Twin Peaks Quartet Demands Full Disclosure


Waco – No two ways about it. We’ll see the top dog prosecutor of this tight, dry, polite, cruel smile of a town compelled to raise his right hand and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in every trial resulting from the mass arrests of May 17, 2015 – the massacre at Twin Peaks Restaurant – an event compelled by the politics of a military takeover of the civil government.

If you asked Dr. Eric Berne, author of “The Games People Play,” about the antics of elected Criminal District Attorney Abel Reyna and his collusive pal, visiting Senior Judge Doug Shaver of Harris County, he would probably refer you to the chapter in his best-seller entitled, “Let’s Pull A Fast One On Joey.”

Berne was an Army shrink, a veteran of the tough and no doo doo world of the MASH unit; he wrote in the avuncular and slightly satirical verbal style of the hot shot chest cutters, gas passers, scrub nurses, and ultra-savvy orderlies who worked night and day for a quick shower and a stiff drink.

He opted for a breezy form of kitchen table plain speaking about mental illness that went a long way in selling 7 million copies of his book – while it was still in hardback.

For starters, aside from the obvious signs of the onset of psychosis, there is the equally problematic pantheon of neuroses – something Berne made short work of by defining it as “stupid behavior from people who are not stupid.”

Got that? You’ll recognize it when you see it, okay?

He didn’t stop with “Joey;” he added “Now I’ve Got You You Son Of A Bitch,” “Let’s You And Him Fight,” “Wooden Leg,” “Courtroom – or DA,” “Alcoholic,” and a host of others in which if you don’t recognize yourself or a loved one, I’ll give you a half hour to raise a crowd at State and Madison, and I will personally kiss the naked buttocks of your nasty ass. So there.

I am sincere about all this, if you take my meaning.

So, when it comes to four defendants who just can’t get their day in court in the Twin Peaks prosecutions, it comes as no surprise that “Let’s Pull A Fast One…” is somehow just not working. The mojo flew out the window on that fateful day of August 8, 2016, when Abel Reyna hoisted himself from his own petard – which, it turns out, is nowhere near as massive as he seems to think it is – and with a straight face, cheerfully lied on the witness stand.

And even though you could have heard a pin drop when the crime fighting crusader slashed his own throat, apparently the Kool-Aid is so damned expensive, people just keep on drinking it, even though it’s spiked with giggle giggle ha ha crystals and is definitely as weird as the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests.

Now comes Mssrs. Aikin, Clendennen, McRee and Salinas and would humbly show unto the two criminal district courts in McLennan County that the DA has been “ethically blinded” by the heady ambition instilled by the events of that bloody Sunday, the day the U.S. Army Special Ops Command, the federal alphabet souper troopers, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the city kitties of a half-dozen local police departments fired shots heard around the world in an ongoing civil war against We The People.

As a witness, the DA can’t serve as prosecutor, and his staff are also precluded from that task. Enter, a trio of special prosecutors from Harris County who need time to familiarize themselves with the two million documents discovered as evidence – so far. 

But wait, there’s more.

According to the quartet, the beginning of the end is nowhere in sight. This is merely what Sir Winston Churchill once called “the end of the beginning.” There are tons of evidence withheld, it is alleged.

The truth is, all concerned werel co-opted and placed under the direction of a “law enforcement-based entity” at a remote location, a fusion center that monitored the scene by video, radio transmissions, satellite communications, and the various faculties of unmanned aerial vehicles, body and dashcams, and the dirty dinguses with the ear dongles and the insect sunglasses toting black battle rifles.

The truth is – you have no rights when these motherless schmucks show up – and they’re everywhere. Wall to wall and tree-top tall.

Considereth: Matthew Clendennen has filed a “Motion for Leave to File Offer Of Proof…” in which he details the need to prove that the prosecution has concealed evidence that would tend to exculpate him in the criminal allegation that he engaged in organized criminal activity that led to the capital murder and/or aggravated assault of his fellow citizens. He also seeks to prove that an ongoing federal investigation begun by an FBI agent in 2013 has, to make a long story boring, yielded solid proof of the DA’s ongoing policies of letting people off the hook for money.

Read all about it:

William Aikin has a motion pending before the court that clearly shows evidence of exculpatory material being placed under protective order during the trial of Bandido Jake Carrizal, which concluded in a mistrial due to a hung jury in November. That evidence was released only to defense counsel Casie Gotro, according to the Aikin motion. So far, it’s only cost the people of the state of Texas a measly million bucks – and it’s only the first of 155 cases in which there has no verdict – yet. Good luck, folks.

Billy Jason McRee demands an evidentiary hearing. He wants to know how come Reyna made a decision to have he and 176 other folks arrested after he took over an investigation by police into capital murder and/or aggravated assault.

Based on his “personal observations,” according to Aikin’s motion, Reyna defied the “collective wisdom” of three assistant police chiefs at the scene of the Twin Peaks blood bath.

You can read their testimony from the record, and it will show you clearly that “part of mr. McRee’s defense will be that he was the victim of Reyna’s political opportunism, in which Mr. Reyna abuses his authority by placing his person ambition ahead of his duty to justice by prosecuting (among dozens and dozen of others) Mr. McRee, an innocent man.”

In the motion, you will see a rundown on what Greg Davis, Julissa West, Brittany Scaramucci,

Sherry Kingrey, Sterling Harmon, Michael Jarrett, and Amanda Dillon were prepared to testify before Judge Shaver so quickly cut off the hearing, ruling that the presentation was “ridiculous.”

Mr. McRee believes that prosecutors did a good thing by going to federal investigator with their suspicions, that doesn’t end their obligation. He thinks they’re withholding evidence that could exonerate him.

Here t’is:

In his motion, Jorge Daniel Salinas declares “…the elected District Attorney of McLennan County, will be called as a defense witness in this case.” He alleges “for all intents and purposes, Mr. Reyna orchestrated the arrest of Mr. Salinas…”

He details in his motion the material former staffer Julissa West turned over to the FBI agent who began his file in 2013.

That includes the exact mechanics of just who would and would not be prosecuted for offenses such as DWI, based on who contriubuted how much to his campaign fund.

Brittany Scaramucci suppied information about a couple prosecuted for DWI who held important positions at Baylor University at the time. According to what she told investigators, a certain attorney told her that the couple are “good people” and that she would be better off not prosecuting them because he had arranged an “informal” probation term. They are such good people they “should not be subjected to the criminal justice system.”

Couple of high-priced drunks with a lot of influence, huh?

Retired Waco Police detective Sherry Kingrey “determined that Mr. Reyna made three phone calls within approximately ninety minutes of the Twin Peaks shootings. Of those three phone calls, she determined that two of them were to persons she had been investigating for running an illegal gambling operation and providing Mr. Reyna undocumented campaign contributions…”

And the list goes on:

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