Police Documents Of Bogus Murder Charge


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Point Blank, Texas – A bevy of documents obtained through order of the Attorney General has prompted a serious legal challenge to murder indictments against three men arrested at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015.

AP Staff Writer Emily Schmall has covered Twin Peaks extensively

In an Associated Press article reprinted in a news magazine, Staff Writer Emily Schmall details the facts of just how shaky McLennan DA Abel Reyna’s case against these individuals really is.

The documents were obtained by Steven C. Watson, the publisher of the Sentinelalert.org news blog.

This is his summary of the material:



In an article linked to the headline above, much is attributed to the Associated Press reporter, Emily Schmall who has been writing about the Waco Twin Peaks case as long as The Sentinel Alert has, May 18, 2015.  The quote below is from the story:

“Prosecutors have charged Walker in the death of Richard Kirschner, a Cossack. But police records previously reviewed by the AP show a Waco SWAT officer, Michael Bucher, shot Kirschner twice with his rifle. An autopsy report says there were three gunshot wounds. Walker’s pistol was later recovered from a pile of weapons police reports and dashcam footage shows were tossed into the back of Bucher’s vehicle by officers. The ATF wasn’t able to positively identify any fingerprints on Walker’s pistol.” – Ms. Schmall’s lead 

     Richard ‘Bear’ Kirschner died from the sniper shot to his right thigh, period.  The left knee wound, as any can see on video, made a two inch round blood spot on his pants while the right thigh wound had drenched his entire pants leg and the ground underneath Bear within one minute of him being shot by the sniper.  What Emily Schmall is not mentioning in her article is that she has conversed with The Sentinel a few times and reviewed our evidentiary spread sheet that we provided to her to help clarify the forensic numbering system so you can make sense of the reports.  We proved their were snipers but no one wants to use that term when discusing the biker deaths EXCEPT The Sentinel.

MAY 15/2018


   Charges of murder have been leveled against a Bandido biker who was involved in the rioting at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas on May 17th, 2015.  The victim was Big ‘Bear’ Kirschner who was a Cossak biker and a Dart afficinado from the Dallas area.  The video shows Bear and two Bandido bikers fighting in the parking lot after shots rang out and bikers began dying.  Bear can be seen in the video backing the two up striking them with some hand held weapon until he is shot through the left buttock and right thigh by LEO sniper fire from the roof of the Don Carlos.  Bear can be seen hobbling to the base of the Twin Peaks sign where he laid and bled extensively from those wounds until he was moved to the hospital where he later died. 

    The spreadsheet above was compiled based on the autopsy report and photos and the forensics ballistic report that is part of the evidence discovery package.   The light brown color code shows all the shots fired by one of the Waco PD LEO sniper rifles.  It shows that the fatal wounds were inflicted by the sniper, not the Bandido.   The top line of entry shows that the .38 caliber pistol round the Bandido is accused of firing was removed from the left knee wound.  The autopsy report only notes muscle and bone damage from the knee wound.  The video show plaily that the massive bleeding was caused by the buttock and right thigh wound inflicted by the Waco PD sniper.  The manner of death was ruled Homocide.

     Though involved in the intelligence gathering before the event and called in for backup after the incident, none of the DPS Troopers were involved in the shooting.  All the snipers were Waco PD officers.  

    The corrupt DA Able Reyna quietly had the Grand Jury exonerate the officers who fired from sniper positions while totally denying they were deployed as snipers or fired before calls for help came in.   According to the AP reporters narrative, she was told by Waco PD that the bikers pistol round killed Big Bear.  That is just another lie formented by the Waco PD and lame duck Able Reyna. 

And the floggings will continue until morale improves.

So mote it be.

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2 thoughts on “Police Documents Of Bogus Murder Charge”

  1. MS. SCHMALL WROTE: Thanks for sharing this. I have been in touch with The Sentinel, but have yet to see evidence that there were snipers. Best, Emily
    Also, I don’t know where this came from: “According to the AP reporters narrative, she was told by Waco PD that the bikers pistol round killed Big Bear.”
    I have neither reported that nor did Waco PD tell me that. Odd.

  2. Actually the may 10th AP report states that Bear was shot in the buttocks by a pistol. It references the autopsy report as a source. That is a clear misreading or misremembering of the autopsy report. It has Emily byline. So there is an inference by Emily that a bikers pistol round killed Richard.

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