Cops Let Cossacks Fade Away In Toy Run Rumble

Wise County – There’s clear cut evidence available to show a pattern of behavior by motorcycle clubs who have targeted the Bandidos in a bid for dominance. 

What’s more, circumstances of record show that the police agencies involved, federal, state and local have exhibited a pattern of allowing Cossacks, Win”s Crew, and Ghost Riders to walk away form deadly and assaultive episodes without criminal charges.

A cache a hundreds of photos snapped at a December 10, 2014, toy run reveals the intelligence that nearly a hundred Cossacks converged to rumble the Red and Gold Nation.

According to an internet surfer who ran across the files while looking up some facts, “They went there to attack the Bandidos. The Cossacks were 60 deep. It’s literally the same line-up as the Waco shoot-out.” That person, fearing retaliation, requested anonymity, but said, “We need to publish this information before the next trial comes up.”

Some Cossacks came from as far as 400 miles away as elements of their chapters converged:

They didn’t have many toys on their sleds. Things didn’t work out according to plan. The Bandits were all at a funeral, and the Black and Gold settled for kicking and stomping a Red and Gold support club member of the Lost Riders as more than 1,000 bikers congregated in a downtown area.

Lost Riders wearing red and gold show the post stomping 1,000-yard stare of men who literally fought for their lives in the recent past few minutes. 

When police broke up the fight, according to Lt. Art Ferguson of the Wise County Sheriff’s Office, the officers allowed the antagonists to slip away into the crowd.

The cops made no arrests – just as the Waco Police were prepared to do at the Twin Peaks gunfight in May, 2015. After they had been classified and identified, red and gold members loaded onto city buses and headed for the Lacy-Lakeview cop shop north of town, and black and gold members were loading to be transported to Lorena, just beyond the southern outskirts of Waco.


The Cossacks weren’t alone. Elements of the Wino’s Crew and Ghost Riders Motorcycle Clubs were present.

Key participants included Wade and Megan Smith, who five days later on December 14 were involved in the gunfight between the Bandits and the Cossacks and Winos and Ghost Riders at the Gators’ Crowd Inn in Cowtown. One man died when those clubs opened fire on the Bandidos who had arrived for drinks. 

The Ft. Worth cops made no arrests at the scene, confiscated no weapons, conducted no gunshot residue tests, and have arrested only Bandits, the first trial of which resulted in a 40-year sentence for the Ft. Worth Chapter President Howard “Drifter” Baker.

They were joined by Owen and Yvonne Reeves of the Bruceville-Eddy Cossacks turned Nomads, who became 1%er’s once they exited the national Cossacks hierarchy following the debacle of May 17, 2015, at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco.

In both cases, the toy run and the Waco blood bath, the organized behavior of the assailants was the same.

They arrived a half-hour early, and during the registration time at Wise County, and prior to the arrival of the Red and Gold, they got in a position to attack.

In the Waco 155 indictments, most dismissals of cases have been for those affiliated with the black and gold. No red and gold cases have been dismissed.

Following a dismal trial of Dallas Bandidos Chapter President Jake Carrizal that ended in a hung jury, the elected Criminal District Attorney Abel Reyna has dropped more than 50 of the cases rather than face members of his own staff testifying as to their participation in a federal probe of his alleged legal violations and perjury in the Twin Peaks cases, drug arrests, and DWI prosecutions…

Abel Reyna, lame duck McLennan County District Atorney

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