Cossack’s Attorney Shows Hand In ‘Double Down’ Indictment

Dallas – Cossack Richard Luther was one of the first defendants to come forward and describe his experience at the Twin Peaks massacre.

He told an interviewer that as he approached the building on May 17, 2015, he realized, “We’re being flanked.”

Cops, bikers, all formed an L-shaped field of fire he recognized from personal experience, said Luther.

Now that he’s been re-indicted by a Grand Jury in a superseding charge of tampering with physical evidence, he and his attorney are disputing the evidence.

According to F. Clinton Broden, the video evidence clearly shows the police planted the evidence that is mentioned in the indictment.

Minutes after the Grand Jury acted on Wednesday, May 9, following the dismissal of an additional 62 cases on Tuesday, Mr. Broden issued this statement on behalf of his client:

 One would have thought that  repudiation of Abel Reyna in the March primary would have resonated with Reyna and his assistants.  Instead, Reyna appears intent on being the last player at the blackjack table at 3:00 in the morning who keeps doubling down until he is out of chips.

It is particularly ironic that Reyna has now sought an indictment against Mr. Luther for tampering with physical evidence, because the defense possess actual video evidence of law enforcement officials planting evidence on Mr. Luther at the time of his arrest.  The District Attorney’s Office is in possession of that same evidence.  Indeed, today’s indictment is as specious as the original indictment.

It is fortunate that Reyna’s reign will soon be over and a modicum of justice restored to McLennan County.  We are hopeful that, when the new District Attorney takes office and no matter who that person may be, he will quickly clean house of any person in the office that has been connected with this shameful saga.

In fact, Luther mentions his finding some evidence in the spot where police directed him to sit with fellow accused following the massive shooting by snipers that killed 9 bikers, wounded twenty, and resulted in the arrest of 177 for engaging in organized criminal activity.

This extended and in-depth interview is a very accurate snapshot of just what did occur at about 12:30 pm on the fateful day of the Twin Peaks massacre as bikers from DFW and Austin converged in Waco for a joint regional meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents crashed by a certain faction of the Cossacks – the “Waco guys” led by Owen Reeves of Bruceville-Eddy, who later declared himself a Nomad, then directed his chapter to sew on 1%’er diamonds, something the National Chapter of the Cossacks MC does not agree upon, according to the President, David “Zeke” Stone.

In the interview, Luther makes repeated references to a certain “Nomad” at the center of the aggression against Bandidos as they arrived and experienced an attack before they ever got off their scooters.

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