Feds Bust 57 Aryans And Mexicans in Kidnapping, Meth Cases In Metroplex


“…must bust in early May, orders from the DA…” – Bob Dylan, “Subterranean Homesick Blues”

Dallas – Probably the single most gruesome and intriguing incident alleged in the sweeping federal indictment involves a double cross in a crank deal.

One of dozens of offenses detailed in the sweeping complaint, it involves a crew of Aryan prison gang types who sent their runner to deliver the go-fast to another of their number, a man named Justin Mark “Animal” Nelson.

The runner, known in the court papers only as “Victim A,” got beat for his stuff and came away without the money.

Naturally, when the  drug dealers confronted their would-be customer, Nelson, he told them the man obviously swung with the cash and the dope, according to the indictment.

That’s when Victim A became a hostage for a number of days in a brutal scene that included Nelson allegedly bashing him in the head with a piece of wood and culminated in the amputation of his left index finger with a blow from a hatchet.

In an anticlimactic conclusion to the theatrically cruel scenario, the feds mentioned only that Nelson eventually let Victim A go. No mention is made as to just how and when the federales made his acquaintance, and learned of the depredations which had befallen the lad.

All of the offenses alleged took place between the years 2015 and 2016.

Count 1 involves the kidnapping; Count 1, the conspiracy to possess with intent the distribute a controlled substance; Counts 3-50 individual allegations against individuals possession with intent do distribute; Counts 51-53, allegations of possession of firearm by a felon; County 54, additional allegation of conspiracy to possess nartics with intent to distribute a controlled substance; Count 55 possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

The indictments further state the Government’s intention to seize weapons, cash and anything else used to commit the alleged offenses.

Naturally, there is no mention of the RICO prosecution ongoing against the former President and Vice President of Bandidos, U.S.A., in the Western District of the U.S. District Court at San Antonio.

Further, there is nothing concrete to connect the fact that the indictment originally returned on March 6 and file-marked with superseding complaints on April 11, became public with the arrests a just the moment that the Government rested its case against the Bandidos’ Chieftains and the defense took over.

But it’s impossible to ignore that though the prosecutors in San Antonio have long and loudly proclaimed their case has nothing to do with the police ambush of a Cossacks crew on May 17, 2015, with deep connections to Aryan Brotherhood and Aryan Circle of Texas, as well as Dirty White Boys and various other Peckerwoods, the truth is, the beleaguered McLennan County DA Abel Reyna has so far dismissed only the cases against Cossacks and supporters, and none against members of the Red and Gold Nation.

His stated reason for delaying prosecution in 135 indictments stemming from the armed and brutal confrontation that left 9 dead, 20 wounded, and 177 arrested for engaging in organized criminal activity is that certain additional evidence will be released by federal authorities once the RICO case is concluded at San Antonio.

At this point, Tonto would say, “Umm, dat right, Kemosabe.”

Be it remembered that of all those cases, only one has been tried, that of Bandidos Dallas chapter President Jake Carrizal, which ended in a mistrial due to a hung jury.

That’s because somehow, at least three people, one of them a dude who said if it involves bikers and their clubs, the only way to go is guilty on any charge, and all of whom indicated they are fear for their lives because of retaliation, wound up on the jury, in spite of their protests.

Federally qualified “expert” witnesses testified for two weeks; a gang investigators’ association held a seminar at the local community college, heavily attended by the local constabulary that devotes its time to riding herd on “outlaw motorcycle gangs,” and somehow the ballistics evidence was ruled inadmissible due to hearsay by an ATF expert who was prepared to testify about who shot who – with what.

To add a cherry on top, out of 14 police rifles fired, only three were tested.

If were I cockney and not just a legend in me own mind, I’d say, “Pull the other one, mate; it’s got bells on it.”

To wrap it all up in a little green and gold basket, Considereth: Waco cops responded to reports by the Texas Department of Public Safety that the threat of violence was “very high,” and encouraged members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club to attend the Confederation of Clubs and Independents joint regional meeting to see if they could work out their differences with the Bandidos. That is supported in reports and the testimony of the cops.

Video reveals that about 80 of the black and gold crewmen showed up an hour early, took up every parking place and every place to sit in the area of the restaurant reserved for the meeting, and when the red and gold rode in, rat packed them like a big dawg before they had a chance to get off their scooters.


So mote it be.

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  1. You are very mistaken about no charges being dropped on R&G. There hasn’t been a lot but there are definitely a few.

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