DA’s Office Soft Pedals Reyna’s TDC Gang Unit Job


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Board membership and the Chairmanship of a special prosecutors unit that handles cases of prison gang members automatically devolves to elected DA’s whose jurisdiction contain TDC operations.

When the McLennan County DA’s office announced just a week after Dallas attorney F. Clinton Broden made it clear that elected DA Abel Reyna is under investigation for his ties to area gambling operators, the improper transfer of large quantities of cocaine to his custody, and the influence peddling to get out of DWI cases for heavy campaign contributors, the defense bar expressed outrage at his appointment as the chairman of the prosecution unit.

And then there are the allegations of aggravated perjury under oath on the witness stand at a hearing to have him disqualified as prosecutor of the Twin Peaks cases.

Official reaction to all that is mild.

According to Assistant District Attorney Sterling Harmon, Reyna’s appointment is nothing but a matter of routine, as material he released in response to a Public Information Act request makes clear in a 2016 e-mail from the unit to Reyna.

One may read the e-mail by clicking the highlighted area below:


This is an audio of the reaction of defense lawyers working Twin Peaks cases when they learned officials appointed Reyna to chair the Special Prosecutors Unit.

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