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Lauren Daugherty, JP Candidate for Judge Pete Peterson’s Seat

Six Shooter Junction – Young Ms. Daugherty sustained an injury at the Marine Corps Officers Training Depot, Quantico, Virginia, and with two Masters Degrees to her credit, her career as an officer and a gentlewoman sidetracked, she became involved in Libertarian Party politics.

One degree is in government, earned at Johns Hopkins University, the other, in national security, bestowed by “another university” she did not name.

She says she was “appalled” to learn that the Justice of the Peace in Precinct One, Place Two, The Honorable Pete Peterson, was the one who set bail of one million dollars on nearly two hundred people who were by and large guilty of having lunch at a restaurant on May 17, 2015 – Twin Peaks.

There is no way that is legal or constitutional, she declared in a brief interview. following the precinct convention she chaired on Tuesday.

The order of business marched down the page of her outline with the precision of a drill on a parade ground, and precisely on the stroke of one hour, she adjourned with delegates from each of 13 precincts to the County Convention, to be held on Saturday at the Colin Street Bakery in Bellmead.

It’s all about becoming the person and the politics she wants to be.

If the Republicans can’t field an opponent in the primary, the Democrats decline to do the job of the loyal opposition, then she will step forward to take the challenge.

Judge Peterson has to go.

Legal experience?

Let’s put it this way. First, the delegates certified their eligibility with picture ID and voter registration cards; next, they signed affidavits they had not committed a class C misdemeanor by voting in another party’s primary, then casting a ballot in the Libertarian convention; in a final order of business, she constructed the roster of delegates to the convention, and obtained commitment from those who attend to go to Houston on April 13-15 at the State Convention, to be held at the Hilton, Westchester.

The details are to be found on the party’s website – – including each convention and all the rules and fees to attend.

The politics? Try this on for size. David Reich, a delegate, said he went to the McLennan County Elections Office and paid $58 for the financial report on the campaign contributions Abel Reyna received, and the records of how he spent the money.

“You learn a lot from that kind of thing,” he said, bearishly. As to the records, “No one cares, as long as you lose. If you win, everybody cares!” All agreed heartily. Many remarked it was a shame it costs $58 to learn what taxpayers have previously paid to record the facts contained therein.

When the appointed hour to adjourn arrived, she declared the convention closed on the stroke of 8 p.m.

How’s that for organized?

How is 13 for an portentous number?

Does it fit the cut of your jib?

We will be hearing more from her. She needs the help of bikers from throughout the state to replace Pete Peterson, the man who signed away their rights under the U.S. and Texas Constitutions, acting as the magistrate in an insult to Liberty, as She Walked on May 17, 2015.

Watch these columns for more about this critical race.

All hail!

I have spoken.

I am sincere.

So mote it be.

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