Reyna’s Dismissal Of Cases

DA Abel Reyna (seated in boat, L)  casts his bait in the swimming pool


WACO – Lawyers representing clients released from prosecution for engaging in organized criminal behavior in the Twin Peaks cases called BS when DA Abel Reyna made his announcement on Wednesday.

To a man and woman, the barristers all said the same thing.

Reyna is facing extensive civil litigation in federal court in which defendants are seeking multimillions in money damages.

He cannot afford the addition to the court record of the testimony of members of his own staff acknowledging they gave statements against him to FBI Special Agent Dan Brust regarding criminal misconduct.

Former First Assistant District Attorney Gary Davis, Lead Prosecutor Michael Jarrett, and Assistant DA Amanda Dillon were scheduled to testify at a hearing on Thursday morning regarding the cases of defendants facing prosecution.

Their allegations include the dismissal of cases for campaign contributors on a quid pro quo basis, involvement with illegal gambling, misplacement of drug evidence, and the intimidation of a special prosecutor assigned to the DWI trial of a prominent couple employed at Baylor University.

It is the second time Reyna has made the same maneuver to avoid that testimony being placed on the record. He previously dismissed 13 cases, allegedly for the same reason.

In a joint press release by attorneys representing the 13 defendants whose cases were either dismissed, or the 24 whose cases are refused for prosecution, Pia Lederman, Gary Smart and John Stickels of Arlington, and Reed Prospere of Dallas said:

He is afraid to have a hearing into his actions and  he will go to any lengths, no matter how embarrassingly transparent, to avoid such a hearing.  Meanwhile, even though Reyna waits until the eve of hearings to file dismissals for cases that should never have been indicted, he insults the intelligence of McLennan County citizens by claiming that the dismissals are the result of a further investigation of the cases.  Mr. Reyna again needs to be reminded that, in America, prosecutors investigate before they indict and do not wait for hearings into their political opportunism to evaluate cases for dismissal.

Reed Prospere said of the strategy, “He couldn’t have more of an ass of himself…Of 177 arrests and 155 indictments, there are probably between 15 to 20 cases they could file a charge on and obtain a conviction.”

He represents Brian Logan, whose case was dismissed. “There is no chance that they are going to re-file these cases,” he said. “If you have an IQ higher than a grapefruit, you’re not voting for Abel Reyna on March 6.”

In a poignant Facebook entry, Casie Gotro, defense counsel from Houston who battled Reyna, Jarrett, and Dillon to a mistrial in the case against Dallas Bandidos President Jake Carrizal, the only case to be presented to a trial jury so far, said:

Manuel Rodriguez aka Candyman was killed in the parking lot of Twin Peaks. Shot in the face with a 9mm handgun before he could even turn his bike off. The spot where he fell has been defiled with graffitti. “FL”. Fucking Loser. The gun that fired the death shot was recovered from a saddle bag on a motorcycle parked in front of TP. Able Reyna just dismissed the charges against the man who parked it there.

She stopped short of naming the alleged assailant, adding, “I am sick to my stomach.” She is in a position to know. Ms. Gotro is one of the few persons on the planet who has examined and catalogued the estimated 2 million documents and items in evidence in the prosecution’s trial brief turned over on discovery.

Cases against the following have been dismissed:

Raymond Hawes, Daniel Johnson, Edward Keller Jr., Jeremy King, Brian Logan, Robert Nichols, Anthony Shane Palmer, Victor Pizana, Clayton Reed, Sergio Reyes, Gregory Salazar, Seth A. Smith and Ricky Wycough

Prosecutors have refused the charges against the following defendants:

Steven Walker, Jimmy Spencer, Bobby Samford, Julie Perkins, Morgan English, William English, Benjamin Matcek, Jimmy Smith, Bradley Terwilliger, Justin Waddington, Daryle Walker, Royce Vanvleck, Christopher Eaton, Brian Eickenhorst, Arley Harris, James Venable, Jeremy Ojeda, Kevin Rash, Richard Kreder, Owen Bartlett, Richard Dauley, Craig Rodahl, Walter Weaver and Michael Woods.

So mote it be.

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Why Reyna Should Not Be Your DA Or Prosecutor



Waco – Next Tuesday, March 6, voters in this Texas county will have the opportunity to strike a blow for freedom by voting against the sitting DA, Abel Reyna.

His opponent Barry Johnson has vowed to drop the cases in which there is no real probable cause that the defendant participated in acts of criminal violence as alleged in the 155 indictments returned for the offense of engaging in organized criminal activity on May 17, 2015 at a political meeting at Twin Peaks Restaurant.

He says the charges are not only bogus, but that there is no way the State can prove that the acts of the vast majority of defendants had anything to do with capital murder and/or aggravated assault as alleged in the charges.

Knowledgeable observers have repeatedly said that there are offenders among the list of those charged, but they are not being prosecuted by Abel Reyna. Why?

One wonders.

This document alleges the crime of aggravated perjury by the elected Criminal District Attorney.

Aggravated perjury is a serious crime because it involves the circumstance of a public official uttering a falsehood in testimony against a person in a legal proceeding.

According to this legal memo filed with the Court on behalf of a defendant seeking the disqualification of Abel Reyna, this is exactly how the decision to charge 177 persons with engaging in organized criminal activity and set their bail at $1 million on an affidavit of probable cause that actually alleged no probable cause other than the wearing of certain colors.

It is not a criminal act to wear certain colors, associate with persons of your choosing, speak and publish freely the truth. Both the U.S. and Texas Constitutions guarantee that right. For three years, the defendants indicted for the bogus offenses of Twin Peaks have not had those rights, under pain of a return to jail.

It is a felony crime for an elected public official to utter falsehoods from the witness stand in a legal proceeding, and if proven on trial, it can result in a sentence of not less than two or more than twenty years confinement in the state penitentiary.

If Reyna is allowed to continue as the Elected Criminal District Attorney, he will be able to exert pressures on people who have for three years suffered under the terms and conditions of bond, the restrictions of court appearances, and the constant pressure of being confronted with the notion that a guilty plea to something they did not in fact do can stop the music – at the expense of freedom, of liberty.

Collectively, they have refused to do so, now, for three years at great personal expense and the loss of their liberty.

In the memo, one may read the actual testimony of high ranking Waco Police officials, the Criminal District Attorney, and the Detective who signed the ridiculously bogus charging instrument that had been prepared for him to sign – when he admittedly had no personal knowledge of the events alleged in the document.

Quite simply, this memo documents from the transcript made by the Court Reporter in the 54th Criminal District Court the verbatim testimony of the cops, the DA and the Detective. From there it is easy to figure out where the Twin Peaks cases went totally off the tracks – and why the Elected Criminal District Attorney Abel Reyna has a financial interest in the continued prosecution of cases that are very shaky. In fact, the cases as indicted are very unlikely to result in any guilty verdicts.

Each defendant is due a fair civil trial in Federal District Court for the deprivation of their civil rights under the U.S. Constitution and Texas Constitution. More than 100 have filed suit both against Abel Reyna as a public servant and individually as a citizen and legal practitioner admitted to the State Bar. Their claims for money damages extend to many millions of dollars – more than McLennan County’s indemnification insurance can provide.

To read the memo, one need only download it from the hyperlink below:


Porkpie Hat At The Mic – Running For Sheriff

Six Shooter Junction – Guy I was talking to said he’s waiting 180 days for his day in court.

What happens then?

“I can’t tell you,” he said. Scared to death. It’s the first time he’s been allowed to return to Waco outside of a court date. His eyes look haunted, like a deer in the headlights living its final moments – but every day, all day long – forever.

They were all scared to death, as they came up to the microphone to speak their peace, record their memory, tell their story.

Something remarkable about the gathering was the apparent lack of security. There was not one uniformed police officer in sight – anywhere.

The only sign of official cooperation was a portable toilet.

As the people spoke, the line at the mic grew longer and a man in a brown porkpie resembling the black one Sons of Liberty Riders MC President Butch “Popeye” Moss wears stepped up to say a few words.

That’s the Heisenberg hat worn by your carwash professional in the hit series, “Breaking Bad.” Jazz musicians like Charles Mingus and Dizzy Gillespie wore them in the forties and fifties, as well as Eddie “Popeye” Egan of the New York Police Department narcotics squad, Mr. French Connection.

The mystery speaker said he’s running for McLennan County Sheriff, an event that won’t happen until the next election cycle rolls around in 2020.

In an interesting aside, Moss revealed that the night before the Wave 7 rally, the editorial page director of the local daily phoned to tell him the Sheriff’s Office would have no officers on the scene.

Moss found out he was right when he arrived and saw not one cop.

“He said it was because they’re broke,” said Popeye. And he laughed.

Mr. Heisenberg proceeded to make his speech, said Moss, sprinkling it liberally with what Popeye called “F-bombs,” the kind you really don’t want the kids hearing.

So, there were no cops present. Interesting.

And then I took a picture of the guest keynote speaker, Jim Harris, the behavioral counselor, and when I got back home, when I downloaded the snapshot, the action triggered something that wiped my phone of numbers and pictures.

No one had to get me on the ground and demand the phone with the muzzle of a gun pointed at my head.

They just hacked me.

Life goes on.  I was a journalist when all I had was a roll of quarters and an intimate knowledge of the quietest public phones in every building I knew. And then a taxi driver ran over an enclosed booth on a corner in New York, and Ma Bell started placing them all in the open, so you could run if matters became hectic. Sayonara to the quiet phones.

But you can still get the job done. Phone or no phone.

It’s a long, lonely road.

So mote it be.

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Prosecuting The Patch

Jim Harris, a behaviorist who has worked with Patch Adams, electioneered against DA Abel Reyna on Sunday Afternoon

WACO – When behaviorist Jim Harris stepped to the lectern to address enthusiasts who had biked in under the first warm and sunny skies in weeks from a 100 mile radius, he was careful to say that the prosecutor – not the police – was in the middle of a campaign of dehumanizing and demonizing their ranks.

A volunteer with the world famous Patch Adams, an innovative medical practitioner who has caught flack for his progressive methods, he was stopped at the Mexican border when he tried to fulfill a commitment to serve at a clinic in that nation’s interior.

He had arrived at the scene of the Twin Peaks debacle on May 17, 2015, and when police detained him for questioning, the DA made a decision he should be charged with – you guessed it – engaging in organized criminal activity. Nearly three years later, he has yet to see a courtroom or had a chance to defend himself against the charge. The truth? Harris is an activist. He rides a motorcycle.

There is no evidence he murdered anyone or participated in assaultive behavior on that fateful day. In fact, the charge and the indictment don’t state that. He is charged with something quite different, and that’s acting in combination with others in an ongoing criminal enterprise that led to those acts.

Sons of Liberty Riders MC President Popeye Moss introduced him by saying there are plenty of people who are guilty as charged, but the sitting DA, who is opposed by Barry Johnson, a seasoned litigator whose career took him to Dallas for 30 years in practice as a managing partner in a firm in that city, is concentrating on people who are wearing a patch of specific colors while others languish in legal limbo.

One may hear their remarks here:


‘Bustin’ A Grape’ – Windy City Style, In Stereo – Now

“Big Pete” James and his trusty companion – Brutus – at home

Chicagoland – The man put in an impressive amount of time herding cats in one of the nation’s toughest markets, America’s second city, stacker of wheat, player with railroads – and survived a bodacious biker war.

This is what “Big Pete” James, the last of the Chicago bosses, thinks about Twin Peaks, the future, and how to get along in a rudderless ship that is  drifting without constitutional principles in a neocon world where they have sold We The People that it doesn’t matter..

Hold on to your hat. This is straight out of the Windy City, and March is almost here. Scooba-de-wa-wa-wa, and all that jazz.

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Podcasters Blame Cops For Twin Peaks Attack

Somewhere In Cyberspace – Two men who have stood tall for the core values of the outlaw motorcycle creed said it, and they didn’t stutter.

The cops are to blame for the bloody events at Twin Peaks as gunfire erupted an inter-regional Confederation of Clubs meeting scheduled to begin within a half hour at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17, 2015.

Going into a seventh wave rally on the Courthouse Square at Waco on Sunday, Feb. 25 at 1 pm, we intend to interview Big Pete James, former regional vice president of Outlaws MC out of Chicago at 11 pm on Saturday, Feb. 24.

About what? Big Pete  said on his weekly Thursday evening podcast on Insane Throttle that there are some key elements to what happened there – and why.

  1. You don’t buck the G for long, just keeping breaking the law, and expect you are buying  yourself anything other than a one-way ticket to the federal pen.
  2. Top law enforcement officials created the conditions in which the gunfight would logically occur – and then did nothing to intervene. They stood with rifles at the ready, waiting to cut the shooters down.
  3. Handguns are effective weapons, but only in certain conditions. Rifles are the only guns capable of defending your people, or controlling a violent situation spun madly out of control.
  4. When the time came, the cops fired into the crowd with surgical precision, then within minutes following the gunfire took complete control of everyone on the scene.

In the Republican Primary of March 6,  Abel Reyna is opposed by hometown lawyer Barry Johnson. That will be the decisive contest in the question of just how the 155 charged and indicted in the deadly fracas will fare in court.

Reyna is vowing he will follow the prosecutions to the bitter end; Johnson has declared that if elected, he will evaluate the cases on an individual basis and drop all those in which there is little probable cause to sustain the indictment, and even less proof to obtain a conviction on the charge of engaging in organized criminal activity that led to capital murder and/or aggravated assault.

In a podcast made shortly after the violence at Waco, former Cossacks MC National Sergeant at Arms KC Massey III told his listeners that the violence was bound to have occurred because of the actions of an agent provocateur inserted in the crowd, someone who infiltrated one of the clubs and somehow started an incident that soon spilled into the patio and parking area as red and gold patch holders arrived and certain elements of their rival club began to attack them while they were still on their scooters.

Massey held that the issue that led to the massive eruption of violence has noting to do with turf, rockers, patches, money, marbles, or chalk.

It’s all about respect.

Agents of law enforcement, be they undercover, confidential informants, uniformed, satellite observers, or remote commanders of multiple agency task forces placed the red and gold patch holders in a position where they had no choice but to respond to the provocation for the very simple core respect issue all outlaw bikers stand for.

If you jack with one, you jack with them all.

Cut one, everybody bleeds. Element one in a complicated code worked out from the hills of toe of the boot to the sands of Iwo Jima.

When fists flew, the hoglegs came out, and bullets blasted through the air, everyone on the lot so challenged got with the program. Those who were not so committed went into the low crawl, lost their knives, guns, vest extenders, brass knuckles, asps, whips, and – yes – handguns.

Duck and cover city lasted only a few minutes as the cops streamed into the place and took over immediately.

Massey’s conclusion: It’s something you don’t do, this thing of jacking guys up at a COC meeting..

The truth is, someone did.

Why by whom marks a question that will affect the future of Americans’ civil rights for many years to come.

Who stumbled into the gunplay?

Some guys who had no idea what was in store because a COC meeting is all about love, loyalty and respect. At least, it always has been in previous events. That’s the purpose.

In the first and only criminal trial of the events that occurred, Dallas Bandidos President Jake Carrizal received a mistrial verdict after the State of Texas fiddled around for 5 weeks and never once offered any testimony or evidence that he, personally, ever attacked anyone, assaulted anyone, or did anything other than stand his ground and defend himself and his family – before he got a chance to get off his scoot.

So mote it be.

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The Outlook: Sunday, Bloody Sunday – Waco

A READER WRITES: In all honesty, no telling how deep these roots go, way up the federal lines for sure and maybe up to the Clinton drug ring. That’s not a big stretch. It’s convoluted and intricate. But I’m sticking with my bone that the Cossacks were and maybe still are contracting out for border security for ranchers on the border and that messes with the drug trade money being paid to the feds by the cartels.

The Occupied Nation of Texas, Tamaulipas, S.A. – One wonders if the troubles didn’t come on full bore with the threat to blow up the busiest bridge in the most lucrative inland port in the NAFTA trade – Laredo.

One thing for sure, all it took was one Facebook message from a III%er commander, former Cossacks MC National Sgt at Arms KC Massey III, to put a stop to the nonsense. The transaction pointed up the new trend in mass communications, brought the action into more stark relief, to say the least.

it all came in the midst of a national backlash at the lackadaisical federal enforcement of border security measures that began to outrage an increasingly inflamed population of taxpayers weary of footing the bill for what is clearly a function outlined in the duties of Congress – Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. DON’T TREAD ON ME!

A minor subplot of the resulting drama began to unfold in a border rivalry between the most dominant patch in Texas, and a challenger outfit, black and gold, that arose to the challenge.

Long before the announcement of JADE HELM 15, a Department of Homeland Security training program for Special Operations commandos and on-scene commanders cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security, the die was cast when Gov. Richard Perry, a presidential aspirant, arranged to take $4.5 million from a special motorcycle safety fund of $13.5 million in order to buy speed boats and machine guns for the state troopers to use patrolling the Rio Grande. The fund had accumulated from $5 fees collected on motorcycle registrations, a program of the Texas Confederation of Clubs.

Onwards. How can one ignore the very fact that a south side Windy City ghetto “community organizer” occupying the White House had flung to the four winds one of strongest federal mandates of all time – that Congress would be responsible for the security of national borders and the collection of all tariffs and import duties. It’s called the new city of Power Vacuum, and it stretches from Brownsville to San Diego, over here. Oh, yeah.

In the ensuing months, the new commo network of choice, Facebook, began to purge its pages of any and all who openly espoused the power of We The People to take and hand and become active in the national dialogue behind the trigger of a gun.

Naturally, the resulting fallout was as predictable as the afternoon seasonal subtropical rains. Black and gold crews guarding private property began to have a profound effect on a trans-border trade that rivaled the dollar value of that which was legitimate on all counts.

The confrontation came when a high-ranking Border Patrolman confronted Massey and the rest of Rusty’s Raiders on the banks of the river and repeatedly asked him if he wanted hin to “guide you out” of the cotton patch, to safety, to their camp, and Massey refused with all due respect. Both men used the word appreciate repeatedly, and the result was a non-starter. It wasn’t long before the federal hammer came down – heavy.

While his fall partner, “Jesus,” plead out to the federal charge of a felon in possession of a firearm, Massey risked a judge trial to test previous rulings and possibly make case law.

That didn’t work out so well.

In the lead-up to Sons of Liberty Riders’ “Wave 7” rally on the Courthouse Square at Waco, one can only be mindful that the last time America experienced Civil War, the disaster resulting was preceded by a border war in the same area of the nation. the Texas-Mexican border. The cassus belli: import duties and tariffs levied on sundries and durable goods at southern seaports on the east coast; the military objective of the border war, to repel any possibility of foreign intervention in the coming war between the states.

Laissez les bon temps roulet! Everybody got to be somewhere, no?

Right Guy, Wrong Limo

Limousines Ltd., Hewitt, changed hands years ago

Hewitt – Yeah, Brad Wilson got popped for soliciting prostitution online. True story. Doesn’t mean he’s guilty. Only he or a jury can determine that.

Is he a friend of incumbent Abel Reyna? Indubitably. They participate in the Goodfellas program that makes sure kids get Christmas gifts.

So far, so good.

Is Brad Wilson the the owner of Limousines, Ltd.?

No way. The Better Business Bureau and Yelp have got it all wrong.

James Sill was a driver there until 2015, when he wrote Mr. Wilson a check and purchased the outfit lock, stock and, uh – stretch.

With a few key personnel changes in the driver staff, he is happily providing services to his customers. You can look those guys up on the local jail list and court dockets.

Said he had some issues with some of the other drivers, and he fixed that.

I like the attitude. James Sill just went to the top of my list of favorite limo operators. My kind of guy.

Unlike Abel Reyna, he returns phone calls.

Unfortunately, we would have to follow other reporters around to bring you the goods on the complete list of 47 unfortunate souls who got into online chats with young ladies seeking friendship.

It must be that time of year for Sheriff’s Office Detective Scaramucci, the Department of Homeland Security-funded police officer who operates the federal program aimed at outing Johns who patronize on-line prostitutes.

Under the law, they’re as guilty as the pimps and prostitutes who ply their trade online – or anywhere else.

Personally, I have received hundreds of entreaties for my friendship from young women who display a lot more than their faces on Facebook, but have no other content on their pages. I’m asking them to pull the other one; it has bells on it, and to say hello to Scaramucci. Good cop, but, hey, Joe, come on.

Another cop I know, Chief Danny Krumnow of the Riesel force, told me I should do a public information act request t learn where Scaramucci gets all these pictures. We’ll give that a miss.

I have spoken.

So mote it be.

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After 30 Months, Cossack Granted A Trial Date


Waco – The first Cossack to face a trial jury in the Twin Peaks cases got his day in court by default when the new attorney representing the first defendant to stand trial in a second go-round due to mistrial declared he’s not ready for trial.

At that point, 54th Criminal District Judge Matt Johnson shifted gears and scheduled the trial of Cossack Cody Ledbetter as a result of vigorous pre-trial maneuvers by Ledbetter’s attorney, Paul Looney of Hempstead, who has an extensive criminal practice in Houston and the counties surrounding the Bayou City.

The case of Dallas Bandidos President Jake Carrizal ended in a mistrial in which numerous defense objections over concealed or withheld evidence that would tend to exculpate him led to many delays. Jurors were clearly not convinced he had anything to do with the murder of 9 men and the wounding of an additional 20 simply because he was wearing a 1%er patch on his jacket as he arrived at the head of a column of a dozen fellow Bandits.

A high court appeal for a speedy trial by Looney got a short shrift from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, resulting his motion to the trial court declaring that since he sees no inculpatory evidence that would tend to incriminate the Cossack, he sees no need for further delay to discover exculpatory evidence.

One may read of that event by clicking here. 

Looney has had great success in other cases, including the examining trial of a Brenham couple whom Waco Police arrested as they arrived at the scene of the violent debacle originally planned as a Confederation of Clubs meeting to rag chew events in the Legislative session in progress on that fateful day of Sunday, May 17, 2015.

Said Distorted member William English, an ex-Marine fresh from the fight with combat tours to his credit, “Do you think I’d take my WIFE to a gunfight?” Though the examining judge passed the case, the Grand Jurors declined to indict English and his wife. Because the charge still exists, Mrs. English is unable to regain employment in her chosen trade of bank teller. A federal lawsuit is pending in an Austin U.S. District Court seeking redress for deprivation of her civil rights.

A half hour before the event was scheduled to begin with a speech by Texas National Coalition of Motorcyclists delegate Paul Landers, an Escondido from Austin, gunfire erupted as a group of armed men  struggle with the Bandits who were still astride their motor scooters; autopsy reports and video of the melee reveals the fact that police snipers cut the attackers down with assault rifles.

Fourteen officers were present and armed with assault rifles on that day.

Only three of the rifles have been tested by ballistics experts, leaving an additional 11 rifles untested, it was learned in the Carrizal trial.

As in all the other cases, Ledbetter is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity that led to the capital murder of the deceased and the aggravated assault of those who were wounded.

Asked at a political rally held a year after the events that led to Ledbetter’s arrest about the sniper tactics employed by the police, his attorney Paul Looney made these remarks in May, 2016.

Abel Reyna Faces Hot Seat In ‘At Least’ 10 More Cases

Waco – If the DA takes the witness stand in additional disqualification hearings, he will no doubt find himself answering questions about his utterance of a falsehood on the witness stand, something the law defines as aggravated perjury, a felony crime.

The defense bar representing clients in the Twin Peaks cases is eagerly awaiting two hearings scheduled in the cases of at least 10 defendants who seek to disqualify the elected Criminal District Attorney, Abel Reyna, on grounds of multiple acts of criminal misconduct.

Look-see pidgin: They sho’ nuff want to see what happens next.

According to Gary D. Smart, an Arlington attorney, 19th Criminal District Judge Ralph T. Strother has scheduled hearings for Thursday, March 1 at 8:30 am and 1:30 pm in the cases of Jeremy King, Daniel Johnson, Robert Nichols, Raymond Hawes III, Seth Andrew Smith, Brian Logan, Ricky Wycough, Victor Pizana, Gregory Salazar, and Clayton Reed.

Witnesses who have given statements to an FBI agent in which they accused Reyna of dismissing cases for money, drug use, and demanding the cooperation in disposing of cases by special prosecutors, are expected to testify under subpoenas issued by the defense, said Smart in a press release issued on Thursday, February 15.

He said that other defendants may join the hearings by making similar motions for disqualification and that other witnesses who have given statements in the federal probe conducted by the FBI may be summoned to testify.

He mentioned the names of former First Assistant District Attorney Greg Davis, retired Waco Police Detective Sherry Kingrey, former administrative assistant Julissa West, former assistant prosecutor an special prosecutor Brittany Scaramucci, “and others.”

The press statement came in reaction to a release by Reyna in which he told media outlets he is “looking forward” to giving his testimony.

Reyna has withstood two disqualification hearings, maneuvered out of a third by dismissing one case, and recusing himself in another; he also received a favorable ruling in a Court Of Inquiry when a San Antonio District Judge determined there was not enough evidence that he committed an act of aggravated perjury on the witness stand during a disqualification hearing held in August of 2016.

In that hearing, Reyna testified that he had enjoined Waco Police Detective Manuel Chavez to take all available measures to assure himself he was thoroughly familiar with the allegations of an affidavit of probable cause prepared for him to sign by Reyna and members of his staff.

The only allegation of complaint was identical in each of 177 separate cases, that members of the Bandidos and Cossacks and their support clubs engaged in organized criminal activity that led to capital murder and aggravated assault as members of “outlaw motorcycle gangs” so designated by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

In each charging instrument, the detective filled in the blank with the name of the accused.

Earlier, Chavez had previously testified that he had no personal knowledge of the statement he signed as a sworn affidavit of a peace officer, allegedly an act of perjury by a peace officer.

When recalled to the witness stand following Reyna’s testimony, he stated he never saw or spoke to Reyna on the night in question, May 17, 2015, the day gunfire erupted at Twin Peaks Restaurant in the half-hour before a scheduled joint meeting of Region 1 and 2 of the Confederation of Clubs to hear a presentation by Paul Landers, the Texas delegate to the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, a national lobbying organization.

According to Dallas attorney F. Clinton Broden, who elicited his testimony and later filed complaints following the hearing, Reyna committed an act of aggravated perjury. That is defined by the Texas Penal Code as the utterance of a falsehood in a legal proceeding by one who does so knowingly and willingly as a public official. The offense carries a possible penalty of not less than 2 years in the state penitentiary and not more than 20.

In court papers, Broden has included the certified record of Reyna’s testimony as transcribed by the Court Reporter.