Reyna – Direct Cocaine Evidence Against The DA

Brittany Scaramucci and Guy Cox faced off over her disqualification in a DWI case against a couple who worked at Baylor in sensitive positions

Waco – A special prosecutor assigned to handle two sensitive DWI cases in which authorities accused a man and wife who worked in key positions at Baylor University gave an affidavit alleging a client personally delivered cocaine to elected District Attorney Abel Reyna.

In 2014, according to Brittany Scaramucci, an attorney for Jennifer and Louis Jarvis told her “if I ever wanted a good relationship with Reyna’s office for my future clients, I would not prosecute the Jarvises.”

When she learned that the FBI was in the middle of an investigation of the Reyna administration, she supplied information from the court record concerning the Jarvis cases.

Her client Brandon Gatlin requested an interview with the FBI Special Agent handling the matter, and they met at the Assistant U.S. Attorney’s Office for the occasion, which Agent Dan Brust recorded, she said.

In the interview, Gatlin said “he personally delivered cocaine for Reyna’s use.”

Allegations of DWI cases buried for political reasons surfaced in fall of 2014 when the Jarvis’ attorney Guy Cox conducted a 4-hour disqualification hearing to remove Ms. Scaramucci from the case as special prosecutor. His bid was unsuccessful when retired County Court at Law Judge Mike Gassaway ruled against the writ.

Ms. Scaramucci also turned over information in which she has personal knowledge that “a particular special prosecutor has been appointed solely for the purpose of facilitiating politically based dismissals on behalf of Reyna.”

The affidavit is dated November 27, 2017.

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