Blogger Proves Snipers Killed 4 At Twin Peaks

Point Blank, Texas – Three defendants recently indicted for murder may not be responsible, according to evidence released by the state.

Documents released by the Office of the Attorney General paint a picture of police snipers who lay in wait of an anticipated fight between bikers, concealed on a rooftop. Publisher Steven C. Watson recently published news of documents that confirm four Cossacks killed at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, fell to sniper’s bullets fired by two Waco officers wielding rifles with suppressors issued by the department.

Watson stops short of naming the shooters, but declared that documents ordered released by the Office of Attorney General prove that the rifles were fitted with suppressors and that they were fired from the roof of the adjacent Don Carlos restaurant, located across the parking lot from where guns fired and fists flew as Bandidos MC members arrived at the restaurant.

Video of the event reveals that armed Cossacks were waiting and instantly confronted the Bandidos.

According to the article published on May 9, “The narrative long posted on the Waco public website denies that they had any snipers deployed but evidence documents obtained by The Sentinel prove there were at least two snipers firing from the roof of the Don Carlos that killed four of the Cossack Bikers. That same evidence also proves the Cossack shot by the Waco PD Snipers fired within seconds of the first punch thrown dropping Boyett instantly while he stood next to his son, Cody Ledbetter.”

Testimony of a Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences technician during the trial of Dallas Bandidos President Jake Carrizal proved that the rifles of three Waco Police Officers tested were the weapons used to kill the bikers.

Watson claims in his article that “All the charges were dropped on Cody Ledbetter within weeks of The Sentinel publishing the proof that there were snipers and that Boyett was shot almost instantly by a sniper.”

“None of the stories that we have read pertaining to the recent indictments mention snipers or that 4 were killed by LEO’s,” the article concludes.

A controversial newsman, Watson recently surrendered computers and hard drives in a search of his home that a warrant connected to a story accusing the local district attorney with corruption.

A Funny Thing Happened…

“Dozer” Cochran (C) flanked by Mel Robins (L) and Butch Moss (R) 

Austin – A funny thing happened to Abel Reyna, the elected Criminal District Attorney of McLennan County, as he made his way to earning a state retirement in a  third term re-election bid in the midterm year of 2018.

That’s the day in January, 2017, when a group of grizzled veteran bikers, the people who put him in office in the year of the Tea Party, 2010, got together following a session of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents for drinks in the bar at an Austin hotel and decided he had to go. A third term would mean he’d earned a place on the roster of state pensionaries.


They, the delegates to the Legislative Strike Force, the U.S. Defenders of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents, would make sure his double-dealing, underhanded ways toward the biker community were repaid – with interest – because they are armed with the facts, and they weren’t having it.

Who would take his place?

Someone qualified would step forward.

How would it be done?

They would find a way; they always had done so before.

So, this is the story “Breitbart,” the on-line force in conservative politics turned down shortly after the double-cross, the ambush at Twin Peaks Restaurant by elements of the Cossacks MC and the DPS directing the Waco Police on May 17, 2015.

A member of the “Breitbart” editorial staff had told them, in no uncertain terms, that the publication could not afford to go after the story, no matter how revealing it may be, if they wanted to keep their advertisers happy.

But the proof and the documentation of just exactly what happened – the interior politics, the true motives of the gun-wielding psychos who turned a political meeting into a bloodbath – is stronger today, three years later, than it was then.

That’s why Steven “Dozer” Cochran, at one time the commander of the Legislative Strike Force and a Waco native with experience on two wheels on both the left and right coasts, as well as the flyover country in between, came forward on Saturday afternoon and gave The Legendary his story about what he saw and heard on that fateful day, and what he knows to be the truth.

“It’s all about the money,” said Dozer. “Twin Peaks was to  put the bikers in their place.

“The whole thing was to get Jeff Pike and John Portillo.” They are the former Bandidos, U.S.A., President and Vice President who are currently on trial for RICO violations of murder, extortion, drug dealing, and other predicate offenses in racketeering that constitute an alleged ongoing criminal enterprise.

“They turned the National Sergeant at Arms.” He is Justin Forster, who testified against the two in U.S. District Court at San Antonio.

“They caught him selling dope and they turned him.”

But in the months leading up to the watershed election of 2010, a black woman who is legally blind wearing her glasses or without them failed to yield the right of way to a man on a Harley and it cost him his life.

A repeat offender, she had been fined repeatedly, and incumbent Criminal District Attorney John Segrest, a Democrat, and his staff intended to let her get by with a sentence of deferred adjudication.

If she wasn’t convicted within a 10-year period, her record of vehicular homicide would have been expunged.

Dozer and his friends showed up at the McLennan County Courthouse to see just how things would go, and ran into a stone wall of uniformed Sheriff’s Officers who tried to deny them access to the 19th Criminal District Courtroom.

Through diplomacy and calm demeanor, they gained access to the trial, and that prompted a member of the defendant’s family to claim racism. At that point, Dozer recalled, Judge Ralph T. Strother ejected her, saying she was not welcome, to be gone or go to jail.

At that point, every biker registered to vote went for Abel Reyna, the Republican candidate for Segrest’s job. He won handily.

If Reyna forgot all that, Dozer Cochran has not. He’s been off the biker scene for three years because, frankly, “I don’t want to get killed. Don’t want to get shot. My family means more to me than anything else.”

Yeah, it’s that strong.

Naturally, like most events, Twin Peaks was no harbinger of completely bad news. Like most government stuff granted We The People, change is extremely slow to come, but there have been some, and they are extremely beneficial.

According to Dozer, the $18 million in the Motorcycle Safety Fund established in 2009 through the influence of the biker lobby has now been transferred to the Department of Transportation (TXDOT), which is empowered to make grants for motorcycle safety training, and for innovations in highway construction.

The fund is designated, and had not been released for any of its intended purposes. The Director of the DPS had spent some part of it from his general fund for the purchase of speed boats and machine guns to be used to patrol the Rio Grande for drug and human traffickers in defense of the U.S. Border.

Since that is a function of the U.S. Government, one of its enumerated powers, that practice was discontinued with the transfer of power to the DOT.

But there are other changes, and one of them is simply amazing.

For example, a gritty by-product of aluminum smelting which was previously thrown out as useless is now added to the tar in mixtures of asphalt compound. It is used in the pavement of the lead-in turns off of highways and onto adjoining lanes that run out into the flow of traffic.

It provides excellent traction for the small footprint of motorcycle tires on wet surfaces, and has so far been proven a successful safety agent for trucks, cars, and two-wheeled vehicles alike.

But the original question put to Dozer Cochran was this:

Is it true that he and his buddies in the gray-beard biker movement that looks after legislative functions had to fight some cop clubs in the Waco area? This is his reply:

Sorry bout not getting back to you sooner. I am in the process of moving and lost my phone for a couple days. Left it on the counter at the other house. I don’t know about a cop club thing recently. The only per se cop clubs in town  are the blue knights, the iron pigs, and the iron (arian) Circle. ( ) Are my addition. They were Iron Order but split off from them. They are the same kind of assholes, though. Of course, the Boozefighters and the Cossacks have law enforcement in their ranks. But I am not aware of any recent skirmishes. On a different note Re: indicting, what, 29 out of almost 200, but instead of murder they gonna try to get a felony rioting conviction? They fucked up 200 people’s lives for that. It’s like a fucked up outer limits plot just so they could get some dirt on Portillo and Pike for that useless US Attorney Luger. Ole Barney Fife (swanton) and company blabbering about how the horrible Bandido president in abeline stabbed 3 innocent Cossacks. Oh well he was found not guilty by reason of self defense because they were literally beating him to death when he finally got to the hidden knife in his boot and saved himself from getting killed. Oh well no story there just move on folks, there’s nothing to see here….then all this bullshit about the Texas rocker…. Oops Jeff Pike testified that they were given permission to wear it…. Hmmmm how could that be? All these bullshit scenarios they have pranced out to the koolaide drinking media for regurgitation on the masses to cover the fact that they were partnered up with the  east Texas Waterhead meth dealing, Local car theft ring, trailer burning and child murdering, Cocaine importing, friends of the DA who dropped all the charges so he could steal himself a free kilo of blow out of the local police property room and to disguise their relationship with the white supremacist Arian Circle who were masquerading as a friendly little ole motorcycle club (cocksacks) trying to fend off those nasty ole Bandidos.

You know the ones that have been around all this time and the last incident with them was what 20 years ago when that bandit shot that idiot at that bar on LaSalle for kicking his bike over… Of course there is way more to that story as well. For a criminal Enterprise that is pathetically anemic don’t you think? The truth is the cocksacks division of the arian circle had an issue with the Bandidos because they are 50 percent filthy Mexicans and allow retired police detective niggers in their ranks. Were on a mission to fix that problem… By God, by supplying that dirty coconut DA with cocaine so he would allow them to continue masquerading as a motorcycle club instead of outing them as the white supremist group they are and watching from the second floor window as they hung and burned the bandidos on the court house steps ( you know kind of like his grand daddy the Waco police chief did in the early 1900’s). That would explain his eerie absence when the shit started at Twin Peaks. Hell I got accosted by a fish and game officer in the neighboring parking who was sporting flip flops, shorts, and a Hawaiian shirt. Appearsntly qawinkidinkly shopping at Cabela’s when the shit went down…. Thank God he had his badge in his back pocket and a gun strapped up under that Hawaiian shirt… Prepared for anything like a good boyscout… So the game warden is qawinkidinkly there while the only person on Earth with the authority to stop the madness planned for Twin Peaks was qawinkidinkly watching them burn that nigga from the second story window. Of coarse immediately following the Melee he rides in with his white hat to save the day like a good ole Baylor alumni in old six shooter junction. So they trot out Lee Harvey Swanton ( the patsie ) to recite his well memorised misdirection supplied by that super motorcycle gang expert extraordinary Steve Cook, going on and on like the fucking idiot he is while the spokesman for the DPS (you know, the STATE POLICE) led by that other Motorcycle gang expert extraordinary Lt. Shwartz with a tip from the Blue Spiders (snicker, snicker) as he impuned himself while testifying in the discovery hearing and being in charge at the scene armed with his pole camera and undercover officers inside the Twin Peaks (remember in the frost report he had a meeting with the owners who said they were going to hire three security people for the event which he conveniently supplied. They were there undercover, one wearing his Cocksack cut, (ole red boots) and his partner 6 foot 6 300 lbs dude with red and gold wallet whip and support the fat Mexican tee shirt photographed minutes after the trigger happy Waco police who assigned their most trigger happy bafoones (don’t forget the black guy who conveniently struggled to survive which made it look like resistance while six police officers tased him at a gas station and he died from the heart attack brought on by that high level of electrocution, or the honeybun bandit who made them kill the motorist they plowed into chasing that “sorry mutha fucka” for fleeing and all over a 2 dollar honeybun… Then “showing that mutha fucka” by shooting him to death in the back ” we’ll teach these peasants what you get when you steal a fucking honeybun .. by God. And another lesson for the peasants and all manner of would be brisket stealers..  penalty.. shot between the eyes for thieving a hunk of meat so he could trade for some crack to put in his glass dick (pipe) and let all the peasants know the penalty for suffering mentally and threatening to shoot yourself and not having the guts to pull the trigger yourself. we’ll see we are here to assist and do it for you on the sidewalk in front of your apartment.

All the while the man on the scene in charge what wrote the report and misspelled every word over one syllable while using third grade Grammer like he used in his over 3000 hours of classroom training and having a double doctorate in masternegotiating. They should all have double doctorates, by God look at the efficiency. He negotiated killing the man because he didn’t have the balls to do it himself in less than one minute and without speaking a word. That will show the infidel peasants what happens if you don’t comply with our screamed instructions; in less than two seconds we will kill your uncooperative ass. So in any event It Shwartz makes sure the douche bags of WPD are there so they run amock and kill everyone at the scene they can as I observed them doing from the parking lot entrance and directly behind them. Funny how none of that gunfire aimed at them by those dirty clutch monkies Able was going to bury under the prison according to his post on his Facebook page. Miracles happen, those fucking clutch monkies were such bad shots they couldn’t hit my truck which was directly behind them if they missed but when shooting one of the bikers could shoot out a guys femoral artery while he is running around swinging a big six foot chain at a member of that dastardly criminal organization the bandidos.. I wonder why the guy shooting on the film that Jessie Rodriguez clothes lines, who then gets pinned to the ground by that 135 lb heathen gang member according to officer Fife, but was actually an honored Marine hero who put his life on the line to stop that asshole from shooting people. When he was kicked in the head and shot between the eyes by that wonderful and calm gentle giant and responsible loving husband and father. – Dozer, 5/12/18

Dozer watched the events has described from his position at the entrance to the Central Texas Market Place near Best Products, where he parked his pickup behind two officers armed with patrol rifles.

He was delivering the sound system that Paul Landers intended to use in order to discuss the events surrounding the motorcycle safety fund and other legislative priorities of the Legislative Strike Force and U.S. Defenders – the speech Landers never got a chance to make. Landers is still facing a rioting charge among the 25 persons indicted in superseding charges that replaced the original indictment for engaging in organized criminal activity.

He volunteered that Escondido Paul Landers, the Texas Representative to the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, is his mentor, a “role model” for his affairs as a motorcycle enthusiast.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary


Info = Power; Power Is Cubed In The Darkness


In visiting with other counties having approximately the same miles of roads to maintain, I found it interesting to compare the efficiency of the unit road system versus the precinct system both in cost per mile to maintain and the number of employees to do so; the unit system was substantially lower. – Wayne Everett, Uvalde County Road Dept. Administrator, “County Progress,” May, 2018

Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas – The darkness of night, the ignorance of truth gives size and shape to power, while it conceals the faces of the powerful, distorts reality, warps perception of just how to get things done. 

In a rural society devoted to the study of the past – the area’s only museum is devoted to the Civil War – the activists chose to make a bold new move in the general election of November 6, 2012.

In a plurality of 61 percent to less than 40, the voters rejected the “ex officio” system of each Hill County Commissioner serving as his own road supervisor, and adopted the system sixty-four Texas counties out of 254 use, that of a consolidated road department overseen by a professional civil engineer.

This post includes the responsibilities of budgeting maintenance and improvement of the roads, pools all resources including equipment under one roof, and supervises all employees in one cohesive department.

The innovation lasted less than one biennial – doomed to failure by the intransigence of the five elected officials in charge of the Commissioners’ Court – the County Judge and each of four precinct Road Commissioners.

So much for one man – one vote. Who knows? Maybe it’s time to take a look at that old 3/5 of those in involuntary servitude, excluding the Indians not counted…You know, the one they fought that Civil War all about? Yeah. There’s a rumor going around. 

In fact, the pesky concept required adding a dash of confusion to the mix, just to keep everyone on their toes: Behold, this is what it looks like when you outsource the crunching of such massive numbers to a vendor of the kind of voting technology it takes to ride herd on way less than ten thousand ducats, iotas and simolians.  

Long before the election of 2014 rolled around, the engineer had resigned in frustration and was replaced by another political place holder.

The naysayers said the change in concept was for no other reason than a power grab.

And though the amount spent on information management by a staff of two technologists on call 24/7 has increased by 104 percent in only a short time, there is little information to support the fervent argument that the old ways of maintaining the roads are the best; in fact, there is little or no hard evidence presented that it’s true.


And so when we ran across the guidance of those who evaluate all this throughout the Lone Star State – and have made it a matter of state law – we found out that no one contacted seems to know just how that is done.

Like, who files the reports? Where are they stored? How does one get access to them? Who knows?

According to experts, the key talking point, the king pin concept, is information in the form of reports each “ex officio” road administrator – read County Commissioner – is required to file in the ninth month of each year, prescribed by a subsection of the State Transportation Code.

As one may see, the information contained in the reports is very detailed, and at a glance would tell any taxpayer, any rural resident relying on county roads to get to market, school, work – just anywhere, anywhere at all, just how much energy and time their elected official devoted to keeping the drainage, surfacing, culverts, and traction of the thoroughfares in shape to do something other than wear out tires and break axles and springs.

Check out the “new” requirement, number seven.

There is even a supplemental report required each ninth month of the calendar year detailing the “county energy reinvestment zones” where county roads have been widened to their maximum easement and modified as haul roads for the massive rigs that bring in directional drilling rigs, workover derricks, strings of pipe, loads of mud, the rigs used to sink injection wells, the earth moving equipment it takes to build the slurry pits and settlement ponds for fracturing techniques.

“Reinvestment” – hey, such a deal. You can hear them groaning in the board rooms up and down King’s Row, already. After all, it was such a big deal that Dub-yah and Cheney went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to keep the “energy plan” as secret as possible.

Fracking was a proprietary technique of Halliburton – or so they preached to we in the nickel seats.

Could be, some are more equal than others. Who knows?

No one.

The County Judge is out of town, but will be calling in  come tomorrow morning. Maybe he will know where those reports are filed.

Similarly, the County Clerk is also out of town, at a conference or seminar – or something or the other.

That handles the Constitutional Officers, but what about their staff?

No information! Wait awhile!

Therefore, we of The Legendary propose to learn the e-mail address of the Custodian of Record in order to make an electronic request for those reports, to be furnished in electronic format in order to lessen the amount of research and trouble for the staff.

So, we know who is holding down the Chain Saw post these days. Next stop: Just who is playing the role of Horse Collar?

Stand by to stand by.

The floggings will continue until morale improves.

And, hey, that ulterior motive, the hidden agenda of the people who knocked on doors, registered voters, got them to the polls, reminded them of absentee and voting by mail?

They wanted some funding for a humane animal shelter that does something besides euthanize pets people drop off out in the country when they need to move along without Fido or that extra litter of kitties.

Meanwhile, the County Judge gets an extra $25,000 per year for hearing cases he doesn’t hear because the County Court-At-Law handles them, and got slapped down when he asked for another $20,000 in annual salary to top it off.

He even threatened to file suit for defamation of his character, high and mighty elected official that he is.

What a guy!

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary


Cossack’s Attorney Shows Hand In ‘Double Down’ Indictment

Dallas – Cossack Richard Luther was one of the first defendants to come forward and describe his experience at the Twin Peaks massacre.

He told an interviewer that as he approached the building on May 17, 2015, he realized, “We’re being flanked.”

Cops, bikers, all formed an L-shaped field of fire he recognized from personal experience, said Luther.

Now that he’s been re-indicted by a Grand Jury in a superseding charge of tampering with physical evidence, he and his attorney are disputing the evidence.

According to F. Clinton Broden, the video evidence clearly shows the police planted the evidence that is mentioned in the indictment.

Minutes after the Grand Jury acted on Wednesday, May 9, following the dismissal of an additional 62 cases on Tuesday, Mr. Broden issued this statement on behalf of his client:

 One would have thought that  repudiation of Abel Reyna in the March primary would have resonated with Reyna and his assistants.  Instead, Reyna appears intent on being the last player at the blackjack table at 3:00 in the morning who keeps doubling down until he is out of chips.

It is particularly ironic that Reyna has now sought an indictment against Mr. Luther for tampering with physical evidence, because the defense possess actual video evidence of law enforcement officials planting evidence on Mr. Luther at the time of his arrest.  The District Attorney’s Office is in possession of that same evidence.  Indeed, today’s indictment is as specious as the original indictment.

It is fortunate that Reyna’s reign will soon be over and a modicum of justice restored to McLennan County.  We are hopeful that, when the new District Attorney takes office and no matter who that person may be, he will quickly clean house of any person in the office that has been connected with this shameful saga.

In fact, Luther mentions his finding some evidence in the spot where police directed him to sit with fellow accused following the massive shooting by snipers that killed 9 bikers, wounded twenty, and resulted in the arrest of 177 for engaging in organized criminal activity.

This extended and in-depth interview is a very accurate snapshot of just what did occur at about 12:30 pm on the fateful day of the Twin Peaks massacre as bikers from DFW and Austin converged in Waco for a joint regional meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents crashed by a certain faction of the Cossacks – the “Waco guys” led by Owen Reeves of Bruceville-Eddy, who later declared himself a Nomad, then directed his chapter to sew on 1%’er diamonds, something the National Chapter of the Cossacks MC does not agree upon, according to the President, David “Zeke” Stone.

In the interview, Luther makes repeated references to a certain “Nomad” at the center of the aggression against Bandidos as they arrived and experienced an attack before they ever got off their scooters.

Quannell X Headed To Six Shooter Over 2015 Wal-Mart Police Beating Case

Houston – In a case that has lingered more than the requisite three years in the Waco court system, the wife of Victor Pool, a great nephew of the late Elijah Pool, leader of the Nation of Islam as the Prophet Elijah Muhammad, is in negotiations with Quannell X, a Fifth Ward activist from the “Sunnyside.”

“When I told him this is about a case from 2015 involving the beating of my daughter by a police officer, he said to come right on down and sign a contract with him,” said Melissa Pool, wife of Victor Pool.

The couple went to the Wal-Mart in Bellmead to see about a shoplifting case against their daughter on a frosty January night, and when they arrived at the loss prevention office, they could hear – but not see – the girl yelling in pain.

When the couple stepped into the office right off the entry vestibule, which is concealed by one-way mirrors, they found the child under attack by two police officers who were applying submission holds to her nose and nerve points under her jaw in a struggle for her telephone.

Ordinarily, the confrontation of a case of alleged minor theft by a juvenile  would have resulted in the officers issuing a summons for the parents and child to appear at juvenile court.

When the incident was finished, all three were arrested – the parents for interfering with an arrest, and the girl for minor theft and a psychiatric examination.

Those cases were cleared in County-Court-at-Law and the couple were released with credit for time served.

When Victor Pool failed to appear, an unaided warrant for his arrest appeared on police mobile data terminals, and a Department of Public Safety arrested him inter alia. When they reached the McLennan County Jail, Pool allegedly uttered a a terroristic threat toward the officer in the presence of witnesses who were booking him into the jail as an inmate.

According to Mrs. Pool, there is video of both the arrest and the booking process.

“Victor is a free man,” said Mrs. Pool, when reached for comment.

It was during an appearance in 19th Criminal District Court that Pool represented himself, and roused the ire of Judge Ralph T. Strother when members of the prosecution staff informed the judge of his ways in his self representation in County Court-At-Law.

Strother reportedly became aggravated when Pool repeatedly insisted on being informed of the identity of the complaining party, and would not accept the instruction that the People of the State of Texas have taken umbrage at his words directed at the Highway Patrolman who apprehended him. He allegedly made reference to the man’s responsibility for his actions, and the nature of the remark has been interpreted an aggravated case of what would ordinarily be prosecuted as a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by two years confinement and/or a $5,000 fine.

It is Pool’s demand that the State put the injured party on the witness stand, not just the alleged complainant, but the actual party who was in fact injured by his remarks.

The offense has been held to be aggravated, and is to be prosecuted as a third degree felony that upon conviction would require a sentence to a two-year stretch in State Felony Jail.

Pool reportedly regained his status as competent to stand trial following the courtroom hassle over self-representation and the relevance of his defense in a motion to quash the indictment.

He remains in County Jail under a $50,000 bond.

Mrs. Pool, who is white and insists that she and her husband are not affiliated with the Nation of Islam, a black separatist movement, declined to comment on the stipulations of the contract proffered by Quannell X.

“That’s what I’m going down there to find out,” she replied. “It looks like he’s headed this way.”

Quannel X is noted for his confrontations with police throughout the state and throughout Harris County and the Bay Area in the Bayou City.

Typically, members of the Nation of Islam reject their “slave name” and adopt the last name of “X” to indicate they have rejected the designation of their former name, that of the slave owner who possessed his forbears as chattel during a period of involuntary servitude prior to the Emancipation Proclamation of President Abraham and the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Pool has corrected his citizenship through an affidavit that holds that he is not an African-American, but a person who is of Moorish and Native American extraction. The document proclaims that there is no proof that his ancestors arrived in North America as slaves.

“In this system, you have to catch a case to dispose of a case,” said Mrs. Pool, as she prepared to depart for Houston and her meeting with Qannell X.

Officer Sellers of the Bellmead Police is no longer employed as a cop

Feds Bust 57 Aryans And Mexicans in Kidnapping, Meth Cases In Metroplex


“…must bust in early May, orders from the DA…” – Bob Dylan, “Subterranean Homesick Blues”

Dallas – Probably the single most gruesome and intriguing incident alleged in the sweeping federal indictment involves a double cross in a crank deal.

One of dozens of offenses detailed in the sweeping complaint, it involves a crew of Aryan prison gang types who sent their runner to deliver the go-fast to another of their number, a man named Justin Mark “Animal” Nelson.

The runner, known in the court papers only as “Victim A,” got beat for his stuff and came away without the money.

Naturally, when the  drug dealers confronted their would-be customer, Nelson, he told them the man obviously swung with the cash and the dope, according to the indictment.

That’s when Victim A became a hostage for a number of days in a brutal scene that included Nelson allegedly bashing him in the head with a piece of wood and culminated in the amputation of his left index finger with a blow from a hatchet.

In an anticlimactic conclusion to the theatrically cruel scenario, the feds mentioned only that Nelson eventually let Victim A go. No mention is made as to just how and when the federales made his acquaintance, and learned of the depredations which had befallen the lad.

All of the offenses alleged took place between the years 2015 and 2016.

Count 1 involves the kidnapping; Count 1, the conspiracy to possess with intent the distribute a controlled substance; Counts 3-50 individual allegations against individuals possession with intent do distribute; Counts 51-53, allegations of possession of firearm by a felon; County 54, additional allegation of conspiracy to possess nartics with intent to distribute a controlled substance; Count 55 possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

The indictments further state the Government’s intention to seize weapons, cash and anything else used to commit the alleged offenses.

Naturally, there is no mention of the RICO prosecution ongoing against the former President and Vice President of Bandidos, U.S.A., in the Western District of the U.S. District Court at San Antonio.

Further, there is nothing concrete to connect the fact that the indictment originally returned on March 6 and file-marked with superseding complaints on April 11, became public with the arrests a just the moment that the Government rested its case against the Bandidos’ Chieftains and the defense took over.

But it’s impossible to ignore that though the prosecutors in San Antonio have long and loudly proclaimed their case has nothing to do with the police ambush of a Cossacks crew on May 17, 2015, with deep connections to Aryan Brotherhood and Aryan Circle of Texas, as well as Dirty White Boys and various other Peckerwoods, the truth is, the beleaguered McLennan County DA Abel Reyna has so far dismissed only the cases against Cossacks and supporters, and none against members of the Red and Gold Nation.

His stated reason for delaying prosecution in 135 indictments stemming from the armed and brutal confrontation that left 9 dead, 20 wounded, and 177 arrested for engaging in organized criminal activity is that certain additional evidence will be released by federal authorities once the RICO case is concluded at San Antonio.

At this point, Tonto would say, “Umm, dat right, Kemosabe.”

Be it remembered that of all those cases, only one has been tried, that of Bandidos Dallas chapter President Jake Carrizal, which ended in a mistrial due to a hung jury.

That’s because somehow, at least three people, one of them a dude who said if it involves bikers and their clubs, the only way to go is guilty on any charge, and all of whom indicated they are fear for their lives because of retaliation, wound up on the jury, in spite of their protests.

Federally qualified “expert” witnesses testified for two weeks; a gang investigators’ association held a seminar at the local community college, heavily attended by the local constabulary that devotes its time to riding herd on “outlaw motorcycle gangs,” and somehow the ballistics evidence was ruled inadmissible due to hearsay by an ATF expert who was prepared to testify about who shot who – with what.

To add a cherry on top, out of 14 police rifles fired, only three were tested.

If were I cockney and not just a legend in me own mind, I’d say, “Pull the other one, mate; it’s got bells on it.”

To wrap it all up in a little green and gold basket, Considereth: Waco cops responded to reports by the Texas Department of Public Safety that the threat of violence was “very high,” and encouraged members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club to attend the Confederation of Clubs and Independents joint regional meeting to see if they could work out their differences with the Bandidos. That is supported in reports and the testimony of the cops.

Video reveals that about 80 of the black and gold crewmen showed up an hour early, took up every parking place and every place to sit in the area of the restaurant reserved for the meeting, and when the red and gold rode in, rat packed them like a big dawg before they had a chance to get off their scooters.


So mote it be.

  • The Legendary