Go Go Gotro – Done Gone

Houston – Barrister Casie Gotro, who battled the powers that be in Waco to a take nothing judgment in the case against Dallas Bandidos President Jake Carrizal, got her report card.

She “doesn’t play well” with some men who think they are very important. Had she fared better with them, her client could have been found not guilty, rather than receiving a mistrial due to a hung jury.

The amazing thing is, the powers that be never really presented any evidence that Jake Carrizal participated in a conspiracy to engage in organized crime that led to capital murder and/or aggravated assault on May 17, 2015 at Twin Peaks Restaurant. Nor did they ever express, expose, or proffer any evidence that he directed the unlawful activities of a criminal street gang, an ongoing criminal enterprise – or, for that matter, a marching and chowder society.

They did show us some pictures of he and about a dozen other guys fighting back against 70 or 80 armed men. We did see that, and so did the jury.

All of this pales in comparison to what Casie Gotro, Esq., accomplished – and taught a lot of law while she was it, especially how to preserve a record of reversible error and grounds for a directed verdict of not guilty.

So the Go Go done gone and took out for greener pastures.

According to the general counsel for the National Club, Bandidos MC, U.S.A., she did her job pro bono, working gratis for a five-week trial, months of pre-trial preparation, and at least a couple of weeks of pre-trial hearings in which she and a high-powered team of legal talent representing other patch holders targeted by JADE HELM 15, the ATF, Justice Department, FBI, DPS, and the Waco police, got the original trial judge, Ralph Strother of the 19th Criminal District Court, recused for cause. His conduct displayed “bias,” according to two visiting judges called in to decide the motions.

She confirmed the rumor that she filed her motion to withdraw from the case shortly after 5 pm today, Monday, January 8, in a text message.

The general counsel for Bandidos MC, U.S.A., Bill Morian, told me you are filing for withdrawal as attorney of record in the case of State v. Christopher Jacob Carrizal, Dallas Bandido. Is that true?”

I filed it today,” replied Ms. Casie Gotro.

Nothing Earth shattering. Apparently some people believe Jake would have gotten a verdict of not guilty with a better lawyer, so he is going to try his hand with someone else.

No shortage of Monday morning quarterbacks in my profession so no hard feelings.

This might not surprise you, but I didn’t play well with some folks who fancy themselves very important men,” she concluded.

Had she snapped her fingers, fire would have flown from her fingertips. I’ve seen brave matadors, mad bulls, roaring lions and sneaky weasels in their various invective, proffer, argumentation and summation. Truly, I have.

She is the first ballerina I have ever seen dancing across the well of the courtroom, pirouetting from the defense table to the witness stand, leaping to the evidence table and back to the defense table to label the exhibit and publish the evidence to the prosecution.

She is our music box dancer, and she will always be remembered as someone who fought for our grandchildren and their children as yet unborn against a totalitarian form of jurisprudence.

Hear. Hear.


So mote it be.

  • The Legendary

8 thoughts on “Go Go Gotro – Done Gone”

  1. Bill Morian, Jr. sent this comment to The Legendary:

    Jim, you may have misunderstood me. I did not claim Ms. Gotro handled the Carrizal case pro bono. I believe she is the one who made that claim to the media.

    She fought hard and was passionate about Jake’s innocence. She was the force that uncovered the deception, corruption, and coverup by Abel Reyna and his team of corrupt prosecutors.

    Thank you, Casie Gotro, for fighting for Jake.

    Bill Morian, Jr., General Counsel, Bandidos, U.S.A.

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