Podcasters Blame Cops For Twin Peaks Attack

Somewhere In Cyberspace – Two men who have stood tall for the core values of the outlaw motorcycle creed said it, and they didn’t stutter.

The cops are to blame for the bloody events at Twin Peaks as gunfire erupted an inter-regional Confederation of Clubs meeting scheduled to begin within a half hour at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17, 2015.

Going into a seventh wave rally on the Courthouse Square at Waco on Sunday, Feb. 25 at 1 pm, we intend to interview Big Pete James, former regional vice president of Outlaws MC out of Chicago at 11 pm on Saturday, Feb. 24.

About what? Big Pete  said on his weekly Thursday evening podcast on Insane Throttle that there are some key elements to what happened there – and why.

  1. You don’t buck the G for long, just keeping breaking the law, and expect you are buying  yourself anything other than a one-way ticket to the federal pen.
  2. Top law enforcement officials created the conditions in which the gunfight would logically occur – and then did nothing to intervene. They stood with rifles at the ready, waiting to cut the shooters down.
  3. Handguns are effective weapons, but only in certain conditions. Rifles are the only guns capable of defending your people, or controlling a violent situation spun madly out of control.
  4. When the time came, the cops fired into the crowd with surgical precision, then within minutes following the gunfire took complete control of everyone on the scene.

In the Republican Primary of March 6,  Abel Reyna is opposed by hometown lawyer Barry Johnson. That will be the decisive contest in the question of just how the 155 charged and indicted in the deadly fracas will fare in court.

Reyna is vowing he will follow the prosecutions to the bitter end; Johnson has declared that if elected, he will evaluate the cases on an individual basis and drop all those in which there is little probable cause to sustain the indictment, and even less proof to obtain a conviction on the charge of engaging in organized criminal activity that led to capital murder and/or aggravated assault.

In a podcast made shortly after the violence at Waco, former Cossacks MC National Sergeant at Arms KC Massey III told his listeners that the violence was bound to have occurred because of the actions of an agent provocateur inserted in the crowd, someone who infiltrated one of the clubs and somehow started an incident that soon spilled into the patio and parking area as red and gold patch holders arrived and certain elements of their rival club began to attack them while they were still on their scooters.

Massey held that the issue that led to the massive eruption of violence has noting to do with turf, rockers, patches, money, marbles, or chalk.

It’s all about respect.

Agents of law enforcement, be they undercover, confidential informants, uniformed, satellite observers, or remote commanders of multiple agency task forces placed the red and gold patch holders in a position where they had no choice but to respond to the provocation for the very simple core respect issue all outlaw bikers stand for.

If you jack with one, you jack with them all.

Cut one, everybody bleeds. Element one in a complicated code worked out from the hills of toe of the boot to the sands of Iwo Jima.

When fists flew, the hoglegs came out, and bullets blasted through the air, everyone on the lot so challenged got with the program. Those who were not so committed went into the low crawl, lost their knives, guns, vest extenders, brass knuckles, asps, whips, and – yes – handguns.

Duck and cover city lasted only a few minutes as the cops streamed into the place and took over immediately.

Massey’s conclusion: It’s something you don’t do, this thing of jacking guys up at a COC meeting..

The truth is, someone did.

Why by whom marks a question that will affect the future of Americans’ civil rights for many years to come.

Who stumbled into the gunplay?

Some guys who had no idea what was in store because a COC meeting is all about love, loyalty and respect. At least, it always has been in previous events. That’s the purpose.

In the first and only criminal trial of the events that occurred, Dallas Bandidos President Jake Carrizal received a mistrial verdict after the State of Texas fiddled around for 5 weeks and never once offered any testimony or evidence that he, personally, ever attacked anyone, assaulted anyone, or did anything other than stand his ground and defend himself and his family – before he got a chance to get off his scoot.

So mote it be.

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