2 thoughts on “From Behind Enemy Lines”

  1. When I first started martial arts many years ago, the first thing they taught you is to never underestimate your opponent.. If you do you may end up on your ass wondering what just happened. You attack with the same ferocity whether their 5ft. 6in. or 6ft. 5in… The fight in a man is not in his size but in his heart.. This is a lesson I learned many years ago and Abel Reyna is learning now.. As a side note when you have your opponent staggering and bloodied, ” finish him” …

  2. This individual attacked people with little regard for the truth. Then he lied about his motives and his methods under a sacred oath in a court of law – as a public official. That is a felony crime. I am an eye witness to that. I am not satisfied kicking the matter down the road another 11 months and trusting yet another lawyer to handle the problem. Where are the officials we the people pay to remedy these situations? Who are they? – I am sincere. I have spoken. So mote it be. – Legendary Jim

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