Bitchy Clerks Act Mean Over Info – This Is News?

Waco – It is impossible to confirm reports gleaned from the area’s two Mockingbird CIA front publications – KWTX and the Waco Tribune-Herald – because even though 19th Criminal District Court Judge Ralph T. Strother signed the orders of dismissal in a reported 20 cases, the information will not be available for several hours.

This is typical of intelligence operations such as the Twin Peaks massacre – both inside American borders and overseas. Only approved media outlets have any version of the news event until well after it has ceased to be news.

Court Coordinator staff and the District Clerk’s Office are very uptight, in fact right ugly in the face of a polite inquiry about any of the facts concerning this latest evolution in the debacle of brutality that commenced long before May 17, 2015.

There will be a press conference at 1:30 p.m. held by Ft. Worth attorneys Brian Bouffard and David Beyer, who represent Jorge Salina, and Billy McRee.

The District Attorney recused himself in the McRee case and the judge reportedly dismissed the case against Salinas.

Watch these columns for a report about the news conference.

This is their joint press release:

We will hold a press conference in the courthouse rotunda at 1:30pm today, and will take questions.  

On May 17, 2015, nine people died violently at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas.  There are men responsible for that violence, and they should be held accountable.  Unfortunately, the deeply misguided decision by McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna to arrest 177 people and indict 155 of them, rather than simply indicting those who engaged in this violence, resulted in almost three years of injustice to the very many who did not.  And all the cases, righteous and unrighteous alike, may now be unprosecutable.  The man responsible for this is Abel Reyna.

Today, the McLennan County District Attorney’s office has dismissed the cases against Jorge Daniel Salinas and others, and states it is “re-evaluating” still others for dismissal.  The office also recused itself in the case against Billy Jason McRee.  Both these actions by Abel Reyna effectively ended the pending hearing into his political corruption and other official misconduct before it could begin – a hearing in which he would have been placed under oath and required to answer hard questions about his long-standing political corruption.  Credible, honorable witnesses have sworn under oath on these matters.  Abel Reyna calls them “liars,” and the FBI investigation into his public corruption “fake news.”  The voting citizens of McLennan County will make of that what they will.  They, and all of us, will continue to make decisions at the ballot box that define us as citizens, for good or for ill, and we will continue to get the government we deserve.

But the Twin Peaks dam has now broken, and with each new dismissal that may come, the public will see clearly what Twin Peaks defense counsel have known for almost three years – that Abel Reyna arrested, charged, and indicted a very large number of these men for purely political reasons, apparently without any intent to take them to trial.  Though it took far too long, we pushed Mr. Reyna’s back to the wall and he finally had nowhere else to run.  As defense counsel, all of us in this matter have honored our oaths as Texas lawyers.  At least that important part of our justice system has worked, and worked well.

Though McLennan County prosecutors are “re-evaluating” the cases, the fact is that an ethical district attorney’s office evaluates cases BEFORE they are indicted, instead of indicting people just to see if they will be intimidated enough to plead guilty.  To the great credit of these innocent men, none of them, and none of us as their counsel, blinked.  Jorge Salinas, a decorated United States Marine with two combat tours and an honorable discharge, an innocent man, did not blink.  As his lawyer and his friend, I could not be more proud of him.

And the fact remains that the civil rights of these men were violated.  As the case dismissals and recusals continue to flow out of the McLennan County courthouse, it is now time to change focus to the civil lawsuits to hold Abel Reyna accountable for his actions, so that a federal jury in Austin can determine the amount of damages that Abel Reyna should be ordered to pay those wrongfully arrested based upon his political aspirations.  Unfortunately, Abel Reyna has already testified elsewhere that he expects county taxpayers to foot the bill for any such damages, since he was elected by county residents.  And again, McLennan County voters will pass their own judgment, one way or the other.

Something like justice is now finally happening in McLennan County.  Far too late, and at far too high a cost – in lives, money, and broken faith by our elected officials – but happening.

Brian Bouffard

David Beyer

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