and the City and County officials facing the litigation have no means of indemnification through the normal channels of insurance coverage for errors and omissions.

Hence, everyone’s property is worth way, way more than it was last year.

As it turns out, the servers are jammed with folks responding with evidence they filed electronically, and intend to present to review boards at the Appraisal District during protest hearings.

Our story: We intend to present the dialogue between Mssrs. Harriman and Horsley on an episode of BlogTalk Radio, and then throw the switchboard open for interested parties to vent their spleens about this situation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we of The Legendary bring you today’s edition of what is popularly known as a TAX REVOLT!

The persons so afflicted by the cops, courts, and tax men were merely exercising their right to assemble and associate with persons of their choosing.

The purpose of the meeting at Twin Peaks was simply to review the policies of biker profiling and the state cops’ irritating action of withholding funds of approximately $17 million raised from extra added user fees tacked on to annual motorcycle registration fees.

The faulty and deficient legal instrument used to serve as a general warrant not particularized as to allegations of complaint or probable cause as demanded by the Fourth Amendment fo the U.S. Constitution is identical to the type the riflemen who defended the United States of America against the occupation of British troops serving a similar general warrant.

That led to the “shot heard round the world” fired in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1775.

We had originally planned to air this feature on Texas Biker Radio News, but due to scheduling conflicts, we are going to attempt to produce the event through RadioLegendary on Blog Talk Radio at 7:30 pm on Sunday, June 10. Look for ads in Facebook for further instructions.

That venerable Chinese curse has us all by the ying yang, it seems. We are indeed living in interesting times.

So mote it be.

  • Legendary

Gordon Harriman, whose family business  is Crawford Austin 




‘Nothing Has Changed’

The appeals process for massive increase in appraisals, explained

FRANKLIN AVE., FROM N. 38TH ST. TO 29TH (click image for full size)

HUACO – Owners of commercial and residential property in this city are facing across-the-board increases in assessed valuation declared by appraisers who offer no clear evidence to support their claims.

The implications are clear.

Taxing entities have mandated a new and onerous cost of doing business and cost of living for householders in support of a militarized civil police force that is heavily engaged in militant political enforcement.

Through a clever set of interlocking directorates of taxing entities and their representation by board members of industrial corporations on the McLennan Appraisal District, the local council of governments in cooperation with state and national governments operate under a nexus of control unparalleled in any previous period of history.

Various fusion centers linked by satellite communications provide up to the minute artificial intelligence and video access to any area in which they intend to focus a massive strike force of police wielding weapons of war and the tactics long employed by elements of the national security apparatus in overseas operations.

A test operation that took place on May 17, 2015 at Twin Peaks Restaurant involving multiple law enforcement agencies and paramilitary elements made up of underworld characters participated in a hostile raid on a political meeting of the Confederation of Clubs, a coalition of politically active motorcycle enthusiasts. They gathered to hear updates on motorcycle profiling and the status of $17 million raised in special use fees attached to motorcycle registration fees. The Texas Department of Public Safety had refused to release those funds for their designated purpose, motorcycle safety awareness and training. The DPS coordinated the operation at Twin Peaks.

The city dads found themselves in a heap of trouble. Money trouble.

Their police served a general warrant on a group of political activists. We The People fought a revolution over that – more than once.

At the time, the Joint Special Operations Command of the U.S. Army was conducting an artificial intelligence system through its fusion centers on the southern tier of states bordering Mexico. The manufacturer, defense contractor Raytheon, calls it Jade 2.

Hence, the military named their operation JADE HELM 15.

When the smoke cleared, 9 men were dead, 20 wounded, and 177 arrested, a number that eventually totaled more than 190.

All were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, with the stipulation that their alleged acts contributed to capital murder and aggravated assault.

The charging instrument sworn by a Waco Police detective who later admitted under oath he had no personal knowledge of the allegations was drafted by the District Attorney and two members of his prosecution staff.

There was no specificity in the allegations of complaint. The only requirement to prepare the charge in any particularity was fill in the blank with a defendant’s name.

Bail of $1 million compelled very strict bond conditions once the courts provided reduction of the absurd figure initially set, in the words of the Magistrate, to “send a  message.”

A very small number of cases remain active under superseding indictments for a much less serious offense – rioting.

The rest of the indictments have been dismissed, some with prejudice, and in most cases with an admission that there is a diminished degree of probable cause in relations to others.

Taxpayers are facing massive liability for potential judgments in federal civil rights suits that could amount to multibillions of dollars in settlement.

Increased assessments on properties are estimated to factor 12 percent on residential properties, and 17 percent on commercial parcels.

There is an appeals process.

We turned to a property management professional who is presently involved in administrative remedy of his predicament.

A family business which  owns or controls about 1,000 parcels in cities scattered across the face of McLennan County, Crawford Austin is headquartered in it flagship shopping strip mall at 2910 Franklin Ave., one of a pair of two traffic arteries that bisect Waco north an south along the path of U.S. 84.

Is there a remedy? The answer is yes. The school boards, city councils, Commissioners’ Court, community college district – all are responsible for the selection and appointment of members of the McLennan Central Appraisal District board of directors.

The vast majority of those positions are held by industrial directors of corporations located in the jurisdiction area of the appraisal district. In most cases, the nominees of each taxing entity have not changed in many years. It is an unelected power base dominated by industrial influence.

To change that, voters could only change the elected officials in charge of those nominations. Innovators who have advocated a shakeup have met with extreme resistance from their colleagues.

How do professional appraisers hold that commercial properties are worth an average of 17 percent more?

Our man grins ruefully, shrugs and turns his hands palms up under arched brows.

“Nothing has changed.”

Gordon Harriman learned the McLennan Appraisal District’s servers are jammed with data sent in commercial property owners’ appeals