Rights Matter All The Time


WACO – The bedrock, foundation stone, must do, can’t fail job when it comes to national security is to keep the kids alive and safe and well – no exceptions, says the young woman who is challenging Precinct 1, Place 2 Justice of the Peace Walter “Pete” Peterson.

If that’s not a national security issue, the most important one of all, then, well, you know…

Judge Peterson has an interesting judicial track record.

He has never once faced an opponent in an election.

The judicial delegation in the highly gerrymandered Constable and Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 were both appointed to their benches in 2014 at the expense of others who had won their elections.

Two precincts were eliminated. Judge Dianne Hensley in Place 1, Precinct 1 was appointed after Judge Kristi DeCluitt, a qualified practicing attorney, got passed over by the Commissioners Court in favor of Hensley.

Peterson accepted his appointment following the resignation of Judge Billy Martin, a former DEA agent. Neither he, nor Judge Hensley, are trained in the law.

The Libertarian candidate for the Place 2 slot is Lauren Daugherty, a young lady who has served that party as developmental director on a national level. Their credo:” The rights of everyone matter all the time – no exceptions.”

Now, what does that mean?

It means in part that if a DA or a police officer bring a Justice Court an affidavit of probable cause that does not tell with specific detail the reason for the request for arrest or warrant of search, the judge has no reason to sign the instrument.

That’s what Peterson did; then he set the bond on nearly 200 people at $1 million in order to “send a message.”

That’s not only not fair, it’s illegal.

With that bluff message, Ms. Daugherty, the mother of little ones, intends to beat the man at the ballot box, where the good old boy system only goes so far.

By the way, why do the Libertarians caucus and convention at the Colin Street Bakery on I-35, Bellmead. Because, says Ms. Daugherty, it’s not illegal to carry a weapon, holstered or concealed on the premises. Mad men, the prevalence of armed shooters, the frequency of shots fired – the likelihood of victimhood when and where arms are not allowed for self defense. If you take her meaning. How’s that for national security?


She is depicted above with Heather Cash, similarly the mommie of a tribe of little fellers, and they represent a small part of the National Security apparatus at its most basic level.

Of course, Daugherty is a Master of Science in the subject of National Security, a knotty and complicated subject since 9/11, what with the Patriot Act and its virtual elimination of the basic tenets of the rights of man – the writ of habeas corpus, the right to confront accusers and know the evidence to be used, the right to a speedy trial, reasonable bail, representation by counsel, a trial by jury of one’s peers.

Little things matter. Then there are cruel and unusual conditions of incarceration – such as – does one have a right to the medication prescribed by a doctor when locked up in a jail?

They don’t in McLennan County. The problem raises its ugly head any time one’s relatives are in jail. The system just can’t wrap its pointed little head around the issue. In the hour-long interview that follows, that and many other issues are under discussion.

Some people have not gotten their wedding bands back following their arrest on May 17, 2015, most have never seen their phones again – anyone with a motorcycle or car under the terms of finance lost their property forthwith, just because they were accused of the vague offense of “engaging in organized criminal activity.”

So far, nearly a quarter of third of those so indicted have been released from their charge, with the cute little provision that though probable cause still exists, they are released for the non whilst the system pursues charges against those who are more likely to be convicted.

Say what?

Yeah, that’s what it says here.

The truth is, the Justice of the Peace who signed all those affidavits of probable cause could have stopped the music, the dance that led to a huge mass of civil rights litigation in the federal court system by saying, now, wait a minute. This instrument is fatally flawed. I won’t sign it.

This lady has a lot to say about that.

Listen to the discussion. You need an hour and an open mind and the ability to ask, “What if?” It will take the ability to swallow some pride – false pride, the kind that makes a big lump in one’s throat when you see a courageous person stand up and defy tyranny.

This lady tried to be an officer in the Marine Corps. She didn’t make it, but she tried.

Let’s give her the respect she deserves. Hear this.

So mote it be.

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Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 – everything in orange – (click for size)


These People Get What It Is

Lauren Daugherty, JP Candidate for Judge Pete Peterson’s Seat

Six Shooter Junction – Young Ms. Daugherty sustained an injury at the Marine Corps Officers Training Depot, Quantico, Virginia, and with two Masters Degrees to her credit, her career as an officer and a gentlewoman sidetracked, she became involved in Libertarian Party politics.

One degree is in government, earned at Johns Hopkins University, the other, in national security, bestowed by “another university” she did not name.

She says she was “appalled” to learn that the Justice of the Peace in Precinct One, Place Two, The Honorable Pete Peterson, was the one who set bail of one million dollars on nearly two hundred people who were by and large guilty of having lunch at a restaurant on May 17, 2015 – Twin Peaks.

There is no way that is legal or constitutional, she declared in a brief interview. following the precinct convention she chaired on Tuesday.

The order of business marched down the page of her outline with the precision of a drill on a parade ground, and precisely on the stroke of one hour, she adjourned with delegates from each of 13 precincts to the County Convention, to be held on Saturday at the Colin Street Bakery in Bellmead.

It’s all about becoming the person and the politics she wants to be.

If the Republicans can’t field an opponent in the primary, the Democrats decline to do the job of the loyal opposition, then she will step forward to take the challenge.

Judge Peterson has to go.

Legal experience?

Let’s put it this way. First, the delegates certified their eligibility with picture ID and voter registration cards; next, they signed affidavits they had not committed a class C misdemeanor by voting in another party’s primary, then casting a ballot in the Libertarian convention; in a final order of business, she constructed the roster of delegates to the convention, and obtained commitment from those who attend to go to Houston on April 13-15 at the State Convention, to be held at the Hilton, Westchester.

The details are to be found on the party’s website – lptexas.org – including each convention and all the rules and fees to attend.

The politics? Try this on for size. David Reich, a delegate, said he went to the McLennan County Elections Office and paid $58 for the financial report on the campaign contributions Abel Reyna received, and the records of how he spent the money.

“You learn a lot from that kind of thing,” he said, bearishly. As to the records, “No one cares, as long as you lose. If you win, everybody cares!” All agreed heartily. Many remarked it was a shame it costs $58 to learn what taxpayers have previously paid to record the facts contained therein.

When the appointed hour to adjourn arrived, she declared the convention closed on the stroke of 8 p.m.

How’s that for organized?

How is 13 for an portentous number?

Does it fit the cut of your jib?

We will be hearing more from her. She needs the help of bikers from throughout the state to replace Pete Peterson, the man who signed away their rights under the U.S. and Texas Constitutions, acting as the magistrate in an insult to Liberty, as She Walked on May 17, 2015.

Watch these columns for more about this critical race.

All hail!

I have spoken.

I am sincere.

So mote it be.

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Now, hear this:



Ordeal Running, Standing

Photo Montage by Frank Villa, a native of Presidio, Texas

“YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN MADNESS, EH?                                                         “I DON’T, AT ALL. I KNOW BETTER THAN TO FOOL WITH IT.    “SO WHAT YOU DO…                                                                                                  “SO WHAT YOU DO IS GO ON BY IT. WHAT YOU DO IS GET DONE WHAT YOU OUGHT TO BE DOING. AND WHAT YOU DO RARELY – AND I MEAN RARELY – IS TO FLIRT WITH IT.” – JAMES DICKEY, DELIVERANCE

Somewhere in Occupied Coahuila – The words came from the tobacco country of the Carolinas. burning off the Facebook page.

People from as far away as other continents are beginning to observe all this, because it’s important. When there is great friction on the Texas – Mexican border, there historically war follows close behind.

But Shaun Kane, who hails from Massachusetts, said he learned early in his career as a student of martial arts that once an opponent is down – and out – “…you finish him.”

He didn’t bother to elaborate.

The tattoos, the deep tan, the subject at hand – all speak of a warrior’s code. Common sense prevails.

This man Abel Reyna, the elected Criminal District Attorney, has come adrift from his moorings, his oath to the Constitution, to uphold and protect its tenets, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

A trusted servant, he neglected to touch the bases of the grand experiment set in motion by Franklin and Jefferson, Madison and Adams, Hamilton and Washington.

He ignored the guarantees of a republican form of government as his actions spoke in loud tones of the imperial, the cruel dictates of the tyrant.

As a spectator, I happened to be seated in the very back row of the cavernous basement auxiliary courtroom in the Courthouse Annex. A multipurpose room that serves as a court or a jury assembly room, as needed, its floor area covers nearly half a city block.

Next to me sat a mild-mannered, soft-spoken man from the Office of the Attorney General, an Assistant To Ken Paxton, who was compelled as all were to stand, then be seated when the bailiff called, “All rise,” and 54th Criminal District Judge Matt Johnson and his entourage of Court Reporter, nearly a half dozen staff members of the prosecution, two defense attorneys, and the defendant trooped in and out of a jury room during the laborious process of the deselection of literally hundreds of veniremen in the trial of Bandido Jake Carrizal of Dallas.

“Please be seated,” Judge Johnson would intone.

This was during that unhappy period of the fall when the great media distraction presented on any given Sunday or Monday night consisted of professional football players refusing to stand for our National Anthem, and rather, “taking a knee.”

This consistent action on the part of hundreds had the effect of turnomh the mere formality observed in courtrooms of a normal size into the majestic observance of power that it really and truly is, something lurking in the consciousness of any auld sod, the cavernous hall, the halberds, armored soldiers, the endless rigamarole of the introduction of nobility.

Wag that I am, I turned to my companion of the morning and said, “What if we all just took a knee?”

In a moment I shall never forget, we both turned into simpering school boys in attendance at an assembly suffered at length, smiling behind our hands, looking at the ceiling, trying to maintain our composure – at least until recess, when we could escape into the gorgeous weather of a crisp Texas prairie autumn day.

He said, “Let’s not go there, Mr. Parks. Just – don’t.”

The very idea! To be caught dead with the likes of the Legendary acting out his antics in an arena wherein they play for blood – for life and liberty.

And so, it came as no surprise when the Office of the Attorney General announced recently that their staff is busy with weighty matters of consequence and has no time to prosecute the nearly two hundred indictments obtained by Abel Reyna, a man whom a visiting Judge from Harris County told, if he could, he surely would have him placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.

There is abundant evidence of his commission of aggravated perjury from the witness stand; the Assistant Attorney General of whom I speak was surreptitiously recorded recounting the various acts of tampering with evidence he could document personally, and the entire defense bar is calling for relief.

And, yet, the officials to whom this dread task – removing a disgraced and clearly culpable official from the practice of law in the face of mountains of evidence of his ill will for We The People – continue to dither and stall.

They seem to think they can afford to wait until January 1, when a new District Attorney will take over.

When will this “typical city” emerge from its hideous day dream and take action? There stands the opponent, now defeated, dismissed from the courtroom by a substitute judge who refused to take any real action in the matter at hand, humiliated, angered, a pilloried man in a desperate situation.

Do you really propose to turn over the peace and dignity of The People of the State of Texas to this unsound set of circumstances?

Meanwhile, your courts are teeming with minor offenders charged with the horrendous crimes of driving while license suspended, or with insurance lapsed, intoxicated, possession of a small amount of dope – to a man or a woman they are people serving time for the crime on not having enough money to remedy the situation.

It’s a matter of record that in a pre-trial intervention program, Reyna allowed defendants charged with assaulting police officers and committing indecent acts with children to walk away with no charges.

His lenience toward campaign contributors is the subject of a federal probe initiated by his former First Assistant District Attorney, who approached the Texas Rangers first, but soon learned that they can do nothing unless the investigation is approved by Reyna. He chose the FBI, and the file has languished there for years.

Women have lost their lives because the peace officers charged with the arrest of of their assailants ignored the warrants issued and perished trying to defend themselves from men who clearly had violent intentions toward them.

The entire top rank of leadership of the City of Waco has experienced a turnover, all of them reportedly “sworn to secrecy” about the matters that have ensued since two private armies clashed in armed conflict on a Sunday noon at a beer garden in this city.

One is compelled to think of the police and the Department of Public Safety officers who allowed Reyna to take over the investigation of a horrible criminal incident without the slightest protest.

No one with any credible authority has made mention of this. Nor has a badged, commissioned, hip slung, holster-slapping daddy-o one made an arrest or filed a meaningful report about how three pickup loads of men curbed a motorcyclist at the 322 mile marker on I-35 at Lorena and beat his head bloody with hammers and pieces of pipe. Not one arrest has been made.

There has not been much mention of the police investigation of young ladies who suffered aggravated sexual assault by privileged members of an elite class of Baylor students, members of the football program, the farm team system of the NFL. The accredited police department at Baylor let it slide, as did the upper management of that institution, the largest religious university in the nation. Where were the investigators?

The Texas Rangers are reportedly standing by to make the cases the evidence supports, but, according to credible and reliable sources, they have not obtained the green light from Reyna to do so.

It is clear that sources of power outside the local environs of McLennan County are waiting to see what the local leadership is prepared to do before stepping into the quagmire.

Grow a spine, Waco. Think of your children.

Johnson Wins 60-40% With 100% Of Votes Counted

Since you must wager, wager upon the occurrence whereby you lose the least if you are wrong. – Blaise Pascal, Of The Necessity of the Wager, Pensees

Waco – A walk-on home town candidate who returned from the bright lights and big city of Big D to care for his elderly mother whipped the two-term sitting District Attorney with a suggestion.

Barry Johnson announced his candidacy by saying what would to any pragmatic legal manager in any large law office be readily apparent.

From where he sat, Johnson said, speaking from a background of 30 years experience managing thousands of cases and many lawyers who reported directly to him, it looked like the Twin Peaks cases were a no show.

Why not go through them, discover which ones had little or no probable cause and thus no chance of conviction, and concentrate on the ones in which there is abundant evidence of murder and assault?

As the weeks wore on, his opponent, sitting DA Abel Reyna, did exactly that because he didn’t want to face questions about a federal probe in which members of his staff gave an FBI agent the goods on his crooked and unethical dealings, including selling case dismissals for cash contributions, evidence tampering,  and collusion with racketeers.

The reason that was possible was simple enough. It was because of the antics of the “elected Criminal District Attorney of McLennan County,” as Abelino Reyna so often refers to himself.

Reyna made himself a witness when he stepped over the line as a prosecutor the day of the debacle in which 9 died of gunshot wounds in a pool of blood and an additional 20 suffered serious wounds.

Reyna became the “necessary witness,” as lawyer F. Clinton Broden termed his participation by directing his staff to prepare an affidavit of warrantless arrest in a complaint that specified only the fact that those to be arrested were wearing certain “gang” colors held to be those of “outlaw motorcycle gangs” by state police or the Department of Justice.

That single act is prohibited by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, which dictates in black and white statutes that it is illegal for a prosecutor to investigate a case, then supervise its prosecution in court. One cannot legally serve both as a police officer – a necessary witness – and a trial lawyer in the prosecution of an accused offender.

In pre-trial hearings in case after case, lawyers followed Broden’s lead by issuing subpoenas for Reyna’s appearance as a witness.

To avoid his appearance, Reyna would then dismiss the cases, and thereby proved Johnson’s legal argument without Johnson having to file a writ or step into the well of a courtroom and argue the point before a judge.

Johnson is a Waco native whose father started as a Justice of the Peace, obtained a law degree, and served as a District Judge for many years.

He campaigned on the twin issues of Reyna’s misapprehension of legal procedure in the Twin Peaks prosecutions and his father’s wisdom, in which he taught him that once a judge or prosecutor crosses the line and gives one defendant special treatment, he must then give all the same treatment.

Quite simply, Reyna proved what Johnson had said on the campaign trail to be quite true, both in a legal and practical sense, and the rest is history.

In a record turnout, 17,277 voters cast ballots with 10,347 choosing Johnson’s brand of legal logic over 6,930  – 60% for Johnson, 40% for Reyna. Thosewho traveled the more frothy and dubious path laid by Reyna, that evil men and women wearing loud colors on black sleeveless jackets arrived in their town astride chrome-wheeled beasts bent on a murderous rampage over – what issue it was never quite clear – found themselves in the minority.

The motive for hundreds of persons who arrived at what they expected would be a political meeting to commit murder and mayhem as part of an organized criminal conspiracy was never very clear, even when it took five weeks to try Dallas Bandidos Chapter Jake Carrizal after a month-long wrangle over the recusal of the judge and the selection of the jury at a cost of $1.5 million.

That debacle resulted in a mistrial, and more than 100 federal civil rights cases are pending in an Austin U.S. District Court alleging false arrest and punitive bail, speedy trial violation, and an impossibility in the concept of the ability to face one’s accusers when even after three years of waiting, the requested discovery items promised by the prosecution are by and large still to be delivered.

One suspects that voters kept a weather eye on the phenomenal costs associated with Reyna’s brand of justice.

The only ballistics evidence presented came from testing three of 14 rifles wielded by police officers on the fateful day, leaving 11 rifles unaccounted for, and the remainder of the evidence of the ballistics firearms tested by an ATF tool mark specialist ruled inadmissible because the technicians who actually prepared the reports were not summoned to testify.

The inept display of legal maneuvering before a jury of confused and frankly bored and inattentive persons who were forced to constantly parade in and out of the courtroom while legal arguments stormed through their days out of their presence led to a humiliating defeat.

Quite simply, Barry Johnson outlawyered Abel Reyna without ever stepping into the courtroom in 155 cases out of more than 190 alleged by We The People Of The State Of Texas because our prosecutor, the man chosen in 2010 to head our law office at Waco, McLennan County, Texas, made a fatal legal error in judgment on the evening of May 17, 2015.

The only way he could be persuaded to admit his error was to threaten him with self incrimination in his testimony, something he has already done by committing aggravated perjury in a disqualification hearing held in August, 2016.

Who needs it?

Even if you can afford it, what do you get out of it? More of the same?

Such a deal.

I am sincere.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary



‘Gag Order’ Applies To All But Reyna, Says Lawyer

Waco – The apparently charmed actions of incumbent elected District Attorney Abel Reyna continue to draw chain lightning in the black and gold case of Matthew Clendennen, who was arrested at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, wearing a Scimitars cut.

Though he no longer owns a hog or is a member of a club affiliated with the Cossacks, he’s still facing indictment for engaging in organized criminal behavior and a superseding charge of conspiring to commit capital murder.

In a filing for the immdidate order to show cause why Reyna “should not be held in contempt of court of court,” defense attorney F. Clinton Broden hammered on the fact that though Visiting Judge Doug Shaver ordered Reyna to immediately take down ads on his Facebook page and on the air that depict the arrest of Clendennen on the fateful day, Reyna continues to “thumb his nose” at the directions of the Court.

In a hearing Monday morning – primary election eve – Judge Shaver said he was not sure if a gag order issued prior to Reyna’s self recusal by 54th Criminal District Judge Matt Johnson would still apply, the Judge said were he sure, he would order him taken into custody.He told Reyna he “should be ashamed of yourself.”

As of 3:30 pm the same day, Reyna had not complied with his order, an action Broden said would take only a “few mouse clicks” for anyone with even “rudimentary” computer skills.

As to the applicability of the gag order to Reyna, Broden noted in his motion that,

The Court was worried that, because Reyna’s office recused itself from the case, that the ‘gag order’ might not cover Reyna. Mr. Clendennen notes that the ‘gag order’ covers ‘witnesses…who have testified in investigative or adjudicative proceedings’ in the case. In fact, Reyna’s purported reason for recsing himself in this case was that he has testified in an adjudicative proceeding in the case.

So, the famous “gag order” so often cited by cops and robbers, lawyers and defendants throughout the Twin Peaks saga seems to apply to everyone but the “elected Criminal District Attorney,” Abelino Reyna, who faces a “coin flip,” do-or-die decision today at the polls in a primary election with his single challenger, home town lawyer Barry Johnson, recently returned from a 30-year career as manager of a Dallas law office.

In denying a motion for a speedy trial on Monday, Judge Shaver ordered a trial date of October 5, according to Broden, who had sought dismissal of the case due to repeated delays imposed by Reyna’s stalling tactics over discovery.

Judge Shames Reyna Over Video Depicting Accused

Twin Peaks defendant Matthew Clendennen in campaign video

Waco –  It was as strong an admonishment as District Judges ever give elected Criminal District Attorneys.

Visiting Judge Doug Shaver reacted to a motion from defense counsel complaining of the use of the video image of the defendant Matthew Clendennen in a campaign video, saying, “Mr. Reyna, you should be ashamed of yourself.”.

He told the district attorney that his use of the images and the narrative of the campaign video violates a gag order in the Clendennen case that was imposed by 54th Criminal District Judge Matt Johnson.

Admonishments of practicing attorneys are rarely public – even more rarely delivered in open court.

Though Judge Shaver corrected Reyna in strong terms, he stopped short of granting a motion for a speedy trial, one of many such in the nearly three years since the commercial lawn care provider experienced arrest as a member of a Cossacks support club, the Scimitars, on May 17, 2015, at the Twin Peaks Restaurant.

He was there to attend a Confederation of Clubs meeting regarding legislative items, including a multimillion dollar motorcycle safety fund, handgun open carry legislation still pending, anti-profiling laws, and asset forfeiture repeal.

The judge set a trial date of October 5 in the case following a lengthy conference between the special prosecutors appointed to take the place of the elected DA and his staff following his recusal.

The issues included determining if the numerous delays and postponed court dates constitute a clear cut pattern of malice, the arguments presented behind a closed door. Judge Shaver also overruled a motion to quash a superseding indictment for conspiracy to commit capital murder.

When the attorneys and the judge emerged, he stalked from the courtroom, leaving media wondering what the decision was on a court date.

“October fifth, I guess,” said attorney F. Clinton Broden, when quizzed.

On the witness stand, Clendennen tearfully revealed that he temporarily lost custody of his children during a divorce case that occurred following his arrest, and  that he is unable to pass certain background checks corporate clients perform to determine if his organization is trustworthy to take care of their lawn care, and for credit checks.

“It’s like starting over at square one,” he said.

Abel Reyna stood in the well of courtroom and told the judge he wold take the videos down from his web site and cancel further airing of the material in paid political advertisements.

He did not take the stand, though he was summoned as a witness.

Key Witness Served In 11th Hour Lawyers’ Showdown


Waco – When District Attorney Abel Reyna alighted from his car at the early voting center, the private investigator who served him with a witness subpoena had the rare distinction of a rooting section.

The rooting section took cell phone in hand to report the news.

As quickly as the gumshoe executed the return of service acknowledging that Abel Reyna is summoned to appear as a witness in the status conference hearing in the case of State V. Matthew Clendennen at 9 a.m. on Monday in the 54th Criminal District Court, the news hit the internet like a small pebble making wide waves in a little pond.

The attorney representing Clendennen, a former member of the Scimitars black and gold motorcycle club who was arrested for having a seat on the patio and ordering a bottle of water at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, is the guy who called Reyna’s bluff nearly three years ago.

F. Clinton Broden filed a motion to disqualify the DA and his staff that has resulted in the blowback of dozens upon dozens of case dismissals in order to avoid having to appear as a witness or allowing members of his staff to appear as such in other cases.


Quite simply, the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure prohibits a prosecutor who has been involved in the investigation of a case from serving also as the prosecutor.

The matter before the court – front and center – is whether Reyna and his staff became a “necessary witness” – that is, the complaining witness, or police officer, when he took command of the investigation the evening of the day 9 died and 20 suffered gunshot wounds at a Confederation of Clubs meeting for motorcycle enthusiasts.

In a previous disqualification hearing held in August, 2016, Reyna testified under oath all about how he and his lead prosecutor, Michael Jarrett, directed Mark Parker, and Assistant DA, to draft a complaint, an affidavit of warrantless arrest, for a magistrate’s signature. In the document, he alleged that people with the colors of clubs designated by the Department of Justice or the Department of Public Safety as outlaw motorcycle gangs or their support clubs should be arrested.

For what?

Engaging in organized criminal activity that led to the capital murder and/or aggravated assault of other motorcycle enthusiasts.

Tell me what I say. It means the DA turned himself into a cop and ordered the arrest of folks, and then he took the witness stand and uttered a false hood on the court record.

He said he told the cop who signed the affidavit to make sure he familiarized himself with every detail of the events described. When recalled to the witness stand, Manuel Chavez, a Waco Detective who didn’t know anything about it because he had been just called away from another investigation, said he never talked to him.

That allegation involves aggravated perjury, a felony that’s good for no less than 2 years or more than 20 behind bars.

If Reyna dismisses the Clendennen case to avoid testimony, he will have dragged the ultimate sacrifice bunt to put yet another runner on third, while hitting into a twin killing to retire the side. The net net, no runs, no hits, muchas errors.

Ho hum. It might as well be spring.

Like a round of golf, the story ends up in the same place it began, the 19th hole and the parking lot.

Put it on your calendar. Monday in the 54th Criminal District Courtroom at 9 a.m.  on primary election eve, March 5.

So far, it is alleged, Reyna has gone so far as to dismiss the charges against defendants prosecutors could have plausibly proven were the gun-bearing assailants who actually shot victims in the 45 seconds of carnage that left the concrete of the restaurant parking lot slick with blood.

That is, if the ballistics evidence had been preserved in an orderly fashion, and the documentation had been presented in a legal way.

You see, when it came time for the expert witness to testify about which bullet was fired from what gun and where it wound up, there was a terrible mistake made. Defense counsel in the case against Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal objected to an ATF expert witness testifying about reports made by Waco Police officers, reports about which he had no personal knowledge, as required by the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The agent looked rather sheepish as he stepped down from the witness stand after the court sustained the objection and the judge told the lead prosecutor, “Call your next witness.”

The same motion can be argued at every status conference in rotation – or the voters can put a stop to the ridiculous charade and vote for the opposition Republican candidate – Barry Johnson.

I have spoken.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary




Popeye’s Call To Action


Butch “Popeye” Moss hurls invective at Reyna – for political action 

Arlington – Popeye Moss is adamant. He wants no state intervention funded by taxpayers to bail out Criminal District Attorney Abel Reyna or the officials of McLennan County in civil rights judgments.

Moss is President of Sons of LIberty Riders Motorcycle Club.

The DA is sued in more than 100 cases in U.S. District Court at Austin, both as a public official and individually. Knowledgeable sources have confirmed that the insurance carrier that handles errors and omissions indemnification for McLennan County does not cover individual claims filed against the DA. The coverage is for the County of McLennan and the City of Waco only.

He’s calling in his markers statewide from associates and elected state representatives who control the purse strings.

The message is a simple one. Do not fund with taxpayers’ money any bailout for a DA who ordered the arrests of hundreds of persons on an illegal warrant.

Said Moss in a prepared statement:

We will be using all our political connections statewide, contacting state representatives in an effort to block any type of bailouts by the taxpayers of Texas. McLennan County should own their mistakes. McLennan County should own their mistakes. Abel Reyna should take swift action and release the innocent, to lessen the financial burden of the taxpayers of McLennan County. We have thousands of members statewide with political connections. We will use them. And we want everybody to know it.

As a member of the Confederation of Clubs, the National Council of Motorcyclists’ Legislative Strike Force, U.S. Defenders, and a person of long experience in the halls of the Legislature, Popeye is ready to back his words with political action, calling on club members throughout the Lone Star State to prevent state-funded bailout for officials who violated the civil rights of persons who are no more guilty of a crime than he would have been had he attended the political meeting of the Confederation of Clubs Region 1 and Region 2 on May 17, 2015.

The release from prosecution of 13 indicted accused offenders yesterday, March 2, and an additional two dozen unindicted suspects who were arrested and charged, their bail set at $1 million to “send a message underscores his message.  An additional 13 were released previously when a similar hearing in which members of the DA’s staff were called to testify about their participation in a federal probe led by an FBI agent.

Their allegations are that the DA operated “two-tier” justice system in which he dismissed charges or allowed guilty  pleas for greatly reduced charges for campaign contributors, his association with gamblers who operate games of chance in commercial properties throughout his jurisdiction, and his misplacement of controlled substances seized in cases in which he dismissed the indictment “in the interest of justice.”

Popeye served as a Boatswain’s Mate and an Assault Coxswain in the U.S. Navy during the 1960’s, a period of history during which Reyna would definitely not been allowed to perform his antics on board any naval vessel, much less a man of war.

I have spoken.

  • The Legendary