Pricey Cost Of Recusal Hearing Nearly $1,500

Brian Bouffard is Twin Peaks defendant’s attorney

Waco – Scheduling a hearing in a Twin Peaks case can be awfully expensive.

When a visiting judge ruled against the recusal of Judge Ralph T. Strother in his client’s case, it cost Jorge Salinas nearly $1,500 in subpoena fees, his personal expenses and hourly rate.

It costs about $100 per witness to have them summoned to court, and he had scheduled a dozen to appear to testify in a disqualification hearing. When the state entered a recusal motion, that stopped the music, and  Salinas’ money went down the drain.

His attorney Brian Bouffard said he thinks the re-election of District Attorney Abel Reyna is probably moot at this point because “Abel Reyna is sued (in federal court) individually.”

He is likely not immune to prosecution in civil suits because he exceeded his authority when he took the investigation away from police and ordered the arrest of his client.

“They were going to treat them as witnesses,” he said.

“We believe the law is clear. Abel Reyna is liable for what he did..Anyone who is paying attention can see what Abel Reyna is about.”

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