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From Occupied Central Texas I told you, you hit it on the head when you made a statement about Jade Helm 15 happening at the same time. I even gave only you the info letting you know that it was a State Department and military operation being carried out, an equal operation with local law enforcement agency assets, and that it was called Operation Twin Peaks.

Your report throughout the case releasing information they thought was hidden and bringing attention 2 facts @ their key moments hit with such precision, we not only shook the foundation of the prosecution, we made their Castle crumble. They no longer presented a case; they kept trying to defend against the post and comments from your Facebook page LOL, and in the end we not only removed a judge, and a prosecutor, but exposed so much corruption within all agencies involved that we forced the Attorney General 2 dump all those files they had kept secret as well.

In that intelligence dump, Conspiracy Theory became Conspiracy Fact. and and Power was returned to the people; the Patriots prevailed when the jury refused to back down and was no longer afraid of the Man! Lol….

But the war is not over and we cannot get complacent in between the battles to come. Attention to detail is something the army instills in you to the Core. From the moment I looked up and saw the news and the reactions and actions of the people and civilianaire law enforcement there that day. my instincts and immediate response was that it was a militarized operation, not local law enforcement.

Throughout the case, even evidence handlers and technicians from multiple agencies were blasted on the stand over basic everyday protocols and laws that govern their handling of evidence and property.

One must ask himself, how is this possible, and Common Sense tells you there is no way in hell a high-profile case this big would ever fuck up the most vital, and at the same time most basic part of every single case that will ever happen, and not be carried out instinctively, just out of pure muscle memory – the experience alone of people who do this job for real everyday.

With that being said, it’s easy 2 see how and why this shit looks like a Soup Sandwich. When you use soldiers pretending to be police officers in order to blend in with the real ones to carry out covert domestic operations against your own citizens by using today’s technology and the always watching eyes of the cameras everywhere around you, you have to stay from beginning to end.

So how do you transition from military operation completion to civilian operation beginning? The answer 4 soldiers is easy; you put your Joes to work doing the regular stuff and let the other unit do their thing basically like an infantry EOD hand off.

If a tree comes in, clears the area, kills all the bad guys, make sure the area is secure and hand off the EOD so they can send in Johnny 5, disarm the bomb, and collect forensic evidence. After one blows up, we provide security in OverWatch and do whatever cool manship we used to do.

And that’s where the problem we see takes place because soldiers are trained 2 employ combat tactics we used on the battlefield when handling any form of prisoner detainment and search and seizure for intelligence purposes and disarmament operations. They are not trained to collect and log evidence for criminal prosecution later. So when you task them to handle prisoners/suspects you have decided 2 arrest for organized crime and murders, why do you start taping areas off and putting out markers and standing around with AR-15’s all over the parking lot?

You end up with your piles of weapons from the civilians you disarmed; you end up with groups of people standing in rows online as they walk forward get a quick pat down for any intelligence papers they may have, or won’t have if the person just told them no they didn’t have anything on them.

Guys were being zip tied in the front of their bodies and piled into buses keeping each specific group of mass murderers together or for safety, transporting 60 extremely dangerous gang members who are there with the intention of doing violence and killing police officers them with one driver, 1 guard, and not a single record or log being created, either written, or recorded by radio.

There is nothing to identify a single person you actually just put in that vehicle for transport to your intelligence gathering location for collection of human intelligence through interrogation. Soldiers aren’t trained to handle detaining civilians 4 the purpose of criminal prosecution, preserving evidence, and following the laws that govern its preservation. Snipers and soldiers who considered themselves finished with their part of the operation became tired of doing nothing and were either hungry, or had to take a shit. Just out of muscle memory from their training exercises, they have been doing in preparation for the operation, they naturally got up from their position and actually walked up to the group and joined the team in order to chill in the back of the MRAP, ya dig?


So mote it be.

  • Legendary Jim

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