We Do Live In Interesting Times – Yes – No – Possibly

Somewhere in Cyberspace – Search Bing for Operation Twin Peaks you may find some things and videos that make you go hmm…. pay attention to the dates.

From the Centex Operators YouTube Channel:

January 17, 2015


I believe it was in both April and March but the thing that caught my attention about those two videos is not only are they conducting training exercises two consecutive months in a row exactly prior two operation Twin Peaks being executed, but those guys are Fort Hood CID and military/ civilian police officers. Then I notice they name one team The Devil’s Rejects then if you notice the uniforms that the other team happens to be wearing. They are actually employing a sniper team. That would be practicing providing support for Force Protection Personnel/ Assets. The team with the camera on (Devil’s Rejects) mission is 2 maneuver through a battle space full of random vehicles & buildings to use for cover in a relatively limited Lane and capture the gold trophy/ escape alive. The other teams mission is 2 react 2 initial contact and eliminate all enemy targets

March 21, 2015


Amazing. How did you ID the teams as miitary and police?

Working in two-man teams bounding towards the enemy maintaining there Lane to avoid putting themselves in the line of fire are there snier team and support team who will be flanking from the other side allowing them to quickly dominate the battlespace in an L-shaped ambush with sniper support coming straight down the middle as the flanking team moves across. Then provides OverWatch 4 both teams as they move through securing the battlespace and search all pows and kia’s collecting all inteligence & putting all weapons and ammunition into piles for EOD to blow up or tanks to run over. Then the sniper team will exfil for extraction or in a controlled training environment would come out of his hiding spot and do walk over and rejoin his team for the after action review.

March 22, 2015


Do you have personal experience with this drill?

What some might see as just a Aerosoft game happening can very easily be and intelligence leak by some dumbass private that wore his Lil helmet camera he bought at the PX for when he’s on tour he can record himself live walking around the fob in case anything cool happens to the training facility that day so he could make his little fake war hero video and then uploaded it to his YouTube page Etc trying to pull pussy That kind of stuff happens all the time in Iraq even somebody leak sensitive information either on Facebook or over the phone in a message on MySpace even emails excetera and next thing you know something we haven’t done yet or we’re getting ready to carry out is on CNN already all over the news.

Again, how did you ID these people as police and military?

No reply. Interesting.

So mote it be.

  • Legendary Jim

We received the answer to the final question at a later time: 

They identified themselves, Jim. In the one video the cadre makes a statement, but let me make myself clear though on this conversation. I’m not claiming that Airsoft games are actually anything more then an airsoft game, because it may very well be, conducted with military CADRE employees. For all we know, it could be a complete, absolute fluke that these things were being done the last 2 months preceding May 17th – and even have that name. Let’s not let that distract from the point I was making, whether or not those videos have any relevance to the incident speculation. – Arch Angel 


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