To Prevent A Crisis Of The Rule Of Law In Waco, Texas

I have decided to dismiss the Chavez/Reyna court of inquiry. My decision rests on two separate and independent bases. First, I conclude that the evidence of perjury is insufficient and does not justify continuing the court of inquiry. Second, I continue to have serious prudential concerns about procedure, as was suggested in my earlier emails and in our discussions on Tuesday.” – State District Judge David Peeples –

Truly speaking, there is mounting evidence of a constitutional crisis at McLennan County, Texas, regarding the prosecution of a large group of persons in a manner contrary to the provisions of the Texas Constitutions of 1836 and 1876.

Their alleged offense occurred on or about May 17, 2015, and as of year end 2017, only one of more than 150 persons has seen his day in court for the trial by jury. All are demanding strict proof before a jury; none have considered any proffer of plea bargain.

These matters require much more study and reflection now that the Petition for a Court Of Inquiry has failed its court test without having been placed on the docket.

Very well, then, we know that Chapter 20 and Chapter 21 of Title 1of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure contain the statutory authority for the duties and powers of the grand jury, indictment, and information, and that Chapter 19 promulgates its organization.

Of what would an affidavit of probable cause consist when addressed to a District Judge requesting the organization and empanelment of a grand jury to investigate an ongoing criminal enterprise practicing law in the name of The People of the State Of Texas in its four corners, of name and venue, date on or about, allegations of probable cause and elements of the crime, including a table of authorities, schedule of exhibits, and attachments of sworn statements?

These legal documents are only a few among many that bear strict proof; one may find herein the elements of felony violations by those constitutionally charged to practice law in your name: (click on the text to read them)

I put it to you, People of the State of Texas.

– Legendary Jim, patria o muerto


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