Blogger Proves Snipers Killed 4 At Twin Peaks

Point Blank, Texas – Three defendants recently indicted for murder may not be responsible, according to evidence released by the state.

Documents released by the Office of the Attorney General paint a picture of police snipers who lay in wait of an anticipated fight between bikers, concealed on a rooftop. Publisher Steven C. Watson recently published news of documents that confirm four Cossacks killed at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, fell to sniper’s bullets fired by two Waco officers wielding rifles with suppressors issued by the department.

Watson stops short of naming the shooters, but declared that documents ordered released by the Office of Attorney General prove that the rifles were fitted with suppressors and that they were fired from the roof of the adjacent Don Carlos restaurant, located across the parking lot from where guns fired and fists flew as Bandidos MC members arrived at the restaurant.

Video of the event reveals that armed Cossacks were waiting and instantly confronted the Bandidos.

According to the article published on May 9, “The narrative long posted on the Waco public website denies that they had any snipers deployed but evidence documents obtained by The Sentinel prove there were at least two snipers firing from the roof of the Don Carlos that killed four of the Cossack Bikers. That same evidence also proves the Cossack shot by the Waco PD Snipers fired within seconds of the first punch thrown dropping Boyett instantly while he stood next to his son, Cody Ledbetter.”

Testimony of a Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences technician during the trial of Dallas Bandidos President Jake Carrizal proved that the rifles of three Waco Police Officers tested were the weapons used to kill the bikers.

Watson claims in his article that “All the charges were dropped on Cody Ledbetter within weeks of The Sentinel publishing the proof that there were snipers and that Boyett was shot almost instantly by a sniper.”

“None of the stories that we have read pertaining to the recent indictments mention snipers or that 4 were killed by LEO’s,” the article concludes.

A controversial newsman, Watson recently surrendered computers and hard drives in a search of his home that a warrant connected to a story accusing the local district attorney with corruption.

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  1. So much incorrect info out there. Boyett was the last biker murdered by LEO. He was posted up between two bikes and was murdered after the two WacoPD entered the front of TP. It’s all on Bucher’s video. The first biker shot was Philip White.

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