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WACO – The bedrock, foundation stone, must do, can’t fail job when it comes to national security is to keep the kids alive and safe and well – no exceptions, says the young woman who is challenging Precinct 1, Place 2 Justice of the Peace Walter “Pete” Peterson.

If that’s not a national security issue, the most important one of all, then, well, you know…

Judge Peterson has an interesting judicial track record.

He has never once faced an opponent in an election.

The judicial delegation in the highly gerrymandered Constable and Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 were both appointed to their benches in 2014 at the expense of others who had won their elections.

Two precincts were eliminated. Judge Dianne Hensley in Place 1, Precinct 1 was appointed after Judge Kristi DeCluitt, a qualified practicing attorney, got passed over by the Commissioners Court in favor of Hensley.

Peterson accepted his appointment following the resignation of Judge Billy Martin, a former DEA agent. Neither he, nor Judge Hensley, are trained in the law.

The Libertarian candidate for the Place 2 slot is Lauren Daugherty, a young lady who has served that party as developmental director on a national level. Their credo:” The rights of everyone matter all the time – no exceptions.”

Now, what does that mean?

It means in part that if a DA or a police officer bring a Justice Court an affidavit of probable cause that does not tell with specific detail the reason for the request for arrest or warrant of search, the judge has no reason to sign the instrument.

That’s what Peterson did; then he set the bond on nearly 200 people at $1 million in order to “send a message.”

That’s not only not fair, it’s illegal.

With that bluff message, Ms. Daugherty, the mother of little ones, intends to beat the man at the ballot box, where the good old boy system only goes so far.

By the way, why do the Libertarians caucus and convention at the Colin Street Bakery on I-35, Bellmead. Because, says Ms. Daugherty, it’s not illegal to carry a weapon, holstered or concealed on the premises. Mad men, the prevalence of armed shooters, the frequency of shots fired – the likelihood of victimhood when and where arms are not allowed for self defense. If you take her meaning. How’s that for national security?


She is depicted above with Heather Cash, similarly the mommie of a tribe of little fellers, and they represent a small part of the National Security apparatus at its most basic level.

Of course, Daugherty is a Master of Science in the subject of National Security, a knotty and complicated subject since 9/11, what with the Patriot Act and its virtual elimination of the basic tenets of the rights of man – the writ of habeas corpus, the right to confront accusers and know the evidence to be used, the right to a speedy trial, reasonable bail, representation by counsel, a trial by jury of one’s peers.

Little things matter. Then there are cruel and unusual conditions of incarceration – such as – does one have a right to the medication prescribed by a doctor when locked up in a jail?

They don’t in McLennan County. The problem raises its ugly head any time one’s relatives are in jail. The system just can’t wrap its pointed little head around the issue. In the hour-long interview that follows, that and many other issues are under discussion.

Some people have not gotten their wedding bands back following their arrest on May 17, 2015, most have never seen their phones again – anyone with a motorcycle or car under the terms of finance lost their property forthwith, just because they were accused of the vague offense of “engaging in organized criminal activity.”

So far, nearly a quarter of third of those so indicted have been released from their charge, with the cute little provision that though probable cause still exists, they are released for the non whilst the system pursues charges against those who are more likely to be convicted.

Say what?

Yeah, that’s what it says here.

The truth is, the Justice of the Peace who signed all those affidavits of probable cause could have stopped the music, the dance that led to a huge mass of civil rights litigation in the federal court system by saying, now, wait a minute. This instrument is fatally flawed. I won’t sign it.

This lady has a lot to say about that.

Listen to the discussion. You need an hour and an open mind and the ability to ask, “What if?” It will take the ability to swallow some pride – false pride, the kind that makes a big lump in one’s throat when you see a courageous person stand up and defy tyranny.

This lady tried to be an officer in the Marine Corps. She didn’t make it, but she tried.

Let’s give her the respect she deserves. Hear this.

So mote it be.

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Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 – everything in orange – (click for size)


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