‘Don’t Be A Bully’ – Cossacks’ President

Kemp, Tx – Zeke, president of the national club, Doc, vice president, and Ranger Dan, national sergeant at arms didn’t hesitate; they burst into laughter.

The first proposed question: Is it true there is a $500 bounty on Bandidos colors?

As the laughter died, Dan looked fiercely at his interlocutor and said, basso profundo, “Ask them how many of those patches have they lost to a Cossack, or a $500 bounty!”

The notion was represented as fact in the 54th Criminal District Court in the trial of Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal for engaging in organized criminal activity that led to the death of 9 and the aggravated assault of 20 person. That proceeding ended in a mistrial.

The occasion of this preliminary session is for the proposal that this and other questions be considered for use in an interview under preparation for publication in the near future.

The Staff of the National Cossacks MC are ready to review a list of questions of mutual agreement between The Legendary and themselves. But, first, their Chapter officers and members must also approve. Many of their members are indicted for same the same offenses for which Bandido Jake Carrizal stood trial.

That will take time.

In the matter of the allegation that the Cossacks have promised a bounty of $500 for Bandidos colors – now or in the past – they are ready to speak today – Superbowl Sunday.

Ranger Dan said it best: “We’ve lost only one – at Mingus, Texas, where they (Bandidos) left a brother’s head bleeding from getting beaten with hammers at a truck stop.”

Zeke followed up. His statement about the Cossack’ leather vest the attackers took with them on March 22, 2015, at the Bar-B Truck Stop in Gordon, “I guess you could use it for a trophy, but I have no use for it. Now, they took his cell phone and his wallet, too.”

When the answers come, they will be to questions more complex and penetrating, but none so basic and human as the fact that boys become men.

All agreed that when they were just little shavers, they only rarely rode alone on their bicycles – only to rendezvous with the rest of the troops – and then to set off on some elaborate expedition that might change in scope and direction at least three or four times an hour –  until it was time to go home for supper.

For a few minutes, the world went away. The four of us were boys, laughing gleefully at something soon forgotten. You could feel it. Felt good, too.

Watch these columns for the interview. Based on preliminary talks completely off the record, the potential for surpise and a genuine exploration of what it means to be a man, a human, a brother, is a very real possibility.

Zeke  said he always tells prospects, “Don’t be a bully.” Remember, heading for the border on bicycles – off to fight Pancho Villa? Or was it the Alamo? Maybe Cape Canaveral, to take a flight to the Moon.

I am sincere.

So mote it be.

  • Legendary Jim

Mile Marker 370 at Gordon, Texas, the Bar-B Truck Stop near Mingus

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