Waco Matron’s Deal For 6 Month Jail Term – 3 DWI’s

Sherre Johnston (r) on a happier day in the Cayman Islands

Waco – County Court-At-Law Judge Vikram Deivanayagam waited a solid hour before he called the case against the fashionable matron charged with three DWI’s.

Sherre Johnston is charged in District Court with a felony burglary of a building at the home place of Sheriff Parnell McNamara; a number of other charges are pending in Williamson County, including possession of a controlled substance, unlawfully carrying a firearm, and more drunk driving charges.

She is the wife of the former Waco Fire Department Chief Jon Johnston, who now commands a station as an Assistant Fire Chief.

Former private investigator Truman Simon, once her supervisor at the Vic Feazell law firm, escorted her to court, and Mrs. Johnston signed documents for the probation clerk prior to her pre-trial hearing, as directed by her attorney, Ray Black.

The judge agreed to discuss the plea bargain arranged with prosecutors before taking up punishment at a later date.

He asked if she knows her license will be affected by the simultaneous guilty pleas to three counts of the same offense, and that to operate her vehicle, she will likely be required to have a breath-lock installed.

Then came the $64 question. Is the proffer of 180 days in jail on each of the counts to be served concurrently correct – and acceptable to her?

She said yes.

The judge accepted her pleas of guilt and set a hearing to take up punishment on January 4.


A small, die-hard gallery lingered to the end, waiting to learn what the pre-trial hearing would yield.

Private Investigator Kevin Fisk looked on with interest. He is a former arson investigator whose resignation was forced by Police and Fire Department officials after he prepared a case he sought in which he sought review in the Internal Affairs Department.

Jeff Thompson said, “I’ve got a file 2 inches thick with what she did to my Family and I.” He, too, made a point of waiting out the plea bargaining session.

Bernie Feazell, who writes a blog about the Lake Waco Triple Murders and other affairs under the pseudonym Harry Storm, said she is preparing to protest the acceptance of the pleas to misdemeanor offenses as a member of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving.)

“I asked one of the prosecutors, ‘What is wrong with you people? What is wrong with (District Attorney) Abel Reyna,'” she said in a post-hearing interview.  “‘You know three of those charges is a felony.”

“She (the prosecutor) told me there are mitigating circumstances,” said Ms. Feazell.

She is the ex-wife of Vic Feazell, former DA of McLennan County.

3 thoughts on “Waco Matron’s Deal For 6 Month Jail Term – 3 DWI’s”

  1. Sherre Johnston wrote: I have never condoned these lies by even acknowledging them.
    I’ve always known that my family and I are dealing with cowards who want to hide behind a computer , and don’t have the guts to even look me in the eye. I learned years ago, that you just can’t reason with crazy people.
    However, I’m going to respond this ONE time. I’m not a public official , nor have I done anything to hurt the four of you.
    1. I have NO pending charges in Williamson county . I was charged with ONE misdemeanor dwi charge the night I had dropped my daughter off at rehab in the Hill Country. It was a tough time. Caused by Jeff Thompson and his son. The controlled substance allegation was a prescription prescribed to me. Therefore it was dismissed, along with the gun charge. I’ve always carried a gun in my vehicle as all women traveling alone should do. Williamson county is resolved completely .
    2. My husband is battalion chief over half of Waco. He was chief over the entire city for 13 years. He was definitely ready for a change after the new city manager arrived.
    2. Truman Simons is still currently a very successful PI in Waco, and accepts some jobs throughout the nation.
    3.I received 3 dwi’s in 4 months during the summer of 2016. I was purposely trying to destroy myself due to a severe case of ptsd that had been diagnosed by Four psychologists. I finally acknowledged that I needed help, and have been receiving it.
    Vic Feazell did not hire me. One of his law partners at the time hired me. I left LOVF due to a decision that Vic and I both agreed on. I have numerous recommendation letters from the firm confirming the hundreds of cases I settled . I also did serious PI work . I have never been Vic’s secretary.
    Due to the law of Texas , I am not eligible for a felony dwi , because I got them so close together that I never received a conviction. The charge I am receiving definitely is according to the law. No favors.
    4. I have not been charged in district court for anything . That is also a lie. Do you people ever bother to check out anything you write ?
    5. Sadly, Jeff Thompson is a very vindictive man who claims to be a Christian. He and his son lied a lot about my husband and I to the police . After a thorough investigation, Waco Pd proved their lies numerous times . I never said I was friends with Abel Abel. I barely know the man. This is a lie made up by drug addict Cameron Thompson. Jeff Thompson has tried to spread this lie. His son has been to prison at least 3 times . They have tried to destroy my family . His son stuck a needle in my daughters arm, beat a 3 year old child, and abused her, stole numerous times from his grandparents store , stole from numerous others , totaled two of my daughters cars, among many other things I’m not going to repeat . Cameron blames his drug problems on the fact that his mother molested him when he was a child, and that he’s “damaged”.
    I’m just thankful my daughter and our family are away from the Thompson’s . We wish them well. We aren’t vindictive , and have forgiven . We’re just thankful that our daughter is healthy and whole now.
    If you internet bloggers would actually do some real research , instead of just saying what pops in your head, perhaps you’d be more credible. – Sherre Johnston

    1. Ma’am, that was the most honorable, honest, and reasonable response that I’ve ever read in my 50 years on Earth. I believe You and pray for the continued prosperity and healing Your Family deserves. I also pray for the Motorcycling community and their peers that were falsely arrested and given million dollar bonds just for being at a restraunt prior to a political meeting. Wish McClennon County had a reasonable d.a. that could see the mitigating circumstances in that CLEAR case.

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