Popeye’s Call To Action


Butch “Popeye” Moss hurls invective at Reyna – for political action 

Arlington – Popeye Moss is adamant. He wants no state intervention funded by taxpayers to bail out Criminal District Attorney Abel Reyna or the officials of McLennan County in civil rights judgments.

Moss is President of Sons of LIberty Riders Motorcycle Club.

The DA is sued in more than 100 cases in U.S. District Court at Austin, both as a public official and individually. Knowledgeable sources have confirmed that the insurance carrier that handles errors and omissions indemnification for McLennan County does not cover individual claims filed against the DA. The coverage is for the County of McLennan and the City of Waco only.

He’s calling in his markers statewide from associates and elected state representatives who control the purse strings.

The message is a simple one. Do not fund with taxpayers’ money any bailout for a DA who ordered the arrests of hundreds of persons on an illegal warrant.

Said Moss in a prepared statement:

We will be using all our political connections statewide, contacting state representatives in an effort to block any type of bailouts by the taxpayers of Texas. McLennan County should own their mistakes. McLennan County should own their mistakes. Abel Reyna should take swift action and release the innocent, to lessen the financial burden of the taxpayers of McLennan County. We have thousands of members statewide with political connections. We will use them. And we want everybody to know it.

As a member of the Confederation of Clubs, the National Council of Motorcyclists’ Legislative Strike Force, U.S. Defenders, and a person of long experience in the halls of the Legislature, Popeye is ready to back his words with political action, calling on club members throughout the Lone Star State to prevent state-funded bailout for officials who violated the civil rights of persons who are no more guilty of a crime than he would have been had he attended the political meeting of the Confederation of Clubs Region 1 and Region 2 on May 17, 2015.

The release from prosecution of 13 indicted accused offenders yesterday, March 2, and an additional two dozen unindicted suspects who were arrested and charged, their bail set at $1 million to “send a message underscores his message.  An additional 13 were released previously when a similar hearing in which members of the DA’s staff were called to testify about their participation in a federal probe led by an FBI agent.

Their allegations are that the DA operated “two-tier” justice system in which he dismissed charges or allowed guilty  pleas for greatly reduced charges for campaign contributors, his association with gamblers who operate games of chance in commercial properties throughout his jurisdiction, and his misplacement of controlled substances seized in cases in which he dismissed the indictment “in the interest of justice.”

Popeye served as a Boatswain’s Mate and an Assault Coxswain in the U.S. Navy during the 1960’s, a period of history during which Reyna would definitely not been allowed to perform his antics on board any naval vessel, much less a man of war.

I have spoken.

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