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Six Shooter JunctionOne gathers from the dialogue generated by our previous article on an outreach program of more than a year’s duration to fully inform veniremen in McLennan County that matters in the ongoing dispute between leafleters and the authorities stand this way:

The Officer in charge of the Courthouse Security Detail promised to bring a written statement on Monday, Feb. 5, to  activists passing out leaflets to prospective jurors at the entrance to the auxiliary courtroom, the Jury Assembly area.

They have been enjoined by the County Judge to not enter an alleyway between the Courthouse  and the Courthouse Annex Building. The City of Waco closed the alley to traffic and deeded it as property to McLennan County. The Commissioners Court promptly declared the area part of a “secured campus,” and prohibited traffic on jury call days to all but those bearing a jury summons card.

In the absence of a written order, members of the Fully Informed Jury Association defied the verbal orders of the Sheriff’s Office security detail.

Apparently, the Lieutenant in charge never showed up with the written statement, and two of the activists made themselves scarce when told to beat feet by the Sergeant.

Matthew Barnes stayed, and in defiance of the orders of the officers, he continued to pass out the leaflets while armed with a .45 cal. ACP handgun holstered on his hip in open fashion.

Kirsten Tynan, who appears to be an operative of the Fully Informed Jurors Association operating in Denver, engaged him in a dialogue on a Facebook page, which might be of note to our readers.

Matthew Barnes on Lt. Lionel McGhee and Sgt. Steve Janics:

Kirsten Tynan Did they give you guys the promised paperwork?

Kirsten Tynan It sounds like this Sgt. Steve Janics of the Courthouse Security detachment was involved somehow. Did he give you any particular orders?

Matthew Barnes He hates “civilians” that are armed. Main thing from him is fear of a trustee doing slave labor around the courthouse disarming me and going on a killing spree. If I was the only armed person there I could understand. He worries about firearm retention; something I used to teach, that I look like a cop; not in this century. I wear work clothes 7 days a week and have done so for over a decade. Look more like what border patrol wears than local police.

Kirsten Tynan Our guidelines, by the way, are not to break these orders. That is something that puts you at risk of arrest, and FIJA can do very little for you if you are arrested. We don’t have attorneys or funds for legal defense.


Matthew Barnes Understood. To be arrested I would have to break the law. If they could find one I am breaking I would have already been arrested.

Kirsten Tynan Unfortunately, that is not accurate. Police arrest people all the time who have not broken the law.

See the cases of Eric Brandt and Mark Iannicelli who were both arrested and charged with 7 felony counts each of jury tampering for handing out FIJA brochures in Denver. The charges were thrown out by the state court, the dismissal of the charges was appealed by the prosecution, the dismissal of the charges was upheld by the appeals court, and now the prosecution is considering appealing that dismissal to the Colorado Supreme Court.

During our First Amendment legal battle in Denver, both Eric and Mark were falsely arrested AGAIN—still not having broken the law—for allegedly assaulting and/or harassing a woman. The incident was caught on video, and it turned out that Eric was not even present at the time the woman alleged she had been assaulted. The video further showed that Mark did none of the specific things she alleged he had done. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop the police from continuing to hold him in a jail cell in the basement of the courthouse, with a toilet overflowing with excrement, and then turning him over to the Sheriff’s Department before, if I recall correctly, the prosecutor’s office finally told them to knock it off and relase him.

Legendary Jim Ms. Tynan, were either of these individuals armed with a handgun during their ministry to the uninformed jurors of Denver? Furthermore, if so, do you think that would have an effect on the social transaction in play at the Courthouse between security officers of the Sheriff’s Office and the members of the association?

As Mr. Tom Robbins wrote, “This is the room of the wolf mother wallpaper.” We of The Legendary are loathe to add, “…in which fear and loathing follow close behind in order to control, in control, of control in the place in which there is no darkness – the place of utter and abject fear of fear, in fear, for which there is no known antidote but to face fear and loathing for what it is, and forge ahead insouciant and prepared for what awaits.

So mote it be.

  • Legendary Jim

Lt. K. Ferguson at Sheriff’s Office HQ, informing Fully Informed Jurors Association that he has no intentions of arguing about the Judge’s order not to trespass in the alley. It is what it is – until next week…

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