To Call Fed Witnesses In DA’s Ouster Hearing

David Beyer and Brian Bouffard will call witnesses who have given statements against DA Abel Reyna in a federal probe tomorrow

Waco  – When the gavel drops tomorrow in a district court, the public will have a chance to see just who is lying – and who is telling the truth – about the Twin Peaks prosecutions of 155 bikers charged with engaging in organized criminal activity on May 17, 2015.

David Beyer and Brian Bouffard, who represent Billy McRee and Jorge Salinas, will have a chance to prove serious allegations they believe will lead to the DA’s disqualification, if not his conviction for criminal offenses committed as a public official.

Almost three years after he made the decision to charge 177 people with a felony offense punishable by as much as 99 years, DA Abel Reyna is still withholding evidence from defense lawyers, the two Ft. Worth barristers allege.

They again subpoenaed witnesses who gave statements to a FBI Special Agent that could incriminate the elected official for public corruption. In a previous hearing, their clients lost an estimated $1,500 in court fees to have the summonses served when the prosecution kicked the can down the road to have the hearing postponed.

In that hearing, the state first sought a continuance. When 19th Criminal District Judge Ralph T. Strother denied the motion, prosecutors served him with a motion of recusal, seeking his replacement. In a ruling by a visiting judge, that motion was denied.

Many days later, the matter is to be heard once again, on Thursday, Feb. 8, at 1:30 pm.

This is what the public will likely hear, should the hearing be allowed to go forth:

Mr. Reyna is aware that we intend to call witnesses tomorrow including former First Assistant Greg Davis, former administrative assistant Julissa West, retired Waco Police Detective Sherry Kingrey, former special prosecutor Brittany Scaramucci, and current assistant district attorneys Michael Jarrett, Amanda Dillon, and Sterling Harmon.  Mr. Reyna has called most of these witnesses liars in the press and in his campaign rhetoric – disparaging them and much of the press as “fake news” to anyone still impressed by that – so Mr. Reyna will also be called to the stand tomorrow to testify, under oath and under penalty of perjury, why he thinks they’re the ones doing the lying.  We welcome his testimony and the opportunity to examine him under oath.

The object of the hearing is three-fold. In oder to have the DA disqualified, the two attorneys intend to prove these elements:

We intend to make three things crystal clear to the court and to those citizens of McLennan County who are paying attention, (1) that Mr. Reyna made himself a material witness in the Twin Peaks cases by choosing to act as an on-scene police commander instead of a prosecutor, (2) that Mr. Reyna has a long-standing history of official corruption as the elected district attorney, which in May 2015 animated him to arrest 177 people, not based on evidence, the law, and the prosecutor’s oath to do justice, but rather to advance his personal political ambition, and (3) that Mr. Reyna has an impermissible financial interest in the outcome of these cases because he is being personally held accountable for his violation of these motorcyclists’ civil rights as Texans and as Americans.  As a result of all these bad choices by Abel Reyna, all of which he should have easily foreseen, he and his office should be disqualified from prosecuting these cases and forced to provide all evidence material to the defense of these cases – evidence Mr. Reyna still, almost three years later, refuses to provide.


3 thoughts on “To Call Fed Witnesses In DA’s Ouster Hearing”

  1. In a better world the truth would come out in the courthouse on Feb. 8 @ 1:30 p.m. Unfortunately, Abel Reyna cannot afford that to happen. While Reyna is an incompetent DA , accused of misconduct and perjury in office, and has even lost support from his former buddy, Judge Strother, he knows what a guilty man must do to survive in the courts. Regardless of the blatant cover-up, Reyna will utilize his entire team of legal experts who are on staff at the McLennan County District Attorney’s office and will stifle the hearing. I will be there and I will be disappointed, again, at the Injustice in Waco.

  2. Now that the Dog and Pony show, trying to show Reyna and Strothers do not agree is over, anyone giving odds against Reyna making a motion to quash, and Strother granting it? Cause I believe that is what will happen tomorrow!

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