‘Bustin’ A Grape’ – Windy City Style, In Stereo – Now


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“Big Pete” James and his trusty companion – Brutus – at home

Chicagoland – The man put in an impressive amount of time herding cats in one of the nation’s toughest markets, America’s second city, stacker of wheat, player with railroads – and survived a bodacious biker war.

This is what “Big Pete” James, the last of the Chicago bosses, thinks about Twin Peaks, the future, and how to get along in a rudderless ship that is  drifting without constitutional principles in a neocon world where they have sold We The People that it doesn’t matter..

Hold on to your hat. This is straight out of the Windy City, and March is almost here. Scooba-de-wa-wa-wa, and all that jazz.

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