Sheriff Fuels, Cost-Plus = Double – Both Bids Apply


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Hillsboro – County Judge Justin Lewis says 42% of the entire County budget is devoted to the Jail -debt service, staffing, care and feeding – the works.

When the public learned that the Texas Commission on Jail Standards had rated the operation substandard in a report generated after two inmates serving as trusties walked through a hole in the fence, a fuels merchant named Chad Gray reacted in public comments on a Facebook page, Hill County Breaking News.

He appeared recently in a Commissioners’ Court meeting to say that he suspects Sheriff Rodney Watson has retaliated against his criticism by forbidding his Officers to fuel their vehicles at a card lock filling station he operates.

Gray learned that the new way is to use a similar system at stations elsewhere provided by a competitor whose cost plus contracts provide for a provide for a profit margin that is 50 percent higher in some cases and as much as 100 percent in others.

As it develops, both systems are approved by the county’s bidding process, something Gray represented to the court is considered illegal, in the opinion of certain learned attorneys he has consulted.

For some reason, the video recording of these meetings is done by Hill County Emergency Management. Their logo is assigned by the Department of Homeland Security – FEMA. They are part of the National Security apparatus of this nation, the United States of America.

As a result, you cannot hear what Judge Lewis is saying, though it is possible to hear the person making a “presentation.”

That would be Mr. Gray, who was so corrected by the Sheriff and Judge Lewis for his outburst about the jail failure in the Texas Commission on Jail Standards report previously reported in these columns and elsewhere.

Naturally, anything any of We The People say can and will be used against us in a Court of Law. Federal agents’ remarks need not be truthful, but if a citizen utters a falsehood in their dealings with federal officials, that is a felony offense.

I put it to you, dear hearts. Is the Constitutional Court of the County of Hill, State of Texas, not a court of law? That’s why it’s called Commissioners’ Court.

We shall return.

So mote it be.

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