Scooter In Court Friday – Indicted As Ham Sandwich

WACKO – Scooter Bergman of Los Desgraciados is back in the 54th Criminal District Court on Friday, January 5, and sweating the small stuff.

Because it’s not all small stuff, as he has learned since his adventure on May 17, 2015, at a political meeting about legislative matters held at Twin Peaks Restaurant.

Bergman has learned that his visits to the court require subpoenas to be issued and served upon witnesses – at $85 the copy.

And then they postpone or cancel the hearing, which requires the same rigamarole – all over again – at the same price, no discounts available.

The rules are the same as those in a knife fight.

You just stand there and cut until the other guy runs out of blood. That’s the basic idea.

You see, Scooter Bergman and Richard Luther share a very distinctive place in the history of Texas jurisprudence. The Grand Jury indicted them for the murder of a man whose death was not, in fact, the result of murder.

According to the elected Criminal District Attorney, Abel Reyna, who took over the police investigation on that fateful day and ordered the arrest of all wearing what he determined to be outlaw motorcycle gang patches, it was merely a clerical error.

His attorney, F. Clinton Broden, released this statement:

On behalf of Burton George Bergman and Richard Luther:

McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna released a statement today acknowledging that, in connection with the Twin Peaks case, his office was able to convince a grand jury to indict Mr. Bergman and Mr. Luther and other motorcyclists for the death of William Anderson, despite the fact that Mr. Anderson was not killed as a result of the Twin Peaks incident. Nevertheless, Mr. Reyna’s statement seeks to minimize this fact by referring to it as a “clerical error” that “has absolutely no effect on the charges or the viability of those indictments.”

The fact that DA Reyna does not understand the magnitude of this error is shocking and disappointing. A grand jury was designed to act as a check on the prosecution. Nevertheless, Mr. Reyna was able to bamboozle the grand jury into indicting Mr. Bergman and Mr. Luther and other motorcyclists for a murder that Reyna now acknowledges they had absolutely nothing to do with. This is a sad commentary on the justice available in McLennan County and, unfortunately, gives new meaning to the old adage that a prosecutor can get a grand jury to “indict a ham sandwich” if he chooses. The fact that Mr. Reyan was able to obtain indictments for a crime which even he acknowledges did not occurr is reflective of the way this case has been handled from the beginning. – F. Clinton Broden

To read about the reasons Bergman sought the disqualification of the elected Criminal District Attorney, click the highlighted copy:

So mote it be.

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