Short, Sad Record of a Washed-Up, Sad Sack Cop

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement form explaining the end of a short career in law enforcement that started with a lot of promise. 

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Austin – The forms tell the story in a very reserved way, with little drama, and no emotional impact.

Records of the watchdog agency that certifies and commissions Texas Peace Officers tell the story of Wade Laurence’s career in the form language of laconic bureaucratese.

A graduate of Navarro Junior College’s Police Academy in 2007, Laurence went to work at Whitney in March of that year; after 16 months on the job there, he changed jobs as a Patrolman at the much smaller City of Covington, where he worked for 2 years, 11 months. Appointed Chief of the Department, he lasted in that position only 8 months when Texas Ranger Denny Briley, riding out of Stephenville, busted him for violation of Health and Safety Code Section 481.129, obtaining a prescription by fraud, a third degree felony.

Thus ended what could have been a promising career in the field of law enforcement.

Until the early 70’s, there was no comprehensive database of peace officers’ training, their qualifications or job history in the Lone Star State.

These are the numbers of peace officers, telephone operators, jailers trained and employed in Texas, and the training academies.

Not many cops’ careers end so ignominiously.

The latest figures for dismissal for cause as criminal defendants number very few in each category.

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Appointed Chief of the department


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