‘What The G Has Become Since 9/11’ – A Police State

…an inevitable blowback on a betrayed population…”

Six Shooter Junction – When the tribal structure of the organizations of men at war with the wolf at the door morphed into the corporate channels of profit centers and revenue streams, motorcycle clubs suddenly occupied a place in the “fantasies of law enforcement.”

They became valuable exhibits in show trials coast to coast, the subject of Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) prosecutions.

They key difference is this. Instead of being a clique bent on obtaining the maximum profits over costs of doing business, the men and women of the community of motorcycle enthusiasts set their caps for streams of activism, centers of political power – in order to amass political capital.

To be sure, they kept the colors, patches, tattoos, slogans and handshakes of the tribal statesmen who spawned their organizations in the years following their return from the hell of World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam. They were young men and their women, suddenly freed from the nightmare of certain death and dismemberment if the conflict went on long enough, seeking the freedom of the road, a bottle of beer, a dance around a bonfire, the bonhomie of good times, and the sheer, snarling pleasure of territorial dominance. Adult play. Ritual conflict. The gestalt of freedom, exercised in tribal drama.

But the activism that emerged later was different, a pattern of national coalition, with a presence in every statehouse. New channels of influence opened up in a world not so sure it was ready for the cybernetic revolution at hand.

At one point, the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) promulgated an on-line communications policy that could have come from the board room of any Fortune 500 corporation. In a presentation to a hundred lawyers, a hundred patch holders, and a hundred members of the public, they received a half million “hits” on a website within a half hour. Within the hour, the page had been viewed by more than a million people with access to the World Wide Web.

In any society, the institutions of power and control seek to keep their components divided, fighting each other. It just wouldn’t do for the police department and the firemen to get on the same wavelength and start moving in the same direction. Next thing you know, the suits would be losing control.

So the city dads invent ways to keep them at odds. The same goes for the sales and marketing divisions in any major corporate culture, in an endless battle with production, finance and accounting, and the executive suite.

IT WAS THE LITTLE THINGS THAT BEGAN TO TRICKLE OUT OF THE CORPORATE PRISON, the Jack Harwell Detention Center, erected at taxpayer expense, operated by the LaSalle Corrections Corporation, that told such an alarming tale. The central fact of mass incarceration and a criminal charge straight out of a Kafka novel was immutable, beyond anyone’s control. But the tiny details clearly observable began to emerge in alarming patterns as family and friends reported what they were learning.

The first 177 jailed for the blanket offense of “engaging in organized criminal activity” at a political meeting where a very small number of men chose to fire pistols at their perceived enemies in a crowded bar learned very quickly that the administration of the hell hole had for months been preparing for their arrival.

The slave labor trustees, mostly non-violent offenders who were in essence debtors held for their inability to pay for insurance and child support, and minimum wage “corrections officers” let the newly arrived inmates know all about it. In many cases, they were sympathetic, and they showed it by talking freely about conditions.

The walls of the felony tanks where the red and gold nation, their support club members, and the black and gold tribe were to be held were freshly painted so detectives could study any graffiti they left behind. Authorities laid in supplies of freshly laundered uniforms and shower shoes, stashes of groceries and medical supplies; a beefed up classification system was ordered. Inmates were kept strictly separate, both for security and for purposes of surveillance.

Corporate totalitarianism had showed its true face on May 17, 2015, at an overpriced beer and burgers franchise in a shopping mall named for a weird movie involving the ritual murder of a young woman – “Twin Peaks.”

“Twin Peaks,” the made-for-satellite-tv soap opera, chronicled the fact that the raging west of a golden nation had slipped from its salad days in post-war pax americana to second place in a world economy passing it by – a place no longer head and shoulders above the rest due to its tremendous natural resources. Hence, the seemingly senseless and inexplicable murder of a small town goddess in full bloom found wrapped in a sheet plastic on a pebbly beach, like a macabre exhibit in a museum of horrors. A melodrama about a return to the ancient, tribal ways of appeasement of the gods through ritual sacrifice.

The operation at hand was simultaneous with the announced roll-out of a “training exercise” for the Joint Special Operations Command, JADE Helm 15 – a hands on clambake for spooks, special operators, on-scene commanders at remote “fusion centers,” commo specialists, and media representatives with the story pre-packaged and ready for the 5:30 feed –  and it turned out to be a doozy at Waco, Texas – a modified knock-off of the venerable Phoenix Program fine-tuned in Vietnam.

The ensuing 34 months since the gunfight at Twin Peaks have seen a hardened commitment by a national community of motorcycle enthusiasts galvanized by their experience and hell bent to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The true enemies of the Constitution started their onslaught in the days following the “attack” on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by jetliners hijacked and chock-full of fuel for transcontinental flights, a nightmare sprung at 9 am out of the bluest skies ever on a day described by pilots as “severe clear.”

First, there was the near unanimous passage of the Patriot Act on October 26, 2001. This sweeping measure brought on an increased security function that the legislators who fought the Constitution of 1790 argued against and fought tooth and nail. Surveillance, suspicion, and unconfirmed rumor became the news of the day, the lead story on every network, repeated with mind-numbing precision until it became meaningless – a given.

The key element in getting the assent of the western states to ratify the Constitution was the inclusion of a Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments, guaranteeing freedoms unheard of in the rest of the world or any known in recorded history. None of it is any good unless a man can enforce his political will against the authorities. It’s all meaningless.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The reality of that provision with its vigilance for security in a “free State” is all too clear when one views the surveillance video shot by automatic cameras during the “melee.”

Though the hundreds of persons detained and arrested were heavily armed with firearms, none had rifles because there is no way to conceal them in an establishment where alcoholic beverages are “sold, served, and consumed.”

Little more than a dozen armed policemen – 14 of them – laid back in sniper positions, and when the time came, they fired with surgical precision, cutting down the key pistoleros, and in most cases delivering a coup de grace to the head to assure the assailants were indeed dead, dead, dead.

It was all over in an estimated 45 seconds. Within minutes, the people who had cowered and hidden from the violence emerged, docile and unwilling to show any further resistance to authority.

In the single trial that has been held, a five-week affair ending in the mistrial of Bandido Jake Carrizal, the single impression to be gleaned from the rambling, ridiculous case presented by the State is that authorities had been in preparation for many months to make their move against what they perceive as a despised, feared minority of “outlaw gangs” systematically precluded from the protections of the law.

That is a medieval concept prohibited by the Texas Constitution since 1836, the notion of declaring a person “out law,” that is beyond the protection of the law. Similarly, the practice of “transportation” to a foreign state as punishment for any offense has been returned to the real of the possible by the amendment of Article 1, Section 20 of the Texas Constitution in 1985.

So the emergency passage of the “patriot” act merely signaled what was to come in  2012, the conversion of a republic to a totalitarian, occupied nation dominated by a standing army operating within its borders – something completely prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.

The increased militarization of police and the melding of the Army and elements of the special ops community followed close behind.

The National Defense Authorization Act has been in place in each biennial since 1961, but its modification to “increased surveillance and the militarization of police” resulted in indefinite imprisonment of Americans without charges and without trial.

“The United States is now defining terrorism as “blaming the government”, “traveling an illogical distance” and “paying with cash.” (click the underlined text to read a comprehensive report)

.To learn more about how the seemingly innocent act of funding the Armed Forces every two years to comply with the constitutional requirement that the nation have no standing army, one may watch this YouTube presentation:

In the ensuing 34 months since the alarming event at Twin Peaks, the single message delivered by the authorities is a simple one, unrelenting, and on-message.

The goal of obtaining convictions is not anywhere near as important as the ability to completely control the accused offenders in rigid lock step.

Over a varying period of a fortnight to a month, the accused were held in lieu of a million dollar bail bond.

When bond reductions were obtained, the conditions required excessive fees for electronic monitoring, drug testing, and a stricture enjoining the accused to not return to McLennan County unless summoned by the Court, a remarkable requirement. In most cases, persons who have demonstrated they are not a flight risk are prohibited from leaving the jurisdiction where they were arrested.

When on February 8, the Court “dismissed” the cases against 13, the reality is that the so-called dismissal actually binds the accused offender to the Court for a period of natural life because the prosecution elected to tick off a stipulation that probable cause does exist to pursue the charge, but at a later date.

There is no statute of limitations on the crime of capital murder, something the indictments hold is the direct result of the criminal conspiracy of acting in combination with others to cause the deaths of 9 and the aggravated assault of an additional 20.

To learn more about the battle still raging against the NDAA and its assault on Constitutional principles, one may view this YouTube presentation:

So mote it be.

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