If it will, it will; if it won’t, it won’t – It’s who counts the votes really matters

McLennan County – If you still think you can’t vote because you were convicted of a felony years ago – you’re wrong.

That’s because certain power people want you to be wrong, and they’re working hard to make sure you are.

You can register to vote, and you can vote, but will your vote be counted? Maybe, maybe not. Here’s why, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

To make sure you get a chance to make a record of your restoration of voting rights by operation of law due to your successful completion of your sentence, read this and follow directions.


Go to the DA’s office and request their assistance getting a certificate of release from the Court where you received your final conviction. This will show that your voting rights have been restored by operation of law. You can have it file marked and use it to memorialize the release with the Registrar of Voters to make sure your entry in the Voters Database is correct.

If you still think all this is making too big a deal out of the status quo, then consider this.

The COC and I meeting at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, was held to let Paul Landers of Austin give a talk about the present state of affairs in state houses nationwide vis a vis bikers and cops.

He never got a chance to make that talk. He got busted, and a Justice of the Peace with no legal training, a retired highway patrol speed cop, set his bail at $1 million to “send a message,” along with 177 other persons.

So the cops made sure he and the rest of the 177 people, plus the ones they didn’t arrest, were deprived of their God-given right to freedom of association, expression, and the political right to speak freely about ideas of their choosing. Pity.

What’s more, he has never yet gotten his day in court. Here is what he told David Devereaux of the Motorcycle Profiling Project:

To our patch holder and independent riding community at large, do not quit! Do not let one tragic incident like Waco curb your passion and commitment to inform, educate, and legislate all riders. We are all Americans. You must continue the fight to protect your civil liberties. Do not be silent! If anything, Raise your Voice. Gather in numbers, organize your community, police yourselves, and control the message you wish to be heard.

This is a motion to quash the indictment against him; though filed in October of 2017, it is yet to be heard in 54th Criminal District Court by DA Abel Reyna’s former law partner, Judge Matt Johnson

Landers Motion to Quash the Indictment for Prosecutorial Misconduct 10_19_17

Landers’ name came up during the Jake Carrizal trial that ended in a hung jury in November. They showed a picture of his pickup truck and mentioned that a number of long guns and several handguns were found locked inside the cab.

That is not a violation of the law. You can carry firearms in your vehicle with no penalty or violation of the law whatsoever.

So, what is the problem? Maybe the problem is that the cops don’t want folks to have guns? They don’t like motorcycle enthusiasts? Don’t like political meetings?

Maybe they just have a problem, period. Antisocial types.

Who cares?

Vote early and often.

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3 thoughts on “If it will, it will; if it won’t, it won’t – It’s who counts the votes really matters”

  1. Today I take a stand with my brothers and sisters who have been done wrong in the past and in the present.
    Today is the day has Martin Luther King said to start a change to restore the names to my brothers and sisters who have been done wrong.
    Juntos ganamos

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