‘You Stand Your Ground’


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THE CHARGE – To the jury, an hour-long ordeal of repetitive phrases

Comes now, the State of Texas, and would humbly show unto We The People that there is a new way of establishing justice as it hands the case against an ‘outlaw’ biker who lives among his family and works at a steady career – a locomotive engineer named Jake Carrizal, who has learned to “be a man” with his father and his uncle and his brothers.

When the judge begins to read the charge, a bleach blonde from San Francisco blurbs out the key words and makes the audio feed pretty much meaningless.

So mote it be.

Essentially, it says in 57 pages what you could say in a phrase, that this man is culpable for the capital murders of 9, the aggravated assault of 20, and he must pay with the most productive years of life because he and his friends came to a political meeting where the madding crowd, directed by the police and an “entity,” which the secret police refuse to name other than to say it’s a “law enforcement-based entity,” directs in real time the actions of an uncounted, unnamed force of men with rifles who subdue a crowd of nearly 300 persons in a matter of seconds, take them all into custody, and carries out a political show trial that has lasted so far for 30 months – and we’re just getting started.

The one thing made clear by the state is this. If a person “fits the criteria” established by this “law enforcement-based entity,” then he is guilty of being an outlaw, one who has been placed beyond the protections and guarantees of the law. He has no rights. He is not even given the opportunity to defend himself, so they say…

THE CASE – is a heavily redacted, highly secretive jumble of information gleaned from official reports, confidential informants, and “expert” witnesses that has been doled out a piece at a time to a constantly stymied defense attorney struggling to keep abreast of the changes made willy nilly and on a day to day basis.

It’s a narrative studded with new revelations brought forth in direct examination by a prosecutor, the facts alleged nowhere to be found in the information lawfully turned over to the defendant, who has a right to confront the witnesses who appear against him.

They – the prosecution and the police – have turned all this into a struggle involving the safety and security of an unwitting public they deem so ignorant it’s their role to decide what is and is not good for them to know.

In short, the prosecution is constructed by and large by an ultra-tight control of information, information which is doled out in dribs and drabs and argued out of the presence of the jury, which is sequestered during the ensuing struggles that take up most of their day.

No doubt, resentment will stalk the corridors of their memory palace, forever and a day.

They are ordinary people, except for the fact that 5 of their number felt their security so threatened during the voir dire examination they requested a private interview with the judge, counsel, court reporter and the defendant.

These are the kind of persons who sincerely want to be on the jury, but they are frightened out of their wits someone will find out who they are, and the result? Go figure. Who knows what goes on in peoples’ minds, in the places they don’t like to talk about, the places they barely admit, even to themselves, actually exist?

THE DEFENSE – is provided by a woman in her prime with more nervous twitch than a thoroughbred mare, a colusa cayuse breed with a mean streak and the indomitable will to keep charging…

She explains to the jurors that there is no law against wearing items of apparel with distinct colors. This is America. She emphasizes the fact that due process of law means the state must prove a specific act of wrong – murder, let’s say, or assault – and she lets them know they have seen no evidence, heard no testimony that establishes any such act having been committed by the defendant, a man who was assaulted by a force of at least 70 other men who physically knocked him off his Harley-Davidson, waltzed him around a bloody parking lot where they tried to murder him, shot his father, and went on a murderous rampage he somehow survived because police sharpshooters put a stop to the “melee.”

She tells the jurors the world is better off because the defendant stood his ground, exhibited loyalty to family, displayed his courage for all the world to see, and now stands accused of numerous heinous acts he did not actually commit.

THE ACCUSED – is a giant, huge slabs of muscle overlaying a very large skeletal frame that towers over most people. He peers out at the world from behind horn-rimmed black-framed glasses affected by his brother Bandidos, those who wear glasses, in the fifties style of the Ray Ban Wayfarers the hipsters who roamed the post-war highways wore…

CHRISTOPHER JACOB CARRIZAL, 36, – awaits  the judgment of a panel of 12 persons who must decide if they want to continue living as citizens of a free republic, one in which the truth may be discovered with ease, where strict proof is demanded without the need for secrecy and cultural warfare played out on stages so carefully contrived for not just their perusal, but the world at large.

THE CIRCUS IS IN TOWN – Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 54th Criminal District Court Judge Matt Johnson; lead prosecutor Michael Jarrett of the Criminal District Attorney’s office, McLennan County, Texas; Casie Gotro, a Houston defense attorney skilled at the art of cross examination and making an appellate record in difficult cases with political agendas; and Christopher Jacob Carrizal, Bandido, of Dallas, Texas…

Let the games begin.

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