Lawyers Encourage Viewers To Demand Televising Twin Peaks Hearings To Oust DA


Waco – Sooner or later, it had to happen. People are acknowledging the power of social media, and the new technology is beginning to wag the broadcasting media’s dog.

A Dallas lawyer who recently agreed to a postponement of his client’s Twin Peaks case until after the Republican Primary race between the DA and a challenger joined two others to make a direct appeal through social media encouraging viewers to contact KCEN-TV to request live coverage of a motions hearing in the cases of two co-defendants.

On Monday, January 22 at 10 a.m., 19th Criminal District Judge Ralh Strother will take up the motions of Billy McRee and Jorge Salinas, both arrested at the same time his client Scooter Bergman was at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17, 2015, for a COC&I meeting.

The three are charged by indictment along with an additional 152 defendants for engaging in organized criminal activity.

It is the allegation of F. Clinton Broden, who represents Bergman, as well as Brian Bouffard and David Beyer, who represent Salinas and McRee, that the sole reason for their arrest may be explained by a decision made by the elected District Attorney, Abel Reyna.

According to the motion Beyer filed on behalf of McRee, “In a hearing held in the cases of related Twin Peaks’ defendants, it was established that, for all intents and purposes, Mr. Reyna orchestrated the arrest of Mr. McRee and all of the Twin Peaks’ defendants.”

That hearing took place of August 8, 2016, and involved the testimony of police, Reyna, and his prosecution team in which it was established that the DA ordered a change in the plans for the investigation of 9 cases of homicide, and the wounding by gunshot of an additional 20.

One may read pertinent portions of the transcipt from the motion by clicking here:

In the testimony of Waco Detective Manuel Chavez, and the testimony of Reyna, according to the both have committed perjury, according to the motions.

In the case of Chavez, it is alleged, he swore to events of which he admitted he had no personal knowledge. Reyna, it was established, lied on the witness stand when he answered Broden’s questions about Chavez’ procedure to familiarize himself with the facts alleged in 177 identical fill-in-the-name affidavits of warrantless arrest.

When Chavez admitted under re-direct examination that he had not seen or spoken with Reyna on that date, according to Broden, he established under oath culpability for Reyna’s aggravated perjury, which consists of a falsehood uttered under oath by a public official during a legal proceeding.

That motion be be read by clicking here:

The Salinas motion holds that Reyna is a witness for that reason and for the reason that he made the decision to charge 177 persons with the conspiracy offense of engaging in organized crimiminal activity because of their affiliation with motorcycle clubs he suspected

outlaw criminal biker gangs” as defined by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Salinas motion also contains subpoenaes for the following public officials and staff members alleged to have been involved in a federal investigation of Reyna’s practices.

They, are, according to the motion, former First Assistant District Attorney Greg Davis; personal assistant Julissa West; former Prosecutor Brittany Scaramucci, who has served as a special prosecutor since then; retired Waco Detective Sherry Kingrey; Assistant District Attorney Sterling Harmon; Twin Peaks Lead Prosecutor Michael Jarrett; and Assistant Prosecutor Amanda Dillon.

It is alleged that all are suppressing evidence favorable, or, that is, exculpatory, in the cases of all the defendants indicted in the Twin Peaks prosecutions.

Predictably, knowledgeable observers are quite sure that Reyna will make an immediate motion to have the subpoenas summoning them as witnesses quashed by the judge.

2 thoughts on “Lawyers Encourage Viewers To Demand Televising Twin Peaks Hearings To Oust DA”

  1. And just what Judge is hearing this? Oh, yea, “Lap Dog” Strother, who has already been recused from Twin Peaks cases for being biased. I am sure that Anal Reyna will get everything quashed that he asks for!

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