Just An Ordinary Story About The Way Things Go

Hillsboro – Let’s put it this way, on a general no-name, no-knock warrant obtained instanter in the middle of a night-riding black mare.

My man is a soldier who toted a brace of pistols for the Provost Marshal while overseas in the service of his country, and did some of the same kind of work in a municipality when he returned home.

Somehow, he injured his spine and suffers from chronic pain, which is medicated with opioid preparations from the VA pharmacy. That relief is not always available. due to various well-known considerations and professional constraints.

And, so, he sought solace in the stinking fumes of the smoking yerba buena.

Somehow, the chaps from 911 became involved and he found himself imprisoned in the County Jail for a time that ended Sunday evening when his people bonded him out of the lockup and they adjourned to an out-of-town hospital where he reportedly passed blood in his urine. His body is covered with bruises.

He reportedly received no medical attention while at the jail, nor was he allowed to contact family, a lawyer, or anyone else. He was alone and suffering from what he thought were the effects of dusted grass – just flat-out tripping.

Naturally, he’s in fear for his life and will not even give his right name or age so the official record may be consulted.

– Silence Do-Good, as related to Constance Makepeace


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