Reyna’s Ambition Could Break County Check Book


Waco – An attorney who is having a heap of trouble getting his client a day in court  accused the elected District Attorney of the kind of irresponsible ambition that could bankrupt the taxpayers.

Said Billy McRee’s attorney David Beyer in a press release:

It is unprecedented for an Attorney General to decline a request from a judge to appoint an attorney pro tem. The State of Texas has stated that it is unable to take the case because it frankly doesn’t have the resources. Which validly leaves the casual observer to wonder and question how did Abel Reyna expect the hardworking taxpayers of McLennan County to pay for the prosecution of one hundred and fifty five of these cases when the State of Texas doesn’t have the resources for even one Twin Peaks case.

A special prosecutor will charge legal fees by the hour, and there is no limit on the amount that may be charged, Beyer pointed out.

So mote it be.

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