Murder Magic of Ritual Trauma Comes On Home


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Amendment VIII – Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

THERE IS AT MCLENNAN COUNTY, TEXAS, a place where they keep the lock on the door and the path is never free to walk, never gentle on your mind.

There is a crazy river and a little hill, massive and ancient pecans and squirrels galore – and then there are the steep Aztec steps suitable for a pyramid in the high desert topped with a double dome suitable for a Florentine morning following a night of court intrigue.

It is a palace of justice, but the people who live there know better. They know it’s just an ornament built over an open sewer.

Many people are consumed by fear, some by fire, and others are eaten alive, chopped up by the windmills of their own minds; but the truth is always there and plain to see. Listen to the story.

We had to travel to a CIA conference at New Orleans to get it, but it’s a good one for a morning in January when Scooter Bergman faces a judge and prosecutor who called his false indictment for a murder that never in fact occurred a “clerical error.”

The Company man called it “ritual death magic.” Listen to his story.

Any knowledgeable observer of courts and their business both civil and criminal knows that the case is either won, or lost long before the prosecution and defense announce they are ready for trial – and far in advance of the time when the judge charges the jury and instructs them on how to return their verdict.

This is a pre-trial hearing, but we went to New Orleans and talked to a man of letters who publishes extensively about assassinations, terror campaigns, germ warfare, “drug epidemics,” espionage,  currency destabilization, statecraft, and other trickery, in order to get the picture.

So mote it be.

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Scooter Bergman flew the patch of Los Desgraciados at Twin Peaks

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